Errors in the Records

It happens. It really does.
Following is the most startling example of record error that I’ve discovered so far. I’ve transcribed the affidavit of Johanna Lanigan which was included in the Basilica of Saint John the Baptist Marriage Record book of 1855 – 1874, page 104.

See No. 160
St John’s S.S.
I, Johanna Lanigan of […..]

Conception Bay North Church Records

I’ve been skimming the Ecclesiastical History of Newfoundland by the Very Reverend Michael Francis Howley, D.D. (Published Boston, 1888). The man is a veritable font of information about the Catholic Church in Newfoundland and gives some interesting clues about the sources of our earliest records of baptism and marriage.
(In) 1784 . . . Dr. (James […..]

St Mary's Bay Church Records

Constantine Marriages & Baptisms

Shea Marriages & Baptisms

Shea (1850s) and Murphy at the Halfway House, Salmonier Line.
I haven’t made much headway with my Shea research. The name isn’t a common one in either Holyrood or Harbour Main, although it is found in Collier’s and further east of there. My Shea connection is Mary, born about 1850 in St John’s, and married to […..]