Walsh, Richard b: Feb 7 1867

This Richard Walsh seems a likely candidate as the second son of THOMAS WALSH AND MARY TAPLAN But who was his wife ALICE????

WALSH РErected by Alice in memory of her beloved husband Richard WALSH died Jan 23 1901, 33yrs. (b 1868) (Kennedy’s Lane)

However, and not because I’m an Eileen-Mary-quite-contrary! but because I’m a stickler for detail, I’m going to include an item from the Vital Statistics page on the Harbour Main District webpage at Newfoundland Grand Banks Register of Deaths that states Richard Walsh was 50 years old and not 33, as his headstone indicates. If he was a son of Thomas Walsh and Mary Taplin, then 33 years would be the correct age. Another discrepancy; he was called ‘Robt’ in the second news item.

page 74 (1901) Jan 23 ; Place of death: Arnold’s Cove, Accident, WALSH Rd, Roman Catholic, 50 years (Place of Birth) Holyrood, (Place of Interment) Holyrood

Post updated May 27 2015 …………….

In my travels I found the following death record:

Page 199 (1901) Jan 23 ; Place of death: Near Clarenville; Cause of death: Ry Accident; WALSH Rich’d; Roman Catholic; age: 35; born: Holyrood; interred: Holyrood

Vital Records, Register of Deaths Book 3 1900 – 1902; District of Trinity Bay Page 194 – 212; Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy Website : http://ngb.chebucto.org/Vstats/death-reg-bk-3-1900-1902-tb.shtml Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (2010) accessed May 27 2015.

So it would appear that Richard Walsh’s death was recorded at Whitbourne (Trinity Bay District) as well as at Holyrood, (Harbour Main District). I think that this was done because he lived in Whitbourne.

I found more information on a Richard Walsh on the Trinity Bay District page at Newfoundland Grand Banks, who also lived in Whitebourne. The circumstantial evidence is strong, I think, but I can’t prove that this information is connected to Richard Walsh, son of Thomas Walsh and Mary Taplin Walsh of Holyrood.

McAlpine’s 1898 Directory, District of Trinity Bay, Whitbourne
WALSH Richard (Thos railroader

McAlpine’s 1898 Directory, District of Trinity Bay, Whitbourne; Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy Website : http://ngb.chebucto.org/M1898/98-whitbourne_tb.shtml Transcribed by Don Tate, Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate) : accessed May 27 2015.

Thomas, child of Richard Walsh and Alice Whelan; born on 15th May 1897; baptised on 16th May 1897; by the Rev P W Browne; Sponsors: Patrick [blank], Annie [blank]. Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Gambo, Newfoundland.
Note: child born at Whitbourne.
Information taken from a digital copy of a certified copy of Thomas Walsh’s baptismal information ‘as appears from the Baptismal Register of this Church’, completed by W P Walsh, December 17 1949.

“Newfoundland, Vital Records, 1840-1949,” index and images, FamilySearch
(https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-12353-70166-36?cc=1790939 : accessed 21 May 2015), Delayed Births 1899-1900, Box 19 > image 484 of 571; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

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In the third news item (Jan 24) it was noted that his sister (unnamed) boarded the train at Port Blandford, probably with the intention of accompanying him to hospital in St John’s. Richard Walsh’s sister Mary, who was married to William Hicks, was living at that time in Port Blandford. The probably inaccurate Death Registration state’s his place of death as Arnold’s Cove, which isn’t far from Clarenville, the place cited by The Evening Telegram.

Evening Telegram
St John’s NL Jan 23 1901
Memorial University Digital Archives; Evening Telegram, Engineer Walsh – Railway Accident 1901

KILLED By Railway Accident
Driver Walsh Dead and Fireman Dunphy Badly Injured.
(Special to the Evening Telegram)
HOLYROOD, Noon To-day.
Driver Walsh, son of the late Thomas Walsh, was injured on Saint Patrick’s Marsh, by two engines going off the track on the ice on yesterday (Monday), at 5.30pm. Fireman Dunphy is badly injured too. It was thought at first that Walsh’s injuries were not fatal, but he died at 7.30 this morning on his way to the hospital. The body arrived at Holyrood at 12.30pm. Dunphy will pull though all right it is thought.

Evening Telegram
St John’s NL Jan 23 1901
Engineer Walsh Dies in Terrible Agony.
Another railway accident has occurred along the line, this time at Millerton. Particulars are meagre (sic), but from what we can learn the engine became derailed and Engineer Robt. (sic) Walsh with his fireman were badly scalded. The engine was smashed up and a lot of damage done. Walsh died from the result of the terrible scalding, after suffering great agony. His body was brought on to Whitbourne and placed in a coffin, whence it is being brought to-day for interment at Holyrood, where his friends reside. Dunphy, the fireman is badly scalded and it will be some time before he recovers from his injuries. The accident happened on Monday evening, and the train was the Bruce’s express that left here on Sunday last.

Evening Telegram
St John’s NL Jan 24 1901
There is no doubt that the train accident near St Patrick’s Marsh was caused by ice on the track. There is not a sufficient number of section men employed on the line to meet the exigencies of winter travelling. There are only two men to look after every ten miles of road. There should be four at least. From passengers who came in over the line lately, we learn that poor Walsh was terribly scalded and suffered excruciating agony before he died. His sister joined the train at Port Blandford, but her brother was in such dreadful condition, that it was deemed best by the employees on the train not to allow her to see him. He died at 7.15 near Clarenville.

Evening Telegram
ST John’s NL Feb 1 1901
At Holyrood Over the Recent Railroad Tragedy.
(Editor Evening Telegram.)
Dear Sir, Allow us space in your valuable columns to make a few remarks concerning an inhuman act that took place here on last Friday. Yes, Mr Editor, it was the worst act that was ever perpetrated. When the train arrived here with the clothes that were cut off poor Richard Walsh’s mutilated body, they were strewn, piece for piece, from the station, two hundred yards, along the tracks. I am not aware of the responsible parties; but there is an indignant lot of people here who will soon find out the persons that gave the order to “go ahead,” and would not take time to land the poor fellow’s clothes. The harrowing part of it was that his dear wife and sister were there to witness this heart-rending scene, with fragments of his flesh adhering to the clothes, and his brother was
In the name of all that is sacred is this the way to treat poor people after a dear friend belonging to them has died, through the neglect of some person or persons? The very thought of it would make any one with a human heart shudder. I would suggest to Mr Reid, through the columns of your paper, that the sooner things are differently managed the better, for as sure as I am writing this, the responsible parties will be rewarded for this insult to humanity. We may be law-abiding people, but when such disrespect is shown to our dear dead friend, who lost his life through their neglect, they will find to their sorrow that there are in Holyrood men who will resent it. Yes, Mr Editor, and a mournful lot of people are crying out and demanding an investigation into this sad affair. Let us know who is in the fault. We appeal to your valuable columns to say this before the public, and we trust it will give your numerous readers a brief idea of how we are treated. Thanking you for space, I remain, Mr Editor, yours truly, W.
Holyrood, Jan 28 1901.

in the same edition of the paper

Constable Loughlin, of Holyrood, brought in Section Foreman Barrett, of Holyrood, a prisoner, by today’s train. He was employed on the line ear St Patrick’s Marsh, the scene of the accident, and it is said that a charge of a serious nature will be laid against him in the case of the death of Richard Walsh.

Note: I searched the newspaper (Evening Telegram) for a number of weeks past the date of Feb 1 1901 and there was no other mention of the death of Richard Walsh or of the arrest of Section Foreman Barrett. I might also add that I found no information regarding Fireman Dunphy; not even his first name.

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