Shea – Basilica of St John the Baptist 1793 – 1870

These records for the surname Shea were generously donated by Sharon Lewison. The information was taken from the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) at The Rooms in St John’s.

Please be aware that the original records were hand written up to two hundred years ago – long before pen and paper as we know them were invented. Just as well too, these old materials were made to last – what we use today were not. The transcriber worked from photocopies of the original register pages.

These are all factors that contribute to possible errors. The study of archaic handwriting is a science in itself; the spelling of names, especially surnames has evolved over time.

Bearing all that in mind, this material, freely offered, is a wonderful resource. We hope you find something useful here.

Basilica of St John The Baptist Roman Catholic, St John’s, NL

Date		Names										
Nov 5,1793	John SHEA		m	Eleanor WALSH
		(Quidi Vidi)			(St John’s)
		Witness: James SHAHAN & his daughter Mary MOOR
Nov 20,1800	Henry SHEA		m	Eleanor RYAN
		Witness: Wm CORRIAN & David BRIEN
Dec 5,1803	Joseph SHEA		m	Rosanna GRISHEY
		(St John’s)			(Broad Cove)
		Witness: David GRISHEY & Patrick WALSH
Dec 6,1803	Richd SHEA		m	(--------) KENENDY
		(St John’s)			(Harbour Main)
		Witness: John KENEDY & Mary McDANIL
Nov 20,1804	Mathew SHEA		m	Mary SHEA
		(Parish of Donbrady, Co Wexford) (Adams Cove)
		Witness: Robt DOOLING & Mary CULLIN
Feb 23,1808	John SHEA		m	Eleanor KEHOE
	(Parish of Kellace, Co Waterford)	(Parish of Poulguestha, Co Wexford)
		Witness: Daniel KNOWLIN & Ellen CONNOR
Mar 12,1817	Joseph SHEA		m	Elizabeth COX
		(Pouch Cove)			(Pouch Cove)
		Witness: Alexdr FITZGERALD
Nov 23,1819	Wm SHEA		m	Cath KEEFE
		(Parish of Callin, Co Kilkenny)	(St John’s)
		Witness: Wm COSGRAVE & Bridget KELLY
Nov 28,1821	Luke SHEA		m	Ellen NOLAN
		(St Mullens, Co Carlow)		(Callan Co Kilkenny)
		Witness: Thos GRACE & Henry NEIL
Nov 23,1824	Edmond SHEA		m	Anastatia WITTY
		(Carrick on Suir, Co Tip)	(Torbay)
		Witness: Richard ALLEN & Ann HICKY
May 10,1825	Jam SHEA		m	Marget CALLEVAN
		(Glenn Co Corlow)		(Luisteag, Co Kilken)
		Witness: John SHEA & Ellan GALLAV–
Dec 8,1829	Daniel SHEA		m	Mary SHEA
		Witness: Tom KELLY & Geremia SHEA
Nov 1830	John SHEA		m	Elinor TRACY
		(St John’s)			(St John’s)			
		Witness: Pat SHEA & Elizabeth HARTRY
Nov 1832	Thos SHEA		m	Elen CONNORS
		Witness: John FITZGERALD & Margt RYAN
Nov 26,1833	Thomas SHEA		m	Ester FIELD
		Witness: Richard DUNN & Jane MORTON
May 15,1834	Patrick SHEA		m	Honour HEANLY
		Witness: James MEANY & Honor LAWLOR
Nov 10,1835	Richard SHEA		m	Eliza MACARDELL
		(Killeagh, Co Cor)
		Witness: Will MORRIS & Anne -------
May 7,1836	Edward SHEA		m	Ellen CLOONEY
		(Parish Callas, Co Kilkenny)	(same parish)
		Witness: Michael PHELAN & Mary ------	
Nov 12,1838	John SHEA		m	Ellen GRADY
		Witness: Daniel DOODY & Biddy McDONNELL
Nov 12,1840	James SHEA		m	Cath LAWLER
		Witness: Bat SUNN & Cath BROWFER
Nov 21,1844	Thomas SHEA		m	Johana HANAFIN
		Witness: Denis CAINE & Mary FOLEY
Nov 23,1845	Joseph SHEA		m	Elizabeth BUTT
		both of Pouch Cove
		Witness: William –SSETTE & Margaret DELAHUNT
Nov 23,1845	Thos SHEA		m	Mary GREENE
		both of this town
		Witness: Peter LYNCH & Rebecca -URNI–
Jan 19,1848	Denis SHEA		m	Bridget KINEY
		Witness: Patk DARMODY & Margt LARKIN
Aug 11,1849	Edwd SHEA		m	Mary CONNORS
		(Callan Co Kilk)
		Witness: Michael HACKET & Ellen QUICK
Nov 26,1852	James SHEA		m	Cath WALSH
		(Grange Molder, Co Tipp)	(Co Kilk)
		Witness: Martin SHEA & Cath BREEN
Nov 7,1855	James SHEA		m	Ellen BRIDE
		(Mullinglanst, Co Tipp)
		Witness: Jno KENNEDY & Mary BRIDE
Oct 14,1859	Bryan SHEA ® N CO)	m	Bridget KENNEDY
		Witness: Patrick FLAHERTY & Bridget LONERGAN
Nov 10,1861	Michael SHEA		m	Mary DUNN
		Witness: Michael SHEA & Catherine DUNN
Mar 22,1866	Daniel SHEA		m	Esther MOUNTAIN
		Witness: Joseph McGRATH & Patience HAFIND
Apr 30,1868	Henry John SHEA	m	Isabella Louisa STUART
		(R Artillary)
		Witness: Henry SHEA & Mary T QUILL
Jul 12,1870	Henry SHEA		m	Annie STRATFORD
		Witness: I Henry TOBIN & Isabella SHEA

The information was compiled and transcribed by Deborah L Jeans, a genealogy 
researcher in St John's, Newfoundland.


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  1. Theresa Doyle says:

    I recently found an article that states that Patrick Magher ( Mahar or Maher ) of Labrador was married at St. John’s 1814. If you have any record on this would appreciate a response.
    He may be an ancestor of mine.

    Appreciate your time

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