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Yes, I have two Walsh clans – I get my name from the Holyrood family on my father’s side, but my mother’s family has Walsh connections from Harbour Main.

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James Walsh and Mary unknown

Some years ago I found the following information at Walsh Marriage Index at rootsweb and became quite excited, because the birth dates of this couple were so exactly the same as my Harbour Main Walsh ancestors. I sent an email to the web host but it bounced.

James Walsh b.1792 Mooncoin, Mary ___ b.1802; Marriage: Apr 15, 1828

Not so long ago, through an accidental search in google, I found an article by John Mannion “Old World Antecedents, New World Adaptations: Inistioge (Co. Kilkenny) Immigrants in Newfoundland” at the Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (Vol 5 No 2 1989) website. (This 73 page article, can be downloaded in pdf form, under the maddeningly uninformative title of “761-1853-2-PD.pdf” here). On page 66, Appendix 1, Instioge Immigrants in Newfoundland, you will find the following names in a very long list – (6th from the bottom of the page) –

Mary (1802-1881) – James Walsh (1792-1867) Mooncoin – married April 15 1828

The marriage date of ‘April 15 1828’ was for a couple listed immediately above the Walsh entry – for Patrick Tobin and Catherine Carroll.

Mystery solved. I am assuming that Mannion took the information for this entry from the newspaper obituaries. The article is worth the read if any of your ancestors were from Kilkenny.

James Walsh’s obituary has this to say:

Newfoundlander June 11, 1867 (Tuesday)
Died. – At Harbor Main, on Thursday the 30th ult., after a protracted
illness, Mr. JAMES WALSH, a native of Mooncoin, County Kilkenny, aged 75 years, 51 of which he spent in this country. [Source: THynes April2006 email]

And his wife, Mary.

1881 Dec 24 – Harbour Grace Standard (….T Hynes – Gurt Crosbie)
MARY WALSH, relict of the late James Walsh, native of Ennistague, Co. Kilkenny, mother of Rev. Richard Walsh of Carbonear, died at Harbour Main on the 12th, aged 79.
Note: Ennistague is a variant spelling of Inistioge

If his obituary is correct – James Walsh would have been born in 1792, and would have been 24 years old when he came to Newfoundland in 1816. His wife Mary, according to her obituary was born in 1802.

Some Walsh researchers have determined that this James Walsh was the man who married Mary Conway in Harbour Grace in 1832. If this is the case, then he would have been 40 years old, and Mary Conway would have been 30 at the time of her marriage.

1832-Jan-29, James Walsh married Mary Conway
witnesses: Michael Conway and Margaret Quinlin
by Father Mackin
Harbour Grace RC Marriage, GenWeb
Compilation of RC Marriages 1806-1845

Children that I know of:
1. Ellen Walsh born 1832, married Edward Fahey of Chapel’s Cove.
2. James Walsh born 1834, married Bridget Myers of Chapel’s Cove.
3. Mary Walsh born 1842, married James Murphy of the Halfway House, Salmonier Line.
4. Richard Walsh born 1843-1845 was 1st a teacher in Harbour Main, and then went on to become a Roman Catholic priest.


1. Ellen WALSH and Edward FAHEY .
There is no marriage record at Sts Peter & Paul for this couple.
They lived in Chapel’s Cove.

April 17 1902 [died] Chapel’s Cove Old Age FAHEY Ellen RC 70 yrs [1832] years [born] Chapel’s Cove [interred] Chapel’s Cove

Citation of digitized image of register page
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Deaths 1898-1902, Volume 03” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:9398-27S2-7V?cc=1790939&wc=M61G-RNG%3A144852901 : 4 June 2015), > image 88 of 467; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

Children: All were baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main.
i. 1857 May 9 #13… Johannah Fahey…. Rev Kyran Walsh
……Sps: James Woodford Mary Duggan  
ii. 1859 May 29 #35…James Fahey……..Rev Kyran Walsh
……Sps: James Walsh Margaret Dwyer  
iii. 1861 Mar 29 #24…Mary Fahey……. Rev Kyran Walsh
……Sps: William Duggan Catherine Duggan
iv. 1865 Aug 9 #68… Mary Edward Fahey..Rev Kyran Walsh
……Sps: Michael Flinn Mary Walsh  
v. 1866 Dec 2 #108.. Anne Frances Fahey.Rev Patrick O’Donnell
……Sps: Patrick Larrissey Bridget Curran
vi. 1869 Sep 3 #67… Edward Fahey…….Rev Patrick O’Donnell
……Sps: James Wall Catherine Power  
vii. 1872 Jan 11 #5….Bridget Fahey……Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: William Woodford Mary Duggan  
viii. 1874 Apr 12 #47…Mary Fahey………Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: John Woodford Ellen MacKey  
ix. 1876 Oct 24 #188..John Fahey………Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: James Woodford Mary Conran


2. WALSH James, Holyrood and MYERS Bridget, Chapel Cove
married on May 28, 1871 by Rev. Patrick O’Donnell
Witnesses: Richard Walsh & Mary Myers
Note: James Walsh was from Harbour Main, not Holyrood.

Sept 26 1905 died Hr Main, Heart Trouble, WALSH James, RC, 71 yrs [1834]
born Hr Main, interred Avondale

Citation for digitized image of register page
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Deaths 1902-1903, Volume 04” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:9398-27SP-CT?cc=1790939&wc=M61G-RZ7%3A144851501 : 4 June 2015), > image 119 of 299; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

Children: All were baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main.
i. 1872 Mar 25 #37…Mary Joseph Walsh..Rev Patrick O’Donnell
……Sps: Edward Murray Anastasia Costello
ii. 1873 Sep 29 #102..Catherine Walsh….Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: John Terry Bridget Moore
iii. 1875 Aug 5 #68… Ellen Walsh……..Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: George Mason Mary Murphy
iv. 1877 Oct 1 #127.. James Walsh……..Rev Joseph V. Donnelly
……Sps: James Kennedy Catherine Penny
v. 1881 Aug 27 #94…Maria Frances Walsh..Rev Joseph V. Donnelly
……Sps: Patrick Strapp Sarah Conway
vi. 1883 Nov 11 #199..Johannah Aloysius Walsh Rev J O’Donnell
……Sps: George Fury Martha Fury
vii. 1886 Sep 10 #49…Teresa Walsh……….Rev James Brown
……Sps: Martin Costello Margaret Fury
viii. 1889 Dec 14 #76…Richard Joseph Walsh. Rev P W Browne
……Sps: Charles Furey Elizabeth Furey

i. Mary Joseph (Mar 25 1872) Walsh m. Thomas Hawco at
Sts P&P Nov 27 1897 Witnesss: Charles Morrissey & Kate Conran

Mary Walsh, or Polly as she was known, had been a teacher before
her marriage. From what I gather, she first taught at the school
in Newtown (Holyrood), which was on the Salmonier Line, at its
intersection with Country Path.

They lived in Chapel’s Cove.
All children were baptised at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main.
1898 Mar 4 #12 Louis . Sps: Charles Morrissey Mary A. Strapp  
1899 Mar 5 #14 James P ……… Sps: Patrick Conran Mary Hawco  
1900 Nov 17 #44 Richard ………. Sps: John Kelly Lizzy Fardy  
1902 Oct 13 #38 Martha ………. Sps: Jas Hawco Anne Fardy  
1904 Oct 17 #48 Anne S ………. Sps: James Hawco Maria Walsh  
1906 Feb 6 #11 ?? Mary ……… Sps: unknown & Kate Walsh  
1907 Jun 25 #13 Maria Josephine Sps: John Hannan Constance Fardy  
1908 Sep 4 #29 Cecilia Brigid Sps: George Murphy Brigid Penny nee Fahey
…… married Jan 11/31 to Francis Donnelly, St. Thomas Aquina Brooklyn, NY
Martha 1912 May (1921 census)
James 1914 Dec ”
Thomas 1916 Aug ”

iii. Ellen Walsh m. Patrick Joy Nov 30 1899 at Sts P&P, by Rev. Patrick O’Donnell Witnesses: Thomas Hawco & Kate Walsh
They lived in Harbour Main, just up the hill from Kennedy’s Store,
on the right. (info from my mother)

Children: All baptised at Sts Peter & Paul, Harbour Main.
1900 Aug 27 #22 Mary F Sps: Patrick Kennedy Maria Walsh
1902 Sep 3 #29 Tom F Sps: Pierce Murphy Agnes Gorman
1904 Sep 27 #42 Isabella Sps: James Murphy Lizzie Murphy
1907 Dec 16 #53 James Gregory Sps: George Murphy Elizabeth Wall
1909 Nov 19 #51 Leo Patrick Sps: William Ezekiel Catherine Walsh
Frances 1915 Nov (1921 census)
Bride 1918 Jan ”

3. Mary WALSH married James MURPHY of Middle House
on June 19 1869 by the Rev’s Jeremiah & Patrick D’Donnell
Witnesses: Richard Walsh & Ester Murphy. [Sts Peter & Paul records – gmw]

For more on James Murphy see Murphy Tree

James Murphy married Mary Walsh youngest daughter of the late James Walsh of Harbour Main, married there at residence of brides mother by Rev. J. O’ Donnell assisted by Rev. P O’Donnell 07/04/ 1869.
Excerpts from Gert Crosbie’s Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers.

James Murphy was a local constable and a blacksmith in Harbour Main.

Children: All were baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main.
i. 1871 Apr 7 #38 Thomas Murphy…… Father Joseph Donnelly
……Sps: Richard Walsh Ester Murphy
ii. 1872 Jun 24 #72 Elizabeth Murphy Father Patrick O’Donnell
……Sps: Cornelius O’Mahoney Anne O’Sullivan
iii. 1873 Sep 25 #99 John Murphy…….. Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: Edward Kennedy Margaret Deady
iv. 1875 May 3 #38 Patrick Murphy……Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: John Sullivan Elizabeth Moore
v. 1877 May 27 #51 Richard Murphy.. Rev Joseph V. Donnelly
……Sps: Richard McDonald Teresa Driscoll
vi. 1879 Jan 26 #13 Peter (Pierce) Murphy..Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: Edward Hannan Anne Moores
vii. 1880 Dec 9 #219 Elizabeth Murphy….Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: Johannah Fahey Patrick Brick
viii. 1883 Mar 11 #49 James Murphy……..Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell
……Sps: John Brick Bridget Brick
ix. 1887 Nov 16 no # given George Murphy Rev James Brown
……Sps: George Olivant Elizabeth O’Brien
1890 Nov 16 #58 George Murphy…….Rev P W Browne
……Sps: George Oliphant Elizabeth O’Brien

…… Note: I feel sure that one of the two baptisms for George is a dupe, however I don’t know which date is the correct one.

Nov 16 1909 – died Harbour Main – Paralysis – James MURPHY – Constable, 65 yrs [1844]; born Chapel’s Cove, interred Chapel’s Cove.

“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Deaths 1907-1910 Vol 5” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-10506-6773-84?cc=1790939 : accessed 26 April 2016), Deaths 1907-1910, Volume 05 > image 107 (pg 113 line #28) of 418; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

This record is possibly for Mary Walsh Murphy wife of James.
May 20 1919 – died Harbor Main – Old age – MURPHY Mary, RC 77yrs [1842] born Harbor Main, interred – Chapel’s Cove.

“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images,
FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-10505-70468-47?cc=1790939 : accessed 26 April 2016), Deaths 1919-1922, Certificate Number 320001-325342 >
image 105 (pg 126, line #14) of 210; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

4. Richard WALSH born 1843 as per The Adelphian, or 1845 as per his newspaper obituary. Rev Richard Walsh is buried in the Avondale Cemetery.

The Adelphian, 1918, vol. 15, no. 02
pgs 107-108
Digital copies can be viewed and downloaded from the Memorial University (DIA) Digital Archives Initiative website.
The Adelphian, 1918, vol. 15, no. 02

The Adelphian began in 1904 as the magazine of St. Bonaventure’s College, a St. John’s Catholic academy for boys. Since then, it has become a yearbook in the modern sense, and this is reflected in the content. From general material on the school, including news, sports, grades, poetry and prose, the Adelphian now is mostly made up of extensive photographs of students and their activities, including listings of students by year.

Since the last issue of the ‘Adelphian’ one more of the few remaining Priests of the “old guard” of the past generation who received their training within the walls of St. Bonaventure’s College has passed away in the person of the late Rev. Richard Walsh who died at a private residence in this City on the 25th August last, after several years of suffering from a disease which medical science could not cure.

The subject of this imperfect memoir was born at Harbour Main in 1843. He received his early education at the grammar school of his native town, and at the age of sixteen entered St. Bonaventure’s to train for the teaching profession. From the old records we find that he had a brilliant course, and in the Dec. examination of 1860, as given in the Jubilee number of the Adelphian, his name appears amongst the prize winners in five different subjects.

In 1862, he graduated, taking a high place among the many brilliant students in the graduating class of that year.

He was then appointed to the school at Avondale (then Salmon Cove) where he taught for six years and left a record, as a capable and industrious teacher.

From there he went to the town of his birth, Harbour Main, and devoted two years more to a profession which he dearly loved and of which he always spoke with much warmth and sympathy.

His inclination from his early boyhood was towards the priesthood, and during his years of labour in the classroom he never wavered in his determination to devote his life to the sacred ministry, and as soon as the moment he waited and prayed for appeared, he lost no time in entering upon his ecclesiastical studies. Resigning the school of Harbour Main, he re-entered St. Bonaventure’s College whence after a classical course he was sent to Mount Mellary and afterwards to All-Hallows where his theological course for the Priesthood was completed.

He then returned to Newfoundland and was ordained by Bishop Carfagnini at Harbour Grace in the Autumn of 1875. His first mission was Bett’s Cove whence after a few years he was sent to the Parish of Carbonear where he laboured indefatigably for about eight years. His next mission was Fortune Harbour where the greater part of his life was spent, undergoing a full share of the labours and hardships which fell to the lot of the clergymen in those far off days when travelling around the Bays and Arms in open boats was much more difficult and strenuous than it is at the present day.

In season and out of season he worked for the spiritual welfare of those intrusted to his charge and in the building and repairing of churches and schools, until his health failed and he was obliged to seek medical treatment both in France and in California. Having returned as incurable he was relieved of his duties in 1904 and, after spending a few years with his sister at Harbour Main, took up residence at Avondale where he resided till 1909. He then entered the General Hospital for surgical treatment but as nothing could be done for him he was discharged and resided in the City where he received medical attendance and had all the consolations of Holy Religion from brother Priests of the City who visited him frequently up to the time of his death. The body was taken to his native place by train, a large concourse of people assembling at the station to receive the corpse.

Next morning Solemn Requiem Mass was offered, the celebrant being Rt.Rev. Msgr. McCarty, Carbonear assisted by Rev. R. M. Shean and Rev. W.P. Finn as deacon and sub-deacon, after which the funeral took place to Avondale Cemetery where all that was mortal of the late Father Richard Walsh was laid to rest in the family plot.

Evening Telegram August 26, 1918 (Monday)
Died. Last evening after a long illness, Rev. Richard Walsh, aged 73
years; funeral to-day at 5 o’clock from the residence of ex-Pte. George Martin,
head Pleasant Street. Interment to-morrow at Harbour Main. – R.I.P.
J.T. Martin, Undertaker. (Note: he would have been born in 1845.)

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