Constantine – Basilica of St John the Baptist 1808 – 1891

These records for the surname Constantine were generously donated by Sharon Lewison. The information was taken from the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) at The Rooms in St John’s.

Please be aware that the original records were hand written up to two hundred years ago – long before pen and paper as we know them were invented. Just as well too, these old materials were made to last – what we use today were not. The transcriber worked from photocopies of the original register pages.

These are all factors that contribute to possible errors. The study of archaic handwriting is a science in itself; the spelling of names, especially surnames has evolved over time.

Bearing all that in mind, this material, freely offered, is a wonderful resource. We hope you find something useful here.


Basilica of St John The Baptist Roman Catholic, St John’s, NL 


Date		Name	
Nov 17,1808	Jonathan CONSTANTINE	m	Miss KIELY
		(Petty Harbour)                 (Petty Harbour)
		Witness: Doctor LAMBERT, Robert FRENCH & Mrs FRENCH
Oct 6,1822	Patrick CONSTON		m	Catherine WALSH
		(Co Kilkenney)	                (St Mary’s, Co Wexford)
		Witness: James DELANY & Mary RICE
May 20,1855	John CONSTANTINE         m      Mary REDMAN
		Witness: John KENNEDY & Betsy CONSTANTINE
Oct 12,1878	William CONSTANTINE      m	Catherine HAWK
		both of French Shore
		Witness: Charles CASEY & Mary GALWAY


Birth Date	Bap Date	Name						
	May 21,1811	Mary to Jonathan CONSTANTINE & Honor KEILY
			Sponsors: James FRENCH & Ellen FRENCH
	Sep 20,1813	Philip to John CONSTANTINE & Honor KELY
			Sponsors: Philip FRENCH & Jane WALL
	Jan 5,1816	James to Jonathan CONSONTINE & Honora KILLY
			Sponsors: Michael KILLY & Catherine KILLY
	May 9,1818	John to John CONSTANTINE & Honor KILEY
			Sponsors: Laurence KILY & Nancy HOWLETT
	May 7,1820	Eleanor to John CONSTANTINE & Honora KELLY
			Sponsors: Andrew KING & Nancy HERN
	Mar 22,1844	James CONSTANT (Protestant) aged 27 yrs, Pouch Cove
	Mar 22,1844	John CONSTANT (Protestant) aged 20 yrs, Pouch Cove
	Aug 17,1844	Catherine a bastard to James CONSTANT & Mary CUMMONS
			Sponsors: Nicholas FURLONG & Bridget OATES
	Aug 15,1854	Philip to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Ann HISCOCK
			Sponsors: Jno ELWARD & Margt HYNES
Nov 3,1855
- Nov 9,1855	William to John CONSTANTINE & Honora KING
			Sponsors: Patrick KAVANAH & Anne POWER
Sep 4,1856
- Sep 7,1856	John Thomas to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Ann HISCOC
			Sponsors: Thomas DOYLE & Catherine GRIFFIN
	Oct 18,1857	Elizabeth to John CONSTANTINE & Mary REDMOND
			Sponsors: James SHEEHAN & Honora DALY
	Jun 13,1859	Honora to James CONSTANTINE & Mary HISCOCKS
			Sponsors: James FLYN & Kate CURTIS
	Jan 6,1860	Honora to John CONSTANTINE & Mary REDMOND
			Sponsors: John MALONY
	Aug 10,1860	James to James CONSTANTINE & Mary EASON
			Sponsors: John VAVASOR & Bridget MULCAHY
	Oct 18,1863	John to John CONSTANTINE & Mary REDDY
			Sponsors: John VAVASER & Mary LYONS
	Feb 8,1864	Mary Anne to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Ann ESCOTT
			Sponsors: Jeremiah Francis COFFEE & Mary CURTIS
	Nov 23,1866	Mary to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Anne HISCOTT
                        St John’s
			Sponsors: John BYRNE & Mary STUART
	Nov 23,1866	Julia to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Anne HISCOTT
			Sponsors: William GARVAN & Bridget HEALY
Oct 1868
- Oct 4,1868	James to James CONSTANTINE & Mary A HISCOTT
			Sponsors: John CURTIS & Jane COADY
Jul 18,1871
- Jul 24,1871	Mary Elizabeth to James CONSTANTINE & Mary Ann -----
			Sponsors: Patrick CANTWELL & Mary Ann ATKINS
May 22,1890
- May 26,1890	Mary Elizabeth to Peter CONSTANTINE & Hannah DUNPHY
                        Carters Hill
			Sponsors: William McGRATH & Katie DUNPHY
May 21,1891
- May 22,1891	John Joseph to Peter CONSTANTINE & Johanna DUMPHY
                        Carters Hill
			Sponsors: Michael DUNPHY & Bridget TOBIN
The information was compiled and transcribed by Deborah L Jeans, a genealogy 
researcher in St John's, Newfoundland.


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