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Groundhog Day

The Charter is the local newspaper for Placentia and the Cape Shore and ‘Where the Foghorns Wail’ is the regular column of Marina Gambin.
February 2nd is Groundhog Day? Right? Maybe not. Read Candlemas Day memories to get an old perspective on an old tradition!
I grew up in a Catholic home and although I’ve heard […..]

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This article was written by Gordon Jones in 2002 and gives some of the history of mummering in Newfoundland. I remember having the mummers come to our house when I was a child in the 1960’s and today the Mummers Troupe have revived this old tradition.

Everybody like[s] to get dressed up in a […..]

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Runaway Rock

I found this article in an online copy of the Newfoundland Quarterly that I found at the Internet Archives. The ‘Runaway Rock’ is a landmark in the Holyrood area with a long and romantic history that most people today know nothing about. I’m afraid that I can’t guarantee the accuracy of this particular story, but […..]

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