Parish of the Assumption RC

Information taken by myself from a typed transcription of RC marriages and baptisms held at the Archives in St John’s, in 2002.

Parish of the Assumption, St Mary’s, St Mary’s Bay


1869 Nov 21 John MURPHY (H. Main) & Ellen WHITE (Sal.) (prob Salmonier)
Wits: Edward Murray & Ester MURPHY

1872 Jan 11 William LEWIS (Holyrood) & Mary MACDONALD
Wits: James Lewis & Margaret Bishop
Note: this Holyrood might be the one in St Mary’s Bay)

1873 Mar 31 Thomas MASON & Ellen ROURKE
Wits: James Corcoran & cicily Harvey

1875 Sep 22 Thomas MURPHY & Margaret HAYWARD
Wits: Francis Halleran & Anastasia Martin

1876 Jun 17 Michael CRITCH & Ann HEALY (of H.R.)
Wits: Patrick Tobin & Mary Healy

1876 Aug 20 Paul MASON & Theresa CORCORAN
Wits: Simon Corcoran & Mary Ann Nolan

1878 Nov 30 Pat TARGATE & Hannah POOR
no witnesses noted

1879 May 4 Matthew ROURKE & Caroline TARGATE
Wits: Michael Fagan & Mary White

1884 Nov 24 William WALSH & Bridget PAUOT (my note: could be Parrott)
Wits: John Stapleton & Bridget WALSH

1886 Nov 15 Lorenza HALLERAN & Lizzie MASON
Wits: Edward Fleming & Martha Wall

1887 Nov 16 Michael CAHILL & Margaret WALSH
Wits: Dan Meehan & Mary Morney

1891 Jan 10 Garrett WALL & Margaret STAMP
Wits: James Wall & Rose STAMP

1895 Feb 16 Edward WALSH & Bridget Ann DOBBINS
Wits: John Dobbin & Elizabeth Meehan

1898 Jun 11 William BARRETT of Holyrood, Conception Bay & Rose DOBBIN of St Mary’s
Wits: James Bower & Sarah Dillon $12.00


1892 Sep 14 Albert GIBBONS of Patrick GIBBONS & Mary BESAWE, St Vincent’s

1893 Aug 29 Arthur STAMP of Thomas STAMP & Elizabeth Lewis, St Vincent’s

1894 May 15 #173; Harrriet Mary (written above her name in brackets is ‘Bridget?’) of
William WALSH & Bridget BARROTH?

1895 Oct 1 #207, Catherine Gibbons of unknown & Mary GIBBONS (BESAWE), St Vincent’s

1895 May 25 #221; Jospeh STAMP of Thomas STAMP & Elizabeth LEWIS, St Vincent’s
Note: Elizabeth Lewis was from the Salmonir Line area of Holyrood.
1892 Nov. 20 Holyrood (Vital Stats, St John’s) (info provided byTom Hynes)
Thomas STAMP 30 bachelor fisherman RC Holyrood
Eliza Lewis 25 spinster RC Holyrood
Witnesses: James Lewis & Johanna Lewis
I’ve been told that Elizabeth Lewis had a brother Patrick.
I’m not sure when Thomas STAMP died but Elizabeth later married James WALSH, a widower
whose fist wife was Honora Gushue. This James WALSH also lived on the Salmonier Line,
he was a son of James WALSH & Mary Beso.

1895 Sep 4 #233; Stanislaws (sic) St CROIX of Jospeh St CROIX & Mary Ann MASON

1896 Feb 24 John Aloysius HAYWARD of William HAYWARD & Teresa McKAY

1896 Nov 5 #296; William WALSH of William WALSH & Bridget PARROTT, St Mary’s

Spring 1897 (date not filled in) Mary Teresa STAMP of Thomas STAMP & Elizabeth LEWIS, St Vincent’s

1897 Oct 28 Mary Ann St CROIX of Joseph St CROIX & Mary MASON, Pt Le Haye

2 Responses to Parish of the Assumption RC

  1. Suzanne Ortega says:

    Hi, as I read all these names I think of all my DNA matches. My Great Grandparents were Harry Lewis and Teresa Power. They married at St. Joseph at Placentia Bay. 21 Jan 1911. I cannot find one birth or baptism record for Harry. I don’t know if he came from Holyrood, but my DNA screams Murphy, McDonald, and Walshes. Just need some help. They were connected with the Grace family too.

  2. michael bennett says:

    Hi Eileen Walsh
    I am in Pasadena on the west coast. My ggrandmother on my dads side (Frank Bennett) was Susan Walsh ,sister of Paddy Walsh railroad pioneer of Holyrood. I have a picture of Mary Walsh, sister of Susan and Paddy. She married Pierce Nagle of St. Marys, lived to be very old . I can send it to U . I want to know online where I can get a complete record of Catholic Baptisms and Marriages in Harbour Grace . U posted some and it was a great help? Grand Banks does not have the early 1800s records.

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