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Varieties & Synonyms Of Irish Christian & Surnames

If you’ve ever been perplexed by finding records for an ancestor with contradictory names – ie:- Johanna, Julia, Judith, Jane; or a Garrett who becomes a Gerald or Gerard – then this book’s for you!

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James Murphy – Constable & Blacksmith

James Murphy, Constable, isn’t directly described as being the blacksmith in this article. However, since Sergeant Oliphant seems to be the target of the author’s bile, I’m pretty sure that it is he who is described as ‘posing’ as a carpenter!
[Note: I’ve added a few line breaks to make reading easier.]
The Evening Telegram – Oct […..]

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Bishop Mullock’s Letter to the Road Board re Salmonier Line 1856

[This letter was written by Bishop Mullock from Placentia, Aug 10 1856.]
To the Honorable the Board of Works.
Gentlemen, — Having arrived here last night, it may be interesting
to you to know the state of the Road between St John’s and this.
I will therefore divide the road into four sections and give you a
description of each, […..]

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Cozens to Crowdy – Re John Murphy 1845

GN 2/2 CS2
Cozens to Crowdy, Col. Sec.
Brigus 12 Aug 1845
Dear Sir
I beg to inform you that a person by the name of John Murphy
blacksmith and his brother of Chappels Cove have been for a long
time troublesome to the Court here, often times applying for a
number of summonses for Chappels Cove people at other times
applying for […..]

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Halfway House – Walter Shelly to Thomas Murphy 1857

Saint Johns 18th May 1857
In reply to yours of the 14th inst. in reference to the Claims of
Walter Shelly late keeper halfway house Salmonier road for repairs.
I beg leave to acquaint you for the information of the Lieutenant
Governor that Mr. Shelly have made considerable improvements at his
own expence from time to time in and about […..]

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Road Report 1844 – John Murphy

Road Reports
Report of Road Commisioners – District of Harbor Main.
Chapless (sic) Cove, January 24, 1844.
Sir,– I have the pleasure now to lay a Statement before you of our proceedings as
regards Road making in the District I have the honor to be Chairman of.
Between Salmon Cove and Harbor Main about two miles and a-quarter of a […..]

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Murphy – Voter’s Lists & Directories

The following Murphy and associated families information will eventually (I hope) be attached to the Murphy Tree post, or to some other connected tree. Some of this information is already, obviously related, and when I get a moment (or two) I will add these to the bibliography in the appropriate post.

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I put this Duff file together from an obituary I found in the St John’s Evening Telegram for Apr 25 1925. The obit provided so much information that I couldn’t resist a little research. The obit (which is quite long) is located at the end of this post.

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Walsh James – Harbour Main

Yes, I have two Walsh clans – I get my name from the Holyrood family on my father’s side, but my mother’s family has Walsh connections from Harbour Main.

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Murphy Tree

My Murphy Tree is truly a result of group effort! The research material which was given me, and the peripheral research required to confirm the connections, would, I think fill a book.

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Targett – Holyrood, Salmonier Line

The Targett or Targate family name has been in Holyrood for at least 200 years but is remarkably difficult to track. Some years ago, I found some birth records at PANL that I’ve posted at Harbour Grace RC Marriages 1822-1888 Extracts

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Salmonier Line of Road & Halfway House

The ‘Salmonier Line of Road’ had the humblest of beginnings. On Wednesday, April 30th 1834, a number of Resolutions were read in the House of Assembly, some ‘for the purpose of opening, making and improving Roads’ in the Colony.

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The Halfway House from “Come Ashore”

This article was taken from “Come Ashore to Holyrood” Compiled by Mary G. Veitch, R.N. (1989)1

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Murphy – Halfway House & Chapel’s Cove

About ten years or so ago my Murphy family was based on an article printed in ‘Come Ashore to Holyrood’ that provided some history on the Halfway House. In it the Murphy’s were described as being the original proprietors – John Murphy of Chapel’s Cove being named as the first caretaker. He had moved his […..]

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Newspaper Items 1812-1816

Note the use of the letter ‘f’ which was generally used as the second ‘s’
in words until the late 1700s. This ‘f’ is actually a ‘long s’ and
if written in long hand wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) have the crossbar. Examples
of the long s in a hand written document almost always show an s that is
stretched in […..]

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