Murphy Tree

My Murphy Tree is truly a result of group effort! The research material which was given me, and the peripheral research required to confirm the connections, would, I think fill a book.

There are 3 posts and a page that you need to read to understand how I came to list the five siblings below. In order of importance here they are: (the links will also be listed at the end of this tree).

Murphy – Halfway House & Chapel’s Cove
Salmonier Line of Road & Halfway House
Halfway House – Come Ashore
Murphy – Census, Directories
Murphy – Misc Records
This link is for information on the Shea connection only.
Shea Marriages & Baptisms

Children of unknown Murphy and unknown

1. John Murphy m. Johanna Gorman, Nov 19 1821
2. Thomas Murphy m. Elizabeth Burn, Nov 6 1835
1. James Murphy b: 1844, m. Mary Walsh b: 1842
2. Lawrence Murphy b: 1845 m. Mary Shea b: 1850
3. Ester Murphy b: 1846 m. Michael Walsh b: 1847
4. John Murphy b: 1850 m. Bridget Moore
3. Mary Murphy m. Michael Murphy, mason, Holyrood
1. Pierce
2. John
4. Margaret Murphy m. John Hugo, Chapel’s Cove
5. Ellen Murphy m. John Myers, Chapel’s Cove
1. Ellen Myers m. William Hannon
2. Mary Myers m. William Duggan
3. Bridget Myers m. James Walsh
4. John Myers m. Mary Fewer
(Note: if there were other siblings then they were dead by the spring of 1875 when the petition was made. The order of these siblings will no doubt change as more info becomes available.)

1. John Murphy and Johanna Gorman married Nov 19, 1821
Witnesses: John GORMIN & Mary GORMIN
NL GenWeb – Harbour Grace – RC Marriage Records, 1806-1845
NOTE :: On Nov 19 1821 there were two other marriages performed by Rev Devereaux with the same witnesses; Thomas Wall and Joanna Fury, and Thomas Gorman and Margaret Gorman. It seems likely that all three couples were connected by community. Also, on the 17th, a Mary Gorman and Thomas Ezekiel were witnesses at the marriage of Peter Ezekiel and Catherine Woodford.

2. Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn married Nov 6 1835 both of Chapelfs (sic) Cove. Witnefs: Henry Westerman and Margaret Galavan.[page 184]

Marriage record supplied by William Hannon, photocopy of microfilmed register page. The marriage was performed at the Basilica of St John the Baptist Roman Catholic church in St John’s, NL. :: When I was in NL in the spring of 2009 I checked this record at the Provincial Archives (PANL) St John the Baptist Basilica, Marriages, Box 8, April 1820-Dec 1836.

Recently I found the Basilica Church Register images at This link should take you to image 105 page 184 of Newfoundland, Church Records, 1793-1945 – St. John’s – Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist – Marriages with index 1821-1885.

Since they were married in 1835, and the earliest child that I can credit to this couple is James born about 1844, there are probably other children that we haven’t connected yet.

Son of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn
1. JAMES MURPHY b: 1844 d: 1909 m. MARY WALSH of Gallows Cove, Harbour Main.
They are buried in Chapel’s Cove. He was a local policeman in Harbour Main.

James Murphy of Middle House & Mary Walsh of Harbour Main
were married on Jun 19 1869
Witnesses: Richard Walsh & Ester Murphy.
[Sts Peter & Paul records – gmw]

James Murphy married Mary Walsh youngest daughter of late James Walsh of Harbour Main, married there at residence of brides mother by Rev. J. O’ Donnell assisted by Rev. P O’Donnell 07/04/ 1869.
Excerpt from : Gert Crosbie’s Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Newfoundland Newspapers.

Note :: Mary Walsh’s brother, James Walsh married Bridget Myers – a daughter of Ellen Murphy and John Myers. Read this post for more information on this Harbour Main Walsh clan.

i. Thomas Murphy. Bap: Apr 7 1871 Sps: Richard Walsh & Ester Murphy [StsP&P – ew ]

ii. Elizabeth Murphy b. Jun 24 1872 – Patrick O’Donnell – Cornelius O’Mahoney Anne O’Sullivan (Grand Banks HarMainDist)
She must have died very young because another Elizabeth was baptised in 1880.

iii. John Murphy bap: Sep 5 1873 Sps: Edward Kennedy & Margaret Deady [ Sts P&P ew ] (Bap record # 99)

iv. Patrick Murphy bap: May 3 1875 Sps: John Sullivan & Bridget Moore [ Sts P&P ew ] (b: May 3 1874? d: Jan 25 1958- headstone information) m. Elizabeth Mullowney who was b: Sep 11 1882 in Clarkes Beach. She died Mar 13 1955 at 73yrs.
They were married Feb 11 1903 at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main.
Witnesses: Edward Fahey & Eliza Mullowney. [Sts P&P gmw]

They had 8 children:
1. James Murphy b: Nov 1903. m. Theresa Nolan b: Jan 20 1906 of Conception Harbour. James died Jan 30 1994. Theresa died Dec 1 1994. (Birth and death info taken from headstones.)
2. William Murphy b: Feb 1909 m. Annie Penney of the Country Path, Holyrood. She was the dau of Denis Penney of Country Path and Mary Ryan of Salmonier.
3. Ester Murphy b: Mar 1911 (fr census) m. John Mason b: Sep 29 1914. Ester died shortly after giving birth to her second child on May 13 1935 at the age of 24 yrs. Her son died the following day and they were buried together. John Mason’s second wife was Catherine Nolan whom he married 13 years after Ester died.
4. George Murphy b: Sep 1913 (1921 census) m. Anastasia (Anna) McGrath (Colliers) He lived on the Cross in Harbour Main, he and his family moved to St John’s (when?)
5. Elizabeth (Bess) b: May 1916 (1921 census) married John McNeil, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Bess moved to Glace Bay in 1936.
6. Patrick Murphy unmarried. Uncle Paddy. Died in 1993 at 73yrs. (B: 1920)
7. Annie Mary Murphy b. Sep 9 1920 m 1st Edward Dinn (from Renews, Southern Shore) 2nd husbank James Clark, St John’s
8. Mary Jane deChantel Murphy. Bap: Apr 26 1905 Sps: Michael Wall & Eliza Murphy. [Sts P&P gmw] Died at 14yrs of dipthera. No other info.

v. Richard Murphy b. May 27 1877 #51 – Joseph V. Donnelly Sponsors: Richard McDonald Teresa Driscoll (Grand Banks HarMainDist)

vi. Peter (Pierce) Murphy bap: Jan 26 1879 Sps: Edward Hannon & Anne Moores
(Note inserted: married in Con Harbour Oct 18 1908.) [Sts P & P gmw ]

Peter was always known as Pierce (B: Apr 1881) m. Sarah Keating. She was b: Oct 1885 in Conception Harbour. She was a midwife.
(Birth dates taken from 1921 census) They lived in Chapels Cove.

Pierce Murphy died Feb 24 1931, at the age of 52 yrs.
Note: Peter is the Anglicized form of Pierce, which is Gaelic.)
Sarah died Jan 31 1941 at 54yrs. (Headstone information.)

Children: [info taken from the 1921 census, Chapel’s Cove]
1. William Murphy B: May 1914, Bell Island
2. John Murphy (not mentioned 1921 census)
3. P. (Pierce) Leo – joined Cdn Army. Fought in Korea 1951-52. (not mentioned 1921 census) (Headstone info – Chapel’s Cove: Sgt Pierce Leo Murphy Apr 9 1927 – Sep 16 1988.)
4. Mary Murphy B: Oct 1909, Bell Island
5. Bridget (Bride) Murphy B: Jan 1917, Chapels Cove m. Kevin Costigan

vii. Elizabeth Murphy bap: Dec 9 1880 – Jeremiah O’Donnell Johannah Fahey Patrick Brick – sub cond. [Sts Peter & Paul ew] The 1921 census shows her born Dec 1884, Harbour Main married Patrick Crawley B: Aug 1877, Chapels Cove

(1921 census)
Ester Crawley B: Sep 1912, Holyrood, Skivereen
Margaret Crawley B: Apr 1914, ”
Richard Crawley B: Oct 1919, “

viii. James (Jim) Murphy. Bap:; Mar 11 1883 Sps: John & Bridget Brick. [Sts P & P gmw ] died: Oct 1 1953, age 70 (headstone info).
Annie Duff – Headstone info: died Aug 15 1984, 94 yrs. (Born circa 1890). (She had been prev married to a Dawe Had 2 children by him.) She was from Topsail Hill. Jim Murphy was a blacksmith.
He and Annie lived on Harbour Main Cross (Kennedy’s store and Merner’s).

ix. George Murphy m. Hanna (Susanna) Fewer
*1887 no # given George – 16 Nov – (born 15th) James Brown George Olivant Elizabeth O’Brien (Grand Banks HarMainDist)
*1890 #58 – George- 16 Nov – (born 16th) P. W. Browne George Oliphant Elizabeth O’Brien
*NOTE: a dup – but which is correct?
Died in 1964, in his 70’s. Had been a CN dockworker. He retired in 1956.

(1921 census – Harbour Main)
George Nov 1886
Susanna Oct 1889
James Oct 1917 (son)
James Jul 1884 (brother)

i. James Murphy
ii. Viola Murphy

Son of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn
2. LAWRENCE MURPHY (circa 1845) m. MARY SHEA (circa 1850).
1879 Jan 19 married LAWRENCE MURPHY and MARY SHEA both of St John’s at Basilica of St John the Baptist
by Rev W Forrestal Witnesses Thomas Murphy & Bridget Shea.

Citation for digitized image 68, pg 36 Line 7.
“Newfoundland Church Records, 1793-1945 Marriages with index 1875-1890,” images, FamilySearch
( : 22 May 2014), St. John’s > Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist > image 68 of 238; Catholic Church and Church of England parishes, Newfoundland.

(Holyrood South Headstone info:
“Erected by their children in memory of their loving parents
Laurence Murphy died June 5, 1911 aged 66 years
also his wife Mary died Oct. 20, 1912 aged 62 years.”
#254 White marble column [Source: Tom & Diane Hynes 2000]

i. Mary Joseph Murphy Mar 29 1880 of LAWRENCE MURPHY and MARY SHEA; Halfway House, Placentia Road baptised by W Forristall at the Basilica in St John’s. Witnesses: John Shea and Bridget Shea (Record #116)

image 201 pg 166 line 114
Citation for digitised register page
“Newfoundland Church Records, 1793-1945,” images, FamilySearch
( : 22 May 2014), St. John’s > Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist > image 201 of 220; Catholic Church and Church of England parishes, Newfoundland.

ii. Thomas Murphy Jun 25 1882 #73 – Joseph V. Donnelly Sps: Rody J. Kennedy Anne Mullowney (StsP&P-GrandBanks)

iii. Elizabeth Isabella (Isabelle) Murphy Feb 11 1884 (bap Feb 14) Sps: David Shea and Cecilia Shea (St Patrick’s RC Church, St John’s). Isabelle Murphy married Noe Robillard in Brockton, Massachusetts on May 30 1914. I posted more info here. : Newfoundland, Church Records, 1793-1945 – St. John’s – Catholic Saint Patrick’s – Baptisms 1872-1884 [image 285 pg280]

iv. Edmund Murphy bap: Aug 3 1885 Sponsors: Thomas Joseph Careen and Johanna Hamilton, Halfway House. (Holyrood Library 2013).

v. Ester Joseph (Josephine) Murphy Jul 21 1887 (HolyCross ew)m. Bernard Gough of Salmonier in 1915 and moved there.
Note: Holyrood Library has the same birthdate, Sponsors: Edmund White and Jane Griffin.
Bernard GOFF – born 20 Oct 1881 – baptised 22 Oct 1881
John Goff & Bridget (Doody) sps: Alban Doody Sarah Burke (priest) John J. St. John
Note for Bernard Goff: Married Josephine Murphy (Middle House Salmonier Road) Nov. 1915

Source: Baptismal Register of the Catholic St. Joseph’s Parish, St. Joseph’s, Salmonier, St. Mary’s Bay, 1874 – 1899; St. Mary’s, St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland

vi. Ellen Maud Murphy Nov 1 1888 Sps: John and Mary Bridget Lewis [Holyrood Library Records]. Always known as “Maud“.

1914 Feb 23, William Walsh, Mill owner, Salmonier, 29 yrs [1885] & Mary M Murphy, 25 yrs [1889], Salmonier Road
Witnesses: Benjamin Goff and Josephine Murphy, Father W P Finn Line #9

“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Marriages 1913-1916, Volume 07” database with images, FamilySearch
( : 4 June 2015), >
image 108 of 319; page 106, Harbour Main District, Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

So, the record keepers turned “Ellen Maud” into “Mary M”…

Maud and her husband ran the Halfway House. She died suddenly in 1924 or 1925. She was being driven to Holyrood train station by horse and sled, and when they arrived in Holyrood it was discovered that she had died.

Oddly enough she has two death records at; with two different Death Certificates.

Dec 30 1924, #6, MAUD WALSH, died Salmonier Road, Heart Failure, #303890, 38 years, born Holyrood, Interred Holyrood.

“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images, FamilySearch
( :
accessed 8 April 2016), Deaths 1923-1926, Certificate Number 300001-315960 >
image 105 of 442; Provincial Archives, St. John’s. [page 126]

Feb 20 1925, #11, MAUD WALSH died Holyrood, Heart Failure, #303935, 36 years, born Holyrood, Interred Holyrood.

“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images, FamilySearch
( :
accessed 8 April 2016), Deaths 1923-1926, Certificate Number 300001-315960 >
image 106 of 442; Provincial Archives, St. John’s. [page 128]

250 255
WALSH Will M Head Married 1876 Oct 44 Salmonier
WALSH Maud F Wife Married 1891 Oct 30 Holyrood Central
SHEA Cyril M Cousin Single 1891 Sept 30 St. John’s
i. Mary WALSH F Dau Single 1914 Jan 6 Newtown
ii. Bella WALSH F Dau Single 1918 Jan 3 Newtown
iii. Kathleen WALSH F Dau Single 1917 March 4 Newtown
DINN Etta F Servant Single 1903 Dec 18 Salmonier
page 150
1921 Census Newtown, Holyrood – Harbour Main District (NL GrandBanks)

William Walsh’s second wife was Annie Tobin, The Gaskiers, St Mary’s Bay. After his death in 1944 she continued to run the Halfway House. I’m not entirely sure when it became a private dwelling.

WALSH William head M married 61 Nf labourer
WALSH Anna wife F married 28 Nf
WALSH Mary dau F single 21 Nf house work
WALSH Isabelle dau F single 18 Nf house work
WALSH Theresa dau F single 6 Nf
WALSH William Jr son M single 3 Nf
WALSH Bridget lodger F widow 83 Nf income **
SHEA Cyril lodger M single 43 Nf warden
NL GenWeb 1935 Newfoundland Census – Conception Bay North – Harbour Main District

1944 Nov 11, died at Salmonier Line, Holyrood, of Carcinoma of Bowels, WILLIAM WALSH, [Attended by Dr O’Kelly, Father Murphy] #106979, Road Patrol-man, 73 yrs, born Salmonier, interred Holyrood.

Citation for digitized image of Vital Stat page
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Deaths 1944-1944, Certificate Number 106654-107097”
database with images, FamilySearch
: 4 June 2015), > image 68 of 97; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

Note :: In the 1935 Census, **BRIDGET WALSH, 83 yrs, widow – was listed as a lodger, along with CYRIL SHEA. I’m pretty sure that this woman was the widow of MICHAEL WALSH who ran the Peak House, and who’s first wife was ESTER MURPHY, a daughter of THOMAS MURPHY & ELIZABETH BURN. See #3 below.

WALSH, Annie (nee Tobin) – Passed peacefully away in the presence of her family at the Carbonear General Hospital on Saturday, June 30th, 2001, Annie Walsh, in her 93rd year, of Salmonier Line. Predeceased by her parents Bridget and Edward Tobin; her husband William Walsh; her son William Walsh; her daughter Theresa; and her special friend and brother-in-law Michael Nolan. Left with fond and loving memories are her son Michael (Florence) Walsh, Carbonear; one daughter-in-law Helen Walsh, London, Ontario; her four grandsons, three granddaughters and ten great-grandchildren; also a circle of other relatives and friends. Resting at Dunphy’s Funeral Home, Holyrood. Funeral will take place on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2001 following 11:00 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial from Holy Cross Church, Holyrood. Interment will be in Holy Cross Cemetery, Holyrood. Flowers gratefully accepted or donations in her memory may be made to the Holy Cross
Memorial/Restoration Fund, c/o Holy Cross Church, Holyrood, A0A 2R0.
“She died as she lived, trusting in God.”
July 02, 2001**

Daughter of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn.
3. ESTHER MURPHY ** (Born circa 1846) married MICHAEL WALSH.
Ester Murphy married Michael Walsh of the Peak House, named for the pond
it was near. Naturally he was known as ‘Micky Peak’. Peak House, which was on the Salmonier Line not far from the Halfway House, was a popular stopping place for hunters and fishermen. This Michael Walsh lived at Holyrood Hill before moving to Salmonier Line. I believe he was a son of Patrick Walsh and Margaret Ryan.

I don’t believe that this couple had any children.

(Holyrood South Headstone info: ew)
Erected by Michael Walsh for Ester Walsh died Mar 22 1911, 65 yrs. [b. 1846]

Michael Walsh remarried in 1915.
Married at Holyrood #1 1915 Aug 20, Michael Walsh, 64yrs, Widower, Farmer, RC St John’s; and Bridget Green, 65 yrs, Widow, RC, Holyrood Father W P Finn
Witnesses: William Walsh & Josephine Murphy

Note: the transcriber got things a little backward, Bridget Green was from St John’s and Michael Walsh was from Holyrood…
Citation for digitized Register page.
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949, Marriages 1913-1916, V 07” database with images, FamilySearch
( : 4 June 2015), > image 113 of 319; [page 111, Harbour Main District] Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

(The 1921 census for Newtown shows the following info:
Walsh, Michael head married 1847 Sep 73yrs Holyrood Peak
Bridget wife “ 1858 May 63yrs St John’s
Margaret dau single 1915 Jun 6 Newtown
Note :: I have no information on Margaret 6yrs, but I don’t think she would have been a daughter of Bridget Green Walsh.

Son of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn.
4. JOHN MURPHY (born circa 1850) married BRIDGET MOORE at Sts Peter and Paul RC Church, Harbour Main on Oct 26 1873 by Rev. Jeremiah O’Donnell – Witnesses: Lawrence Murphy & Mary Fury [Grand Banks]

Children: all baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main, except for John 1883, who was baptized at Holy Cross Church in Holyrood.
i. Thomas Francis 1874 Aug 19 #120 – Hr. Main
.. Sps: Edward LaCour Anastasia Moore
ii. Lawrence 1877 Feb 2 #9 – Holyrood
.. Sps: Martin Murphy Mary Kennedy
iii. Mary Bridget 1879 Aug 24 #100 – Holyrood
.. Sps: John Hicks Sophia Curran
iv. Elizabeth 1881 Nov 6 #154 – (mother**Bridget Murray**) Holyrood
.. Sps: Peter Duff Catherine Duff
v. John (humpback)1883 Dec 9 – Holyrood
.. Sps: John Hicks & Julianne Barrett (Holyrood Library 2013)

Following info supplied by Patrick Murphy in an email to my mother on Nov 24 2006:
Re Johnny Humpback, as previously mentioned, Edward Murray was the person that finally solved my question re how did poor Johnny get his humpback…. Edward said Johnny worked for a man called OBrien on the telegraph lines in Newfoundland, worked in the appears it happened during a runaway horse accident….

v. John Murphy born Dec 9 1883 married Theresa (as yet unknown).

Newfoundland Census, Duffs – Holyrood 1935
John Murphy Head M 50 [1885] Newfoundland (Cook – Postal Telegraph)
Theresa Murphy Wife F 40 Newfoundland
i. Maud Murphy Daughter F 9 Newfoundland
ii. Bessie Murphy Daughter F 7 Newfoundland
iii. Mary Murphy Daughter F 5 Newfoundland

Citing this Record
“Newfoundland Census, 1935,” database with images, FamilySearch (
: 22 April 2015), John Murphy, Duffs Holyrood, Harbour Main and Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada; citing Harbour Main and Bell Island District, p. 328, line 17, household ID 65, reference ID , Department of Tourism, Culture, and Recreation, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador; FHL microfilm 2,166,827.

Citation for digitized census sheet
“Newfoundland Census, 1935, Harbour Main and Bell Island, Duff’s Holyrood” database with images,
FamilySearch (
: 16 April 2015), > image 337 of 498; Department of Tourism, Culture, and Recreation, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

In a telephone conversation with my mother in 2007, Maud told her that her father, John, had been a 1st cousin to Maud Murphy, a daughter of Lawrence Murphy and Mary Shea. She also told my mother that her mother had been married 4 times – 1st to a Power, 2nd Hayward, 3rd John Murphy, and 4th to a Courtney. She also supplied the following:
— uncle Larry was 18 when he died
— aunt Bessie Fitzgerald went to Boston
— Tom – Philadelphia
— Mary died young

South Side Cemetery, Holyrood – Transcription by Tom and Diane Hynes 2002.
#332 Two headstones in a plot with an iron fence white marble, cross-shaped on top
“In loving memory of Lawrence Murphy, died at St. John’s on Ascension Thursday 1895, aged 18 years.”
[Note: Ascension Thursday fell on May 23rd in 1895.]
and brown granite
“MURPHY John died Apr. 8, 1956, age 72 years. Theresa Courtney died Feb. 4, 1980 age 86 years.” [He would have been born in 1884, Theresa in 1894.]

3. Mary Murphy m. Michael Murphy, Mason, Holyrood
Known Children: Pierce and John; info supplied by Will Hannon.

4. Margaret Murphy m. John Hugo
John Hugo’s name appears in a number of the voter’s lists and directories – but there are no baptisms at Sts Peter & Paul for this couple.

5. Ellen Murphy m. John Myers, Chapel’s Cove
Known Children:(info supplied by Will Hannon)

An older relative of Will’s, the late Theresa Hannon nee Gorman, told him that his great grandfather, Andrew Hannon born 1879 (son of Ellen Myers and William Hannon) was a second cousin to James Murphy (married to Mary Walsh, who was a son of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn). My mother has also told me that Andy Hannon was related to ‘her Murphy’s’.

I believe that the following marriage record at Sts Peter & Paul, in Harbour Main, should be for
i. Ellen MYERS and William HANNON.

MEANY Ellen, Chapel Cove & HANNAN, William, Chapel Cove
Nov 15, 1862 by Rev. Kryan Walsh
Witnesses: Walter Gorman & Alice Duggan #11

Children of Ellen Myers and William Hannon.
1. Mary Juliana Hannon 1864 Jun 21 #40
.. Sps: Michael Gorman Bridget Myers
2. Edward Hannon 1865 Oct 4 #95
.. Sps: Simon Gorman Mary A Merney
3. Michael Hannon 1867 Sep 29 #96
.. Sps: Patrick Cody Elizabeth Gorman
4. John Hannon 1870 Feb 8 #10
.. Sps: Patrick Wall Mary Wall
5. Ellen Hannon 1872 May 22 #58
.. Sps: Michael Hickey Mary Gorman
6. William Hannon 1874 Aug 25 #125
.. Sps: Edward Gorman Catherine Myers
7. Andrew Hannon 1876 Dec 1 #217
.. Sps: Michael Wall Ellen Holden
8. Bridget Hannon 1879 Dec 17 #182
.. Sps: John Merner Bridget Brick

ii. Mary MEARS (Myers), Chapel Cove and DUGGAN William, Chapel Cove Nov 26, 1866
Rev. Kryan Walsh Witnesses: John Murphy & Ellen Mears

Children baptised at Sts Peter & Paul, Harbour Main
1. Thomas Duggan 1867 Feb 7 #8
.. Rev Kyran Walsh Sps: John Mears Ellen Mears
2. John Joseph Duggan 1869 Dec 5 #119
.. Rev Jeremiah O’Donnell Sps: William Hannan Catherine Duggan

iii. Bridget MYERS, Chapel Cove and WALSH James, Holyrood May 28, 1871
Rev. Patrick O’Donnell Witnesses: Richard Walsh & Mary Myers
Note :: This James Walsh wasn’t from Holyrood, but from Gallows Cove in Harbour Main. He was the brother of Mary Walsh who married James Murphy, a son of Thomas Murphy and Elizabeth Burn. Bridget Myers would have been James Murphy’s 1st cousin. Richard Walsh, one of the witnesses at the marriage of Bridget Myers and James Walsh would have been James’ brother, and Mary Myers, the other witness was most likely Bridget’s sister.

Read this post for more information on the Walsh clan from Harbour Main.

iv. John MYERS, Chapel Cove and FEWER Mary, Chapel Cove May 18, 1878
Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly Edward Fewer & Anne Fewer

Children: All baptised at Sts Peter & Paul, in Harbour Main.
They lived in Chapel’s Cove.
1. Ellen Myers 1878 Jul 20 #79
.. Sps: Thomas Duggan Sarah Myres
2. John Joseph Myers 1880 Jul 15 #86
.. Sps: John Myres Ellen Myres
3. Thomas Myers1882 Feb 2 #19
.. Sps: James Myres Mary Myres
4. Elizabeth Frances Myers 1884 Sep 6 #65
.. Sps: John Duggan Elizabeth Smith
5. James Joseph Myers 1887 Nov 15 #58
.. Sps: Martin Meyers Sarah Meyers
6. Susanna Myers 1890 Jul 15 #35
.. Sps: William Crawley Margaret Hawko
7. Edward Myers 1895 Sep 6 #44
.. Sps: James Hawco Agnes Myers

Murphy – Halfway House & Chapel’s Cove
Salmonier Line of Road & Halfway House
Halfway House – Come Ashore
This link is for information on the Shea connection only.
Shea Marriages & Baptisms

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2 Responses to Murphy Tree

  1. Patricia Trites says:

    Dear Eileen,
    You have done amazing work and I am so happy to have stumbled on this site. My connection is to one of the five children listed for the unknown Murphy. My paternal grandmother was Mary Josephine Murphy who married James Fardy of Lakeview, Hr. Main. She was the daughter of Lawrence Murphy and Mary Shea. I grew up with stories of the Halfway House, Maud’s untimely death, and met my great-aunts Belle (Elizabeth Isabelle), and Jose (Esther Josephine). I also heard that my great-great grandfather had moved his family from Chapel’s Cove to avoid an outbreak of cholera.

    When I was in Nfld this summer (2017) I saw an article on the Halfway House in “Come Ashore to Holyrood”, a folk history of the community published by the parish. That publication states that the first caretaker of the Halfway House was John Murphy, originally of Chapel’s Cove, and that he was succeded by his son Lawrence (Larry) who married Mary Shea. Your site lists Thomas, not John, as being the father of Larry and I am now wondering which is correct? I have just recently become involved in family research and would really appreciate hearing from you.
    Pat (Fardy) Trites

  2. Wanda Garrett says:

    Hi Eileen, I just purchased a copy of Mary Veitch’s “Come Ashore to Holyrood” and it got me back to the Murphy family. I haven’t done anything on this family in years so it has been wonderful to review everything on your site. It is all amazing and great work.

    I was looking at Michael Walsh of Peak House. His first wife was Esther Murphy, who is my husband’s great-great aunt. I didn’t see her obituary here so I thought I would add it here for you….

    March 24, 1911 – Evening Telegram
    WELL KNOWN WOMAN DEAD.— Mrs. Esther Walsh, keeper of the Peak House on the Salmonier Road, died yesterday. She leaves one brother. Mr. Laurence Murphy, of the half-way house on the Salmonier Road.

    Now the really interesting part is this obituary that I also came across….

    Evening Telegram, July 22, 1915
    We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Michael Walsh (Peak House) Salmonier Road, which sad event occurred on last Sunday, 17th inst, after a tedious illness. Mrs. Walsh leaves a sorrowing husband and infant to mourn her early demise. Sportsmen visiting Pinsent’s Falls will miss forever the cheerful word and hospitality of the hostess of Peak House. Interment took place on Tuesday at Salmonier. R. I. P.

    Is this the same Michael Walsh who was the husband of Esther Murphy? If yes, Who was this wife? This wife died on July 17, 1915.

    I also came across the marriage announcement for Michael Walsh of Peak house and Miss Shea….

    St. John’s Daily Star, August 24, 1915
    Mr. M. Walsh, the well known prorietor of the Peak House, was on Thursday evening married to Miss Shea of St, John’s. A pleasant time was spent as numbers of friends had been invited. The festivities did not end until 5 o’clock in the morning.
    Still they come. Quite a number of visitors from the city came in by this morning’s and evening’s train including Rev. W. H. Thomas, Pastor of the Congregational Church.

    I am assuming this Miss Shea is Bridget Greene since we know from Michael and Bridget’s marriage record of August 20, 1915 they both Michael and Bridget were widowed. I found a marriage record for a Bridget Shea and Thomas Greene (Thomas was a widower – store keeper) on November 23, 1892

    Finally, as you noted in the 1921 census, Michael and Bridget have a daughter Margaret born Jun 1915 – is Margaret the infant child left by the lady who died on July 17, 1915.

    Interesting!!! Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Tks.

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