Walsh in Come Ashore

Walsh in Come Ashore to Holyrood

When Mary Veitch was gathering information for her book she asked members of all the old families in Holyrood to tell what they knew about their family histories. I’m sure that everyone tried their best to help her out, but even in the 1980’s much knowledge of old family connections was already lost to memory.

The Walsh clans had spread out in Holyrood, but many of them had also moved out of the community and indeed- out of Newfoundland altogether. I’ve used the names in the Walsh section of her book to make a sort of family template.

Please take note that much of my own information, although accurate in itself, may not be accurate in the context that I’ve placed it in.

Connecting some of these people through cemetery listings is tenuous at best, and should not be relied upon to be correct. I’ve used ‘best guess’ reasoning. I am hoping, as Mary Veitch did, to get feedback, to make corrections, and eventually to create a tree of the various clans.

My hat is off to this lady who had a passionate interest in her community, its people, and its history.

Come Ashore To Holyrood A Folk History of Holyrood – pg 140 Mary G Veitch 1989

The WALSH name is widely found in Holyrood. Roots go back to John and Ellen (Lyons) Walsh who married in County Wexford, Ireland
in 1785 and emigrated to Newfoundland. They first settled in Petty Harbour and in 1786 moved to Cape Broyle. Descendants of John and Ellen are said to have settled at Holyrood and got established in the fishing trade. Early records show James Walsh in owning a large tract of land on the north side in the vicinity of the Cold Storage. Subsequent Walsh families settled vast areas of land on the Salmonier Line and Country Path.

Thus begins the family section of WALSH in Come Ashore to Holyrood. The bit about John and Ellen (Lyons) Walsh, without the Holyrood connection, is mentioned in Seary’s Family Names of Newfoundland.

Some years ago I sent an email to the Folklore Dept at Memorial University, which was the quoted source in Seary’s. I’m afraid I’ve had a number of computers (and crashes) since and I don’t have the email that was sent in response to my query – which was, “Where did this reference come from?” I was told that it had been taken from an unpublished family history paper in the possession of the Folklore Department.

Recently I stumbled onto an item in an online book at Gutenburg Press that also echoed the Walsh-Lyons story in Cape Broyle. The book is called The Slender Thread – Irish Women on the Southern Avalon, 1750-1860 by Willeen Keough.

Ref1 Chap 2 Migration and Reception in Newfoundland “…
John and Nellie (Lyons) Welsh, who left Wexford for the southern Avalon in 1784; their ship was driven into Petty Harbour by heavy ice, and John had to tow Nellie and their belongings over the icepack to safety (they arrived in Cape Broyle the following year with an infant son named Michael).” Source quoted: James Joseph O’Brien, “Cape Broyle, 1959-60,” unpublished community history,
[1960?], copy in possession of author, 1; and O’Brien, Cape Broyle (1971), 8.

Ref2 Chap 3 Tracing Irish Women on the Southern Avalon
“Some details survive of other family migrations from Ireland to Cape Broyle. Elenor (Nellie) Lyons and her husband, Richard Welsh, left Wexford in 1784 to come to the southern Avalon. They arrived in Petty Harbour in 1784, where their first child, Michael, was born, and they moved on to Cape Broyle the following year. In 1788 or 1789, Nellie gave birth to their second child, Thomas, the first child born in Cape Broyle harbor.” Source quoted: See: PANL, MG 205, Pole Papers, 1799-1800; and O’Brien, “Cape Broyle” (1960) and “Cape Broyle” (1971)

1800 Census – Ferryland District, Cape Broyle
Richard Walsh Elenor Walsh
Michael 15
Thomas 11
John 9
James 7
Mary 3
Source: Newfoundland Grand Banks

I don’t know if these Cape Broyle Walshes are connected to the clans now in Holyrood. The earliest Holyrood reference is James who had a Plantation on the north side in 1797. There was also a Philip in Chapel’s Cove as early as 1766. It is also clear that John/Richard and Ellen (Lyons) Walsh were still in Cape Broyle in 1800.

…With the exception of Mr. Paddy Walsh and W.P. Walsh who settled on the south side, all others lived side by side on the north side and at the top of the hill going in the Salmonier Line.

I’ve always known that W. P. Walsh (who married Sophia Butler) lived on the South Side, and I’m assuming that Mr. Paddy Walsh was his father. Also, the 1864-65 Hutchinson’s Directory listed two Planters, James Walsh and Richard Walsh on the South Side.

The 1889 Voter’s List showed only one Walsh in that area – William, 30 years old – this would be William P. Walsh. It’s interesting to note that this voter’s list enumerated men 25 years and older, as well as heads of households. It would appear that in 1889 William P was not the head of a household; so who was he living with on the South Side?

So numerous were these families with similar first names that local folk soon differentiated them with nick names. Thus, began the Tomcods, Mazors, Coons, Googers, Mundens, Marleys, Dodds, Cripple Jack, Mickey Doodler, Paddy the Nut, Mickey Peak and Billy Beads.

What can I say? Apparently I’m a Googer.

I’ve itemized some of the information from the book regarding the Walsh name. My comments are in [square brackets].

Rose O’KELLY tells that her grandmother Grace MULLOWNEY was a WALSH and that Grace’s family included Mary ( John MULLOWNEY ), Susan BUTLER, John WALSH ( north side ), Michael WALSH
( Salmonier Line ), and Thomas ( Kate HICKS ) WALSH, ( Fr. Leo WALSH’s parents ). [this Thomas was a son of Thomas Walsh & Mary Taplin]

See My Walsh Clan

These were related to Cripple Jack WALSH, [ a son of James Walsh & Mary Besso] Mickey Peak, William at the Halfway House and William (Mary Theresa) WALSH [ who was a son of Thomas Walsh & Mary Taplin ]

These in turn, were cousins of 3 brothers: [ I think the 3 brothers were sons of Patrick Walsh & Margaret Ryan. ] Thomas, Daniel, and William P WALSH; Ned WALSH [b. Jan 6 1874 who was a son of Richard Walsh & Catherine Penny ](father of Fr Edward WALSH ) James (Katherine) WALSH, [ I think this should be Michael Walsh & Catherine Meehan ??] Patrick and Richard WALSH ( Lucy BARRON’s father ), and Mary WALSH ( Jack Carrol’s mother).

To follow the line of decent we’ll begin with the 3 brothers who lived at the beginning of the Salmonier Line: Thomas, Daniel, and William P. Walsh. Thomas was the father of Patrick who in turn had sons Chris, Patrick and Kevin, Daniel was the father of Patrick who married Agatha Maloney, William P. married Sophia Butler.

WALSH Patrick and Margaret Ryan **
see post
James B: Mar 29 1857 Sps: Rich. Walsh & Ellen Brien
William B: Jun 19 1859 Sps: Wm Ryan & Mary Veitch
Patrick B: Dec 1 1861 Sps: John Veitch & Susan Walsh
no name B: Dec 7 1862 Sps: William Walsh & Catherine Butler
Garrett B: Jul 27 1865 Sps: Henry Cullen & Ann WALSH

Patrick Walsh & Margaret Ryan’s marriage record isn’t on the Grand Banks Parish Records site and I think they must have been married before 1857 when Sts. Peter & Paul Church opened for business. I know almost nothing about Patrick Walsh but we do have at least an obituary for his wife, Margaret Ryan Walsh.

Daily News March 26, 1913 (Wednesday) (T Hynes sep2000) OBITUARY MRS. PATRICK WALSH On St. Patrick’s Day, at Holyrood, Mrs. Walsh, widow of the late Patrick Walsh, passed away after a short illness, at the age of 90 years. Her husband predeceased her many years ago. **She was the mother of 9 sons, of whom 4 are living.** She was well known and highly respected, and her many friends will learn of her death with sincere sorrow. – R.I.P.

From South Side Cemetery, Holyrood
In memory of William Ryan died June 10,1903 aged 90 years.
Also his two sisters Bridget died Feb 6 1895 aged 83 years
** Margaret WALSH March 17, 1912 aged 88 years. (b circa 1824)
and, from Newfoundland Vital Statistics – Death Register Newfoundland’s Grand Banks Page 128 Book 6
1913 Mar 17 died Holyrood Old age WALSH Margaret R.C. 81 [1832] born Holyrood interred Holyrood

You will notice that Margaret Ryan Walsh’s headstone has the wrong year on it, and she was stated to be 90, 88, and 81 years, respectively, at the time of her death.

Mary Veitch seemed confident that William, born June 19 1859, was William P. Walsh who married Sophia Butler. If that is the case, and if Thomas and Daniel were in fact his brothers, then we run into another problem of irreconcilable dates.

In the 1921 census for Holyrood Central, next door to Patrick Walsh, Railway Pioneer, is Thomas Walsh, widower, born May 1863 and 58 years old. His son Patrick, single born Oct 1899 22 years, and two of his daughters May – Sep 1898, and Rita – May 1904 are living with him.

In the 1935 census, Thomas is missing and his son Patrick, now 35 years old is listed as a widower. His children include; Chris, Patrick, and Kevin. Also living with him is his uncle Daniel also a widower, 80 years old, putting his birth year at 1855. This Daniel, I’m sure was in the 1921 census for Newtown Holyrood; listed as Dl Walsh, widower, born Mar 1861, 60 years old. His place of birth is listed as Newtown, Holyrood.

Thomas Walsh is a good candidate as the ‘no name’ child of Patrick Walsh and Margaret Ryan Walsh, born Dec 7 1862, although the 1921 census does have May 1863. His brother Daniel seems likely to have been born circa 1855; as per the 1935 census, and his Death Registry record – which actually agree!

Marriage Nov 27 1895 Thomas Walsh (27)[1868]] Lucy Fury (21)[1874]
wit: Michael Walsh & Bridget Moore. (THynes PANL – Holyrood marriage)

From Kennedy’s Lane Cemetery:
Erected by Patrick WALSH in loving memory of his father and mother.
Thomas WALSH died Jan 28 1926 aged 63 yrs. [born circa 1863]
Also his wife Lucy died Feb 15 1915, 42 yrs [born circa 1873].

Patrick T WALSH B: Oct 12 1899 died Nov 4 1982.
Erected by his wife and family.

Newfoundland Vital Statistics – Death Register
Newfoundland’s Grand Banks
damaged,no page #, Book 9
Jan. 27 1926 died Holyrood Cancer/Stomach WALSH Thomas R.C. [1865] 61 born Holyrood interred Holyrood
Page 97 Book 13
Feb. 18 1938 died Holyrood Senile Decay WALSH Daniel M RC 83 [1855] born Holyrood interred Holyrood

Again, to the South Side Cemetery –

In loving memory of William P. WALSH died June 30, 1930 aged 71 years. (b.1859)
On other side of column
Also in memory of Sophia WALSH widow of Wm. P. WALSH died Sept. 1, 1936. Aged 78 years.

The Holyrood property map shows that William P. Walsh lived on the South Side of Holyrood. His property bordered on that of William Ryan, ( his godfather??).

Another branch of the clan settled in various parts of the Salmonier Line. Michael Walsh operated the “Peak” House, and was known as Mickey The Peak

Margaret Ryan Walsh’s obituary stated that “She was the mother of 9 sons, of whom 4 are living.” If Daniel and Thomas were brothers of William P., then 6 of the 9 sons are accounted for. Aside from Daniel, 3 other sons were born before 1857. In 1913 when their mother died, William, Thomas, Daniel, and one other son were still alive. A possible candidate would be Michael ‘Micky Peak’ Walsh

Joe Byrne told me that he had found Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh’s property at Peak Pond on a cadestral map – this land is on the Salmonier Line – and the property owner was ‘MICHAEL WALSH of PATRICK.’

In the 1921 Census for Newtown Holyrood, Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh was listed as 73 years, born Sept 1847. He was living with his 2nd wife, Bridget (63 yrs. May 1858), and their daughter, Margaret (6yrs, June 1915). My uncle, Joe Walsh, told me that Margaret had been adopted and he was very uncertain about her last name, but he thought that it could be McDonald.
http://nl.canadagenweb.org/cbhmain_21cens_newtown.htm GenWeb 1921 Newtown Census

Holyrood, #1, August 20 1915, Michael Walsh, 64 [1851], Widower, Farmer, RC, St John’s, Bridget Green, 65, Widow, , RC, Holyrood, W P Finn, William Walsh, Josephine Murphy. Note: Mickey Peak? with a mix up regarding residences.
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-12322-62477-52?cc=1790939 : accessed 4 May 2016), Marriages 1913-1916, Volume 07 > image 113 of 319; Provincial Archives, St. John’s. [page 111 record #1]

Michael Walsh’s 1st wife was Ester Murphy who lived at what is known as the Halfway House on the Salmonier Line. It was a government cottage, built to provide a resting stop for travelers moving between Holyrood and St John’s to the east, and St Mary’s and Placentia Bays to the west. As far as I know they had no children.

Michael Walsh was the caretaker of the Peak House nearby on the shores of Peak Pond. It was a hotel that catered to sports fishermen and hunters.

Ester Murphy Walsh is buried in the South Side Cemetery in Holyrood.

Erected by Michael Walsh in memory of his beloved wife Esther died March 22, 1911 aged 65 years. [born circa 1846]
[There may or may not be information on the side of the column facing down.][[Headstone transcription supplied by Tom and Diane Hynes.]]

Patrick Walsh who was married to Margaret Ryan is the only ‘Patrick Walsh’ listed in the Sts Peter and Paul baptismal register as a father. This certainly doesn’t prove that he was the father of Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh, there could have been an earlier Patrick who had no children after 1857 when the church in Harbour Main was opened. Supposing Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh was their son; if he was born about 1847 then I would think that Margaret Ryan Walsh had more than 9 sons, because (if) Daniel was born in 1855 there would be a gap of 8 years – and as per the obituary, there would be only 2 more children to account for.

Before moving on, mention should be made of William Walsh of the Halfway House. I’ve been told (and is confirmed by the 1921 census for Newtown) that this William Walsh was from Salmonier, and not Holyrood. However, it should be noted that his wife, Maud Murphy had been born at the Halfway House (a daughter of Lawrence Murphy and Mary Shea) and was not actually from Holyrood Central, as is noted in the census. Maude Murphy was a niece of Ester Murphy who married Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh.

Any information on William Walsh, from Salmonier, would be appreciated.

Holyrood, #9, Febuary 23 1914, William Walsh, 29, Single, Mill, RC, Salmonier,
Mary M Murphy, 25, Single, owner, RC, Salmonier Road,
W P Finn (priest), Benjamen Goff, Josephine Murphy
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-12322-62953-29?cc=1790939 : accessed 4 May 2016), Marriages 1913-1916, Volume 07 > image 108 of 319; Provincial Archives, St. John’s. page 106

Just a few mistakes in the above marriage record: William Walsh’s bride was ELLEN MAUD MURPHY and not ‘Mary M’ and Benjamen (sic) should be BERNARD GOFF, who became the husband of Maud’s sister, Ester Josephine in 1915.

PAGE 150
250 255 WALSH Will M Head Married 1876 Oct 44 Salmonier
WALSH Maud F Wife Married 1891 Oct 30 Holyrood Central
SHEA Cyril M Cousin Single 1891 Sept 30 St. John’s
WALSH Mary F Daughter Single 1914 Jan 6 Newtown
WALSH Bella F Daughter Single 1918 Jan 3 Newtown
WALSH Kathleen F Daughter Single 1917 March 4 Newtown
DINN Etta F Servant Single 1903 Dec 18 Salmonier

In Newtown another Michael Walsh married Julia Ann Penny [son of James Walsh & Mary Besso]

Going up the hill towards the Salmonier Line lived 1 James and Catherine Walsh, parents of John, Michael, Daniel, Theresa and Mary

1This should be Michael Walsh & Catherine (Meehan).

Michael Walsh, Holyrood & Kate Meehan, St. Mary’s, PB
married at Sts Peter & Paul, Harbour Main, Nov 27, 1869
Witnesses: John Lewis & Anne Lewis
Michael B: Aug 28 1870
Eliz M B: Jun 24 1873 (HR)
John T B: Jan 16 1876 (HR)
Richard B: Sep 8 1878 (HR)
Tesesa B: Oct 19 1879
Daniel Nov 12 1883 of Michael WALSH & Kate Meehan (Holy Cross ew) Sps: David Boland & Bridget Barron

1921 census Holyrood Central between Barrons and Veitches
WALSH: Kate F Head Widow 1851 Dec 70 (yrs) St. Mary’s.
The Holyrood Property Map shows a property bordering on the Old Main Road just down the hill from Salmonier Line listing:
John Walsh of Michael and
Daniel Walsh of Michael.

On the north side lived another branch of the family. Richard and Margaret Walsh were the parents of Mrs. Lucy Barron [this would be Richard Walsh & Margaret Taplin]
On one side of them lived Patrick Walsh

This is Patrick Walsh, Railway Pioneer, and the information that I’ve been able to find on him has its contradictions. In the Walsh family section of Come Ashore to Holyrood Mary Veitch devoted two pages to Patrick and one of his sons, Leo. This bit begins on page 143 and the header reads:
Patrick Walsh – Railway Pioneer (1844-1940).

She goes on to say,

“For fifty years, Patrick Walsh was connected with the old Reid Newfoundland Company (R.N.O.C.)…” He was a section foreman and had worked in various locations all over the island, including; the Gaff Topsails on the west coast, Northern Bight, Waterford Bridge, and ‘Hatties Camp’, now the site of Gander International Airport.

He retired in 1920 with a $40 a month pension. Up till his death on Dec 9, 1940, at the age of 96 years, he held the key to all the switches around Holyrood Station, acting as a sort of unofficial security guard.

Before he began working for the railway he had been second hand on a schooner mastered by Captain John Lewis, of the beach area.

On page 145, under the heading: Anecdote by John Stephen Veitch, Patrick Walsh’s story continues. This section is a direct quote from the book.
“The following refers to our next door neighbor in Holyrood, Paddy Walsh, who for many years was the mate on the fishing schooner of my grandfather, George Veitch, when they plied the Labrador fishery. Paddy, subsequently, on the conclusion of the fishery, worked with the railway, and retired as a railway maintenance superintendent.

When questioned by Tom Woodford, the Station Agent at Holyrood, concerning his pension cheque and why he was not putting some money away, Paddy replied in nautical terms as follows: “Now come along Woodford and I’ll tell you about my cheque.” “Well Tom, it’s like this – when the money blows in, I up anchor and sail’d down to Con Kennedy’s to pay my bills there. After settling up with Con, I tack across to the south side premises of Jack Carroll’s to pay another bill there. Then I pull away from Carroll’s and jive around down wind to pay bills at Mary Ellen Byrne’s and at May Deveraux’s corner store before dropping anchor at home. That’s the way it is Tom”

1921 census Holyrood Central
137-139 WALSH; Patrick M Married 1858 Jul 63(yrs) Holyrood C
WALSH; Lizzie F Wife Married 1860 Sep 61 Holyrood C
WALSH; Augustine M Son Single 1887 Feb 24 Holyrood C
WALSH; Leo M Son Single 1903 Feb 18 Holyrood C

From Come Ashore, page 143, there was also a daughter, Lizzie Fagan.

1895 Feb 24 Augustin of Patrick Walsh & Elizabeth Targett ew02archives
From Come Ashore, page 145, it says that Leo J. Walsh had been born in the year 1900.

1935 census Holyrood Central
160-140 WALSH Patrick Head F (sic) W(idower) 64 (yrs)
Patrick’s neighbour is John (Stephen) Veitch and his wife Annie (O’Neil)

His death registry record at the Grand Banks website also contradicts the idea that the ‘Railway Pioneer’ was born in 1844.
Page 112 Book 13
1940 N/E. 09 born Holyrood (cause of death) No Entry WALSH Patrick R.C. [1864?] 76? born Holyrood interred Holyrood

Kennedy’s Lane Cemetery
Sacred to the memory of Patrick WALSH, Railway Pioneer died Dec 9 1940 at Holyrood and Elizabeth his wife. (no date)

This Patrick Walsh also had a sister Susan who married James Bennett in 1865.
Jul 30 1871 Record #81 Margaret Bridget of James Bennett & Susannah WALSH (Holyrood) Sps: Walter Kennedy & Mary Barron (sub cond)
Excerpt from “Come Ashore” pg 71 an article entitled The Bennett Family, by Frank Bennett.
” Patrick Walsh, my grandmother’s brother, was the railway pioneer on the Gaff Topsails.”

It should be noted that there were two SUSAN WALSHs. The other lady, who was married to THOMAS BUTLER belongs in my Walsh Clan (I think!). see My Walsh Clan

So, if Patrick Walsh was born in 1864 or thereabouts, and his sister Susan was born
in 1841 (or thereabouts), then it’s possible that there were many more siblings.

and on the other (side)
Mary Walsh, mother of Jack Carroll.

I’ll begin this section with information that is carved in stone; from the South Side Cemetery, Holyrood.
[Headstone transcriptions by Tom and Diane Hynes.]

South Side Cemetery
#208 White marble headstone
In loving memory of James
born 1828 – died 1881
his wife Bridget Kirby born 1831 – died 1881.
On other side of the stone
In loving memory of Albert J. Carroll died at Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Oct. 27th 1946,buried at Holyrood, aged 48 years. Erected by his brother.

#361 White marble headstone
In loving memory of our dear father James Carroll, died Aug. 30th, 1917, aged 58 years.
Also our dear mother Mary Ann Carroll died March 12, 1927 aged 63 years. [born circa 1864]

#57 Red granite stone, flat on the ground
CARROLL Eileen R. died May 29, 1995.
In the same plot, black granite headstone, circular in outline
CARROLL 1895 Elizabeth 1975
1894 John J. 1977.

Come Ashore pg 80 has this: John J. Carroll 1897-1977
Come Ashore page 80 begins the Carroll family history. Following are the first few paragraphs:

“The background of the Carroll family dates back to the year 1834 when the first James Carroll, landing in Holyrood from Ireland, settled on the Shore Road, Holyrood South. James was married twice. The children of his first marriage to Mary Kelly
were James and John. John died in the mines at Tilt Cove, Green Bay. James remained in Holyrood. James Sr.’s second wife was Mary Kennedy. They had a son William who moved to the U.S., and Mary Theresa who married Patrick Hickey and settled in Holyrood.

James Jr., also married twice. His first wife was Elizabeth Curran. They had one daughter, Minnie who married William Veitch of the North Side of Holyrood. James and his second wife, Mary Ann Walsh had two sons Albert and John J.  Albert moved to Seattle, Washington and John. J. remained in Holyrood.

James, the father, carried on an extensive and successful general business on the Shore Road until his death in 1918 (sic). He is the great great grandfather of the present day Carroll descendants.”

John Carroll, son of James and Mary Ann Walsh Carroll was born in Holyrood, November 2, 1897.”

I’ll extract the important bits from the rest of the article:
John J. or Jack as he was commonly known, married Elizabeth Maloney of the north side on June 19, 1918; they had five children. His father had built a cold storage in 1916 and had supplied it with ice from Butter Pot Pond in the winter months. Jack supplied the Nova Scotia banking schooners with general merchandise, bait and ice. During the Depression Jack Carroll had enlisted the the aid of Philip J. Lewis, Member of the House of Assembly for the area, to build a new and modern facility which was completed in 1932. The Carroll Cold Storage Company was built beside the Public Wharf and near the Railway Station on the North Side Road.

Captain Olaf Olson was President, Jack Carroll, Secretary and General Manager, and C.A. Crosbie, Treasurer.

Jack Carrol began construction of a new house in 1944 on what appears to be the Walsh Estate, as shown on the Holyrood Property Map, and moved in with his family in 1948.

However, in the Walsh section of her book, Mary Veitch said that Jack Carroll’s mother Mary (Ann) Walsh Carroll lived next door to Patrick, Railway Pioneer. who died in 1940, and Mary Ann died in 1927. My uncle told me that Mary Ann Walsh also owned land on the Salmonier Line, which she sold to Larry Williams, who had moved to Holyrood from St. Mary’s Bay in the late 50’s or early 60’s to work at the Cold Storage.

Of course, I went back to my lists of birth records and I also checked the online Parish Records at the Grand Banks website, looking for information about James Walsh & Bridget Kirby. Nothing is ever simple.

This James Walsh might have been the son of Richard Walsh and Margaret Furey

1859 27 Nov #122 -Michael of James Walsh Ann Kerwick??
Sps – John Walsh Elisa Wall Holyrood
1861 2 Jul #47 – Richard John of Bridget Kirby James Walsh
Sps – John Walsh Margaret Kirby Holyrood
1863 23 Aug #73 – Elisa of James Walsh Bridget Keswick
Sps – Michael Walsh Mary Joy Holyrood
1865 28 Aug #76 – Mary Ann of James Walsh Bridget Kerrivan
Sps – Daniel Keefe Margaret Flannigan Holyrood
1867 27 Oct #112 – Bridget Frances of James Walsh Bridget Kerwan
Sps – Thomas McGrath Mary Walsh Holyrood
1870 3 Sep #90 – Margaret Joseph of James Walsh Bridget Kerwick
Sps – John Brick Anne Walsh Holyrood
1873 16 Feb #19 – Elizabeth Theresa of James Walsh Bridget Kirby
Sps – Michael Walsh Elizabeth Veitch Holyrood

In the 1940’s when my grandfather’s house on Country Path burned down, he and his family moved into “Micky Doodler’s” house on the Salmonier Line until his new house was built near where the old one had stood. My father says that Micky Doodler had died around 1929 or ’30 and that his son John who was married to Mary Ellen Joy had died about the same time. About five years later, John’s widow, Mary Ellen married Aaron Lewis, a widower who had been married to Sarah Crawley. I’m pretty sure that John Walsh died in 1930, but the jury is still out as to when his father, Michael ‘Doodler’ died.

Vital Records – Register of Deaths
Harbor Main – Bell Island District 1927 – 1930
Book 10 PAGES 111 – 125 – SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels – Page 123, Book 10
1930 Jun 16 died Holyrood Nephritis WALSH John RC [1892] age 38 born Holyrood interred Holyrood.
The only Death Registration for a Michael Walsh of possibly the correct age is the following:
but please note I have no idea if this record is for ‘Micky Doodler’.
Page 121, Book 12
1936 Jan. 02 died Holyrood Senile Decay WALSH Michael RC [1854] 82 born Holyrood interred Holyrood.

Married at Sts Peter and Paul in Harbour Main on 11 Nov 1879 #67
Michael Walsh and Mary Wall, of Holyrood by Joseph V. Donnelly Wit: Patrick Walsh & Mary Anne Wall
Bridget – 1881 23 Jan #10 (bap at Har Main – Joseph V. Donnelly Patrick Walsh Mary Wall  
James – 1884 4 Jun #21 – Gregory J. Battcock Sps: Michael Walsh Mary B Walsh (Holy Cross THynes)
Nicholas – 1886 10 Oct #32 – Gregory J. Battcock Richard Walsh Anastasia Wall (Holy Cross THynes)
John – 1892 ? Mar – Holy Cross EW
Mary Ann – 1894 25 Jun – Holy Cross EW
Vincent – 1899 16 Oct – Holy Cross EW

1921 census Holyrood Central
Walsh Michael Head m m 65 1856 Feb Holyrood Central
Walsh Mary Wife f m 50 1871 Jun Holyrood Central
and next door to them. their son and his wife
Walsh John Head m m 28 1893 Mar Holyrood Central
Walsh Mary Wife f m 24 1897 Jul Holyrood Central

Here is a copy of a will my brother kindly sent to me. The fact that this Michael Walsh had a share in the ownership of the ‘Walsh property lying between Veitch’s and Mullowney’s lands’ makes me think that he was a son of James Walsh and Bridget Kirby, and a brother of Mary Ann Walsh Carrol.

Michael Walsh to John Walsh Fee $200 Be it remembered that on the 18th of June A.D. 1927 a certain conveyance was deposited for registration which was proved upon the Affidavit of Stella McCrate and was duly registered as follows:

Registrar. To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come Know All Men By These Presents that I MICHAEL WALSH of HOLYROOD, SALMONIER LINE near junction of Harbor Main Newfoundland Labourer For and in consideration of the love and affection I have for my son JOHN WALSH and the further consideration that he maintain and support cloth care and keep me during my lifetime and bury me decently and becomingly with a Requiem mass after my death Do hereby assign transfer and set over unto the said JOHN WALSH his Executors Administrators and Assigns ALL THAT piece of land situate on the South side of Salmonier Line and bounded as follows: NORTH by SALMONIER LINE, SOUTH by MOUNTAIN GARDEN, EAST by DANIEL WALSH’s land, and WEST by HANNAH PENNEY’s land together with dwelling House Barn Cellar Store and all erections built thereupon and all my house hold furniture and effects, also my share of the land known as the WALSH property lying between VEITCH’s and MULLOWNEY’s lands.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all the property enumerated above unto the said JOHN WALSH his Executors Administrators and Assigns forever Subject however to the following provision, that should circumstances develop to warrant our separating and living asunder from our present domicile John agrees and binds himself to pay me and I agree to accept 7 and 1/2 dollars per month in lieu of the maintenance and support etc. stipulated above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto my hand set, and Subscribed this 28th day of December A.D. 1926 MICHAEL ( his X mark ) WALSH Witness T.R. DWYER, STELLA McCRATE, JOHN WALSH.

My mother told me that Stella McCrate was from Salmonier, and when mom knew her she was working as housekeeper for Mary Ann Walsh Carroll’s son John in his house up the hill from the Cold Storage.

Next to Carroll’s lived John Walsh who had one son, Alphonsus (married to Fannie )

I suspect that this John Walsh was a son of Richard Walsh and Margaret Furey and that it was he who placed their headstone at Kennedy’s Lane. I had originally thought that this John Walsh had been a brother of my great great grandfather James Walsh (Mary Besso) but I am now more inclined to think that James Walsh (Bridget Kirby) is John’s brother. A daughter of theirs married James Carrol and their son, John, built his house on what I believe was the old Walsh Estate.

I have a property map for the north side of Holyrood that begins at the Cold Storage area. Part of the Walsh Estate is on it, and the first property after that belonged to John of Richard Walsh. This appears to be the family property where Alphonsus Walsh lived. There is also a property on the Salmonier Line bordering on Kennedy’s Lane with the same name notation.

There is a cemetry listing at Kennedy’s Lane as follows:
Erected by John Walsh in memory of his father
Richard WALSH who departed this life Dec 26 1869, 65 yrs. [born 1804 ]
Also his wife Margaret who departed this life Jan 31 1889, 80 yrs.

In loving memory of John WALSH died May 31 1929, 79 yrs. [ born 1850 ]
Also his wife Margaret Walsh who died Jan 25 1885, 28 yrs.
their daughters Anastasia Apr 1883, 8 yrs
Mary Apr 1883, 6 yrs

John Walsh’s first wife was Margaret Lewis and if he was also the father of Alphonsus then he remarried.
WALSH John & Ann Crawley married at Holyrood Jul 18 1884 Witnesses: Elias Lewis and Margaret Walsh
Oct 26 1885 Alphonsus of John WALSH & Anne Crawley (Holy Cross ew) Sps: Wm Carroll & Catherine Morrisey

But this is an impossible relationship because Margaret Lewis would still have been alive when he married Anne Crawley. Either the cemetry listing is not for this John Walsh or the date on the headstone or the date in the parish register is wrong. The 1921 census listing for Holyrood Central on the Grand Banks website has a John Walsh living next to Patrick (Railway Pioneer) born 1851 June 70 (yrs).

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2 Responses to Walsh in Come Ashore

  1. Joan Walsh Christenson says:

    I am the granddaughter of Michael John Walsh, who immigrated to the United States in 1911. His father was Michael (Mickey Doodler) Walsh who was married to Mary Wall Walsh on November 11, 1879. Our records show that our grandfather is the 4th child, born May 24, 1889. He is not listed in your records; however, the other siblings and birthdates match our records. Please let me know if there is additional information on Mary Wall. Or if there is a way to locate other family members. Is there a way to purchase this book? Thank you!

  2. Jane O'Connor Foster says:

    In Holy Cross Cemetery in Holyrood there is buried a Martin and Elizabeth Carroll. Can someone please tell me if Thomas Carroll who died 6 Oct 2007 is buried in the same plot as they are. He would be their son. If you can not answer my question would you kindly refer me to someone who can. I thank you in advance.

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