Walsh, Richard & Margaret Furey m. Oct 1827

The Walsh Marriage Index at RootsWeb has a page of marriages and baptisms for WALSHs taken from the Harbour Grace RC records. There is a listing for a RICHARD WALSH and MARGARET FUREY, married on Oct 16 1827, item number 64.

Judy Barker also has a copy of the marriage record information on her website, as well as two baptisms for the couple.
Richard WALSH & Margaret FUREY married October 16, 1827
Witnesses: Michael ROURK and Anne LEWIS

1. July 17, 1829 – James WALSH – John BOWE and Mary RYAN
2. April 22, 1832 – Thomas WALSH – Joseph PENNY and Elinor MYERS
3. 1838-1841 – Richard (died Everett, Mass. Mar 14 1914 – as per Death Registration; married to Anne Devine)
4. – ?? John
[Note: I’ve added #’s 3 & 4.]



I’ve often wondered who the RICHARD WALSH was that married ANNE DEVINE. There is a long list of baptisms for this couple in the Harbour Main records at Sts Peter and Paul Parish and there are two records from Holy Cross Parish in Holyrood – these cover a period of 24 years for a total of 12 baptisms.

I found their marriage record on the Grand Banks site, they were married at the RC Basilica in St John’s.[[1]]
Walsh Richard, Harbour Maine Devine Anne, Ferryland Nov 26, 1859
Witnesses: James McDonnell Mary Clancy

Grand Banks – Sts Peter and Paul, Harbour Main
[Note: Holyrood listed as residence, except for Michael John 1879, which was blank. I’ve filled in supplemental info.]

  1. Margaret – 27 Sep 1861 – #95 – William Walsh
    – Richard Walsh Margaret Wall
  2. *Julian (mother Ann DWIRE) 7 Nov 1862 – #121 – Kyran Walsh
    – Patrick Hickey Mary Crowly
  3. Richard – 17 Jul 1864 – #51 – Kyran Walsh – James Joy Mary Wall
  4. Thomas – 8 Jul 1866 – #36 – Kyran Walsh – Aaron Lewis Elisa Lewis
    __ DEATH _ Thomas died at Holyrood 4 Oct 1887 – 21yrs
    Colonist Newspaper; THynes [[2]]
  5. William – 10 Jul 1868 – #44 – Patrick O’Donnell – Patrick Cody Martha Walsh
  6. John – 8 Jul 1870 – #53 – Patrick O’Donnell – James Walsh Margaret Walsh
  7. Peter – 30 Jun 1872 – #76 – Jeremiah O’Donnell – Michael Joy Elizabeth Lewis
  8. James Joseph – 14 Jun 1874 – #68 – Jeremiah O’Donnell
    – James Wall Margaret Lewis
    __ RC PRIEST _ James Joseph Source: Joe Byrne email Mar 18 2008
  9. Patrick – 19 Nov 1876 – #205 – Joseph V. Donnelly – Michael Walsh Mary Walsh
    __ MARRIAGE _ Patrick L to Ella Peddee/Peddle (5 Milo St) Everett, MA, USA
    19 Apr 1900 [[3]]
  10. *Michael John – 7 Sep 1879 – #112 – Joseph V. Donnelly
    – Michael Brick Anne Mullowney sub. Cond.
  11. Maud Anne – 10 Feb 1884 – #5 – G.J. Battcock – Philip Oneil Anne Oneil
    Holy Cross THynes
    __ DEATH _ Maude A died at Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA 25 Feb 1891 7yrs Pneumonia [[4]]
  12. Leo John – 1 Jul 1885 – #20 – G.J. Battcock – George Veitch Margaret Butler
    Holy Cross THynes
    __ DEATH _ Leo John died at Boston, Suffolk, MA, USA 23 Feb 1891 5yrs Bronchitis [[5]]

Except where noted, the following records are from Mike Power which he sent me about 1999.
WALSH Richard and Ann Devine
Margaret B: Sep 1861
* Felicia B: Nov 11 1862
Richard B: Jul 17 1864
Thomas B: Jul 8 1866
William B: Jun 10 1868 (HR)
John B: Jul 8 1870 (HR)
Peter B: Jun 30 1872 (HR)
James J B: Jun 14 1874
Patrick B: Nov 19 1876
/ Maud B: 1884 (Holyrood record – Wm Dawson)
/ Leo B: 1895 (Holyrood record – Wm Dawson)

I’m pretty sure that Richard Walsh and Anne Devine are the couple who were living at #7 Milo Street in Everett, Massachusetts when the 1900 US census was taken. At that time their youngest son, 21 year old Michael J (Sep 1879), and an adopted son, 14 year old William Hughes, were living with them. (They had been living in Boston in 1891 when their two youngest children Maud [[4]] and Leo [[5]] died.)

Patrick Walsh’s Marriage Register information dated April 19 1900, to Ella Peddee [??Peddle] [[3]], has as his parents Richard Walsh and Annie Devine, his street address is shown as #5 Milo Street. [The census image has a James Evans and his family living at #5.] Ella’s name is shown as Peddel [[3a]] on the Birth Regristration for their son Edward Francis Walsh born Sep 2 1902.

1900 Massachusetts census info for #7 Milo Street in Everett, Middlesex County.[[6]] 
[158th house in census list, 205th family]  (enumerated on June 7th 1900)
Household 	Gender 	Age 	Birthplace
head 	Richard Walsh 		M 62 Newfoundland,[Feb 1838] Occupation: CARPENTER
wife 	Annie Walsh 		F 60 Newfoundland [Dec 1840] (Mother of 12, 8 living)
son 	Michael J Walsh 	M 21 Newfoundland [Sep 1879]
adopted son 	William Hughes 	M 14 Newfoundland [Mar 1886]	** ??
Note: Richard and Annie had emigrated in 1889, and in 1900 had been
 married for 41 years (1859).

Also living at #7 Milo Street [158th house, 206th family] were JAMES KIRBY and his
	Household 	Gender 	Age 	Birthplace
head 	James Kirby 	M 41 	Newfoundland (Sep 1859) (Engineer)
wife 	Cecilia Kirby 	F 38 	Newfoundland (Nov 1862) Mother of 5, 3 living.
son 	Richard J Kirby M 8 	Massachusetts
son 	John M Kirby 	M 7 	Massachusetts
son 	James A Kirby 	M 3 	Massachusetts
brother John Kirby 	M 30 	Newfoundland (Jan 1870)
boarder Patrick Cryne 	M 38 	Ireland
servant Annie O Dwyer 	F 23 	Newfoundland (Nov 1877)
Note: Both James Kirby and Cecilia emigrated in 1887, and in 1900 had been married
 12 years, and were listed as having married in 1888. I haven't been able to find 
 their marriage record online.

I suspect that Cecilia Kirby was a dau of Richard Walsh and Ann Devine [ie: Felicia Nov 11 1862 Source: Mike Power; or Julian Nov 7 1862 (mother Anne Dwyer) Source: GrandBanks] Her maiden name was listed as Walsh (from Newfoundland) in the Birth Registration of her son Lawrence William Kirby in 1904. [[7]] At that time they were living at 11 Courtland St, Everett, Massachusetts.

I haven’t been able to find RICHARD and ANNE DEVINE WALSH in the 1910 Massachusetts Census but JAMES & CECILIA KIRBY were listed. Unfortunately familysearch.org doesn’t have the census image, so I checked at the Internet Archive which has the entire 1910 US Census. It took a few days of browsing the census pages for Middlesex County, but I finally found sheet #19B for Everett City – Ward 1. James and Cecelia Kirby were living at 97 Broadway Street. Some other info that was on the Census [Internet Archive] but not on the record at familysearch.org is listed below in []’s.

1910 US Census - Everett, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
James Kirby 1910 Massachusetts Census
birthplace: Canada [correct as per census]
relationship to head of household: Self
residence: Everett Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts [Enumeration District #802]
[street address: 97 BROADWAY STREET - appears to be a single family dwelling,
 # above is 101, below 95]
marital status: Married [# of years married 20; ditto for Cecelia]
race : White
gender: Male
immigration year: 1889
father's birthplace: Canada [correct as per census]
mother's birthplace: Canada [ ditto]
family number: 344
page number: 19 [B]
Collection: James Kirby, "United States Census, 1910"
Household 		Gender 	Age 	Birthplace
self 	James Kirby 	M 	40y Canada [Engineer, Power House]
wife 	Cecelia Kirby 	F 	44y Canada [mother of 6, 6 living]
son 	Richard Kirby 	M 	18y Massachusetts [laborer, Chemical Works]
son 	John Kirby 	M 	16y Massachusetts [Errand boy, Jewelery]
son 	James Kirby 	M 	13y Massachusetts
son 	Frank Kirby 	M 	9y Massachusetts
son 	Lawrence W Kirby M 	6y Massachusetts**
dau 	Lucy A Kirby 	F 	2y Massachusetts 
Note: 1910 Massachusetts Census online at the Internet Archives
 Everett City, Ward 1, Middlesex County 
 in the online viewer see pg 549 of 1006 [image page 19B]
 I have a copy of the image sheet.

See Sts Peter and Paul baptisms for Kirby.[[8]]

The Death Registration [[9]] sheet for RICHARD WALSH is interesting in a number of ways. First of all – the informant was MRS. J KIRBY, 97 BROADWAY, EVERETT, MASSACHUSETTS, which was the same address of the deceased. His Occupation was listed as CARPENTER. He was listed as 73 yrs old – (b 1841). [Cause of Death: Sarcoma of tongue and neck; Contributory: Arterio-sclerosios] He died on Mar 14 1914 and was buried at Holycross Cemetery at Malden, on March 16th.
** Richard Walsh’s parents were listed as: RICHARD WALSH, Newfoundland and MARGARET FUREY, Newfoundland. **
He was listed as Married, but I haven’t been able to find anything on Annie [Devine].

Please note: Except for Richard (Ann Devine) these others are possibilities only.

1. JAMES WALSH July 17, 1829 son of RICHARD WALSH and MARGARET FUREY – Sponsors: John BOWE and Mary RYAN

The following JAMES WALSH is a good candidate for the son of Richard Walsh and Margaret Furey. His headstone is in the South Side Cemetery in Holyrood.

“In loving memory of James WALSH born 1828 – died 1881
his wife Bridget Kirby born 1831 – died 1881.”
On other side of the stone
“In loving memory of Albert J. Carroll died at Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Oct. 27th 1946, buried at Holyrood, aged 48 years. Erected by his brother.”
#208 White marble headstone [….THynes]

This James Walsh’s daughter Mary Ann married James Carroll. They built a house on or very near the old Walsh Fishing Room or Plantation listed in the 1805 Plantation Book. Their headstone is also in the South Side Cemetery at Holyrood.

“In loving memory of our dear father James Carroll, died Aug. 30th, 1917, aged 58 years.
Also our dear mother Mary Ann Carroll died March 12, 1927 aged 63 years
#361 White marble headstone […THynes]

JAMES WALSH 1828 – died 1881, approx 53 years and BRIDGET KIRBY 1831 – died 1881, approx 50 years.
All baptisms were performed at Sts Peter and Paul RC Church, Harbour Main, and Holyrood was listed as residence for all.

  1. Michael – 1859 Nov 27 #122 (mother ANN Kerwick) – Kyran Walsh
    – John Walsh Elisa Wall
  2. Richard John – 1861 Jul 2 #47 (mother Bridget Kirby) – Wm Walsh
    – John Walsh Margaret Kirby
  3. Elisa – 1863 Aug 23 #73 (mother Bridget Keswick) – Kyran Walsh
    – Michael Walsh Mary Joy
  4. Mary Ann – 1865 Aug 28 #76 (mother Bridget Kerrivan) – Kyran Walsh
    – Daniel Keefe Margaret Flannigan
  5. Bridget Frances – 1867 Oct 27 #112 (mother Bridget Kerwan) – Kyran Walsh
    – Thomas McGrath Mary Walsh
  6. Margaret Joseph – 1870 Sep 3 #90 (mother Bridget Kerwick) – Patrick O’Donnell
    – John Brick Anne Walsh
  7. Elizabeth Theresa – 1873 Feb 16 #9 (mother Bridget Kirby) – Jeremiah O’Donnell
    – Michael Walsh Elizabeth Veitch

2. THOMAS WALSH April 22, 1832 – Sponsors: Joseph PENNY and Elinor MYERS

3. RICHARD WALSH Feb 1838 (as per 1900 Massachusetts census [[6]]) 1841 (as per death registration [[9]]) and Anne Devine

4. JOHN WALSH – A headstone at Kennedy’s Lane has the following info.

Erected by John WALSH in memory of his father Richard WALSH
who departed this life Dec 26 1869, 65 yrs. Also his wife
Margaret who departed this life Jan 31 1889, 80 yrs.
[Richard b: circa 1804 and Margaret b circa 1809]

The dates are about correct for this couple to be Richard Walsh and Margaret Furey. This could be the John Walsh (of Richard) who is listed on the North Side Road on the cadastral map (#0207) beside Cornelius Kennedy (whose western boundary is shared by the Walsh Estate).

See John? in my My Theoretical Walsh Tree If this John is actually the son of Richard Walsh and Margaret Furey then I don’t believe that he belongs in my Theoretical Tree. Please use the Back button to return to this page.



Richard Walsh and Ann Devine

1887 Oct 10 – Colonist (….Tom Hynes)
Thomas WALSH, beloved son of Richard and Ann WALSH, died at Holyrood Oct 4th, aged 21 yrs.

Familysearch Marriage Record for Patrick Walsh and Ella Peddee (sic)
[has link to Marriage Register image]
name: Patrick L. Walsh event: Marriage
[residence address: 5 Milo St, Everett, Massachusetts]
event date: 19 Apr 1900
event place: Everett, Massachusetts
gender: Male
age: 24
birthplace: Newfoundland
estimated birth year: 1876
father: Richard mother: Annie Devine
spouse: Ella Peddee [age: 24]
[residence address: 15 Liberty St, Everett]
birthplace: Newfoundland
spouse’s father: James spouse’s mother: Ellen Dinn
record number: 204
film number: 1843723
digital folder number: 4332423
image number: 00371
number of images:
Collection: Patrick L. Walsh, “Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915”
[Note:my image WalshPatMarr1900.jpg in WalshImages]

Familysearch Baptism Record for Edward Francis Walsh
Patrick L. Walsh in entry for Edward Francis Walsh, “Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915”
View image
Name: Edward Francis Walsh
Event Type: Birth
Event Date: 02 Sep 1902
Event Place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Address: 680 Saratoga St, Boston, MA
Race: White
Father’s Name: Patrick L. Walsh [Fireman] Father’s Birthplace: Newfoundland
Mother’s Name: Ella Peddel Mother’s Birthplace: Newfoundland
Reference ID: v 523 p 351
GS Film number: 2057389 Digital Folder Number: 4212540
Image Number: 708

“Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915,” index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/FX4Y-DQB : accessed 10 Mar 2013), Patrick L. Walsh in entry for Edward Francis Walsh, 1902.

Familysearch Death Record for Maude A Walsh
[has link to death registration image]
event: Death event date: 25 Feb 1891
event place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
street address: 47 Whitney St.
gender: Female age: 7 marital status: Single
birthplace: New Foundland
estimated birth year: 1884
father: RICHARD father’s birthplace: New Foundland
mother: ANN DEVINE mother’s birthplace: New Foundland
volume/page/certificate number: v 420 p 67
film number: 961505 frame number:
digital folder number: 4224897 image number: 78
Collection: Maude A. Walsh, “Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915”

Familysearch Death Record for Leo J Walsh
[has link to death registration image]
name: LEO J. WALSH
event: Death event date: 23 Feb 1891
event place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
street address: 47 Whitney St.
gender: Male age: 5 marital status: Single
birthplace: New Foundland
estimated birth year: 1886
father: RICHARD father’s birthplace: New Foundland
mother: ANN DEVINE mother’s birthplace: New Foundland
volume/page/certificate number: v 420 p 64
film number: 961505 frame number:
digital folder number: 4224897 image number: 75
Collection: Leo J. Walsh, “Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915”
Citing this Record
“Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915,” index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/N7T9-59G : accessed 23 Apr 2013), Leo J. Walsh, 1891.

Familysearch Richard Walsh 1900 Massachusetts Census
[has link to image of census sheet]
event: Census 1900
event place: ED 742 Everett city Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
birth date: Feb 1838
birthplace: Newfoundland
relationship to head of household: Head
father’s birthplace: Newfoundland mother’s birthplace: Newfoundland
race or color (standardized): White gender: Male
marital status: Married years married: 41
estimated marriage year: 1859
immigration year: 1889
page: 10 sheet letter: A family number: 205 reference number: 26
film number: 1240658 digital folder number: 004113843 image number: 00290
Collection: Richard Walsh, “United States Census, 1900”

Familysearch Birth Record for Lawrence William Kirby
event: Birth event date: 16 Aug 1904
event place: CAPE BRETON, Massachusetts [note place of birth]
father: JAMES KIRBY father’s birthplace: Newfoundland
address: 11 Courtland St, Everett, Massachusetts
father’s occupation: Engineer
mother: CECILIA WALSH mother’s birthplace: Newfoundland
volume/page/certificate number: v 543 p 406
film number: 2057437
digital folder number: 4341236
image number: 275
Collection: James Kirby in entry for Lawrence William Kirby, “Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915”

Sts Peter and Paul Baptisms -Harbour Main – NL Grand Banks
NL Grand Banks – Harbour Main District – RC Baptisms – Sts Peter & Paul
[Note: Holyrood was recorded as residence for all of these]
1859 #105 – James – John Kirby Bridget Curran – 23 Oct – Kyran Walsh Bartholemew Brien Rachel Curren
1860 #102 – Edward Thomas – John Kerwick Bridget Curran, 1 Nov – Kyran Walsh Thomas Hickey Mary Kiely
1862 #52 – William – John Kirby Bridget Cullen, – 6 Jul – Kyran Walsh John MacKey Margaret Nugent
1865 #11 – Mary Ann Frances – John Kerwick Bridget Curren, 26 Feb – Kyran Walsh William Hicks Elisa Hickey
1867 #55 – Michael – John Kerwick Bridget Curren, – 14 Jul – Kyran Walsh – Patrick Hickey Mary Lewis
1870 #78 – John Lawrence – John Kerwick Bridget Curran, 14 Aug – Patrick O’Donnell William Doyle Elizabeth Lewis
1872 #180 – Elizabeth Mary – John Kirby Bridget Curran, 8 Nov – Patrick O’Donnell Joseph Cole Eliza Cole
1875 #107 – Bernard – John Kerwick Bridget Curran, 8 Sep – Jeremiah O’Donnell John Brick Sophia Butler
1878 #162 – Maria – John Kerwick Bridget Curran, – 8 Oct – Joseph V. Donnelly Bartholomew Brien Sophia Curran

1876 #91 – Cecilia – John Kirby Mary Targot,  24 Aug – Joseph V. Donnelly Patrick Targot Bridget Kirby
1879 #121 – Bridget Christina – John Kerwick Mary Targate, 21 Sep – Patrick O’Donnell Michael Kennedy Eliza Lewis
1881 #65 – Richard – John Kerby Mary Targate 10 Jul – Patrick O’Donnell John O’Neill Mary Bennett

Familysearch Death Record for Richard Walsh
[has link to death registration image]
name: RICHARD WALSH event: Death event date: 14 Mar 1914
Residence: 97 Broadway event place: Everett,,Massachusetts
[age: 73]
marital status: Married
[occupation: Carpenter]
[informant: Mrs J Kirby, 97 Broadway]
volume/page/certificate number: 135 film number: 2404112
digital folder number: 4284192 image number: 00734
Collection: Margaret Furey in entry for Richard Walsh, “Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915”

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