Constantine – St Patrick’s, St John’s 1880 – 1890

These records for the surname Constantine were generously donated by Sharon Lewison. The information was taken from the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) at The Rooms in St John’s.

Please be aware that the original records were hand written up to two hundred years ago – long before pen and paper as we know them were invented. Just as well too, these old materials were made to last – what we use today were not. The transcriber worked from photocopies of the original register pages.

These are all factors that contribute to possible errors. The study of archaic handwriting is a science in itself; the spelling of names, especially surnames has evolved over time.

Bearing all that in mind, this material, freely offered, is a wonderful resource. We hope you find something useful here.


St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Patrick St, St John’s, NL
Note: Location for all these couples was given as St John's.

Birth Date	Bap Date	Name	        
Oct 19,1880 - Oct 25,1880  William Patrick to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
Nov 7,1882 -  Nov 13,1882  Philip to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
Aug 18,1884 - Aug 21,1884  James to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
Nov 14,1885 - Nov 16,1885  James Joseph to John CONSTANTINE & Mary WHELAN
Jul 18,1886 - Jul 26,1886  Michael Joseph to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
Feb 23,1888 - Feb 27,1888  Mary Anne to Philip CONSTANTINE & Brigid HAWCO
Sep 6,1888 -  Sep 13,1888  Alice Mary to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
Jun 29,1890 - Jul 3,1890   Alice Joseph to Philip CONSTANTINE & Brigid HARCOURT
Sep 13,1890 - Sep 18,1890  Mary Agnes to William CONSTANTINE & Catherine HAWCO
The information was compiled and transcribed by Deborah L Jeans, 
a genealogy researcher in St John's, Newfoundland.


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