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b Ireland Co Waterford 1740/50s died circa 1780 m unknown date unknown
Oral history says they planned to go to American colonies. Mr SHEA died before the journey. Mrs SHEA made the voyage with 5 children giving birth to a 6th child on board the ship. The vessel was caught in a storm at sea and landed in Newfoundland. Four SHEA sons: lived in St John’s, Pouch Cove and other unknown destinations on the island.

B1. John SHEA b 1770s d 1814 of Trinity Parish Waterford Ireland m. Eleanor WALSH, St John’s in 1793.
C1. Mary SHEA b. Jun 26,1803.
C2. Patrick SHEA b. Feb 14, 1808 probably m. Honora HEANLEY May 15,1834. see also C5. Patrick Shea son of B2. Joseph SHEA and Rosanna GRISHEY.
D1. Ellen SHEA Apr 4,1835
D2. William SHEA June 17,1837
D3. Patrick SHEA Mar 24,1839
D4. Mary Joseph SHEA April 3,1842
D5. John SHEA Jul 3,1844
D6. Martin SHEA Jun 25,1847
C3. Martin SHEA b Nov 16,1809 probably m. Mary WILLIAMS.
D1. Mary Ann SHEA, Apr 22,1836
D2. Eliza SHEA Oct 23,1836
C4. John SHEA b May 26,1811.

Eleanor WALSH SHEA widow of JOHN SHEA,
married THOS STAFFORD of Tintern Wxfd, in St John’s May 23 1815
Simon Stafford 1816 June 10
Mary Stafford 1819 Aug 18

B2. Joseph SHEA b 1770s d aft 1822 m. Rosanna GRISHEY of Broad Cove, St John’s in 1803.
C1. John SHEA b. Dec 4,1803 m. Ellen TRACEY in Nov 1830.
D1. Anne SHEA Jun 30,1832
D2. William SHEA Nov 24,1833
– 1st married Eiza MANNING on Nov 19,1857
– 2nd married Alice CULLEN (1836-1912) in 186?
E1. John SHEA (b. circa 1857) married Mary GILLESPIE.
E2. Mary SHEA
E3. William SHEA b. 1859 married Johanna MARTIN.
E4. Thomas SHEA.
E5. James SHEA b. 1864.
m. 1st Johanna KELLY.
m. 1st Catherine MacNAMARA.
E6. Frances SHEA
E7. Michael Francis SHEA b. 1874 married Jane UNKNOWN.
E8. Pat SHEA
E9. Ambrose SHEA, moved to San Francisco.
E10. ?George SHEA, Green Isle, St. Barbe.
D3. John Joseph SHEA 1837-1911 m 1864 Ann Marie GRACE.
D4. Rosannah SHEA Feb 5,1840
D5. James SHEA May 22, 1842
D6. Mary Ann SHEA Sep 3,1846
D7. Patrick SHEA May 29,1849
D8. Margaret SHEA 1850 – 1872
D9. Rosannah SHEA 1852 – 1932
D10. Edward SHEA 1854 – 1883 m Ann FURLONG
E1. John SHEA 1875-1937 m. Alice CONSTANTINE in 1905
E2. Honorah SHEA 1876 m. Henry Thomas SULLIVAN 1869-?
E3. Patrick SHEA 1878-1889 died as a child aged 10.

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C2. William SHEA b. Aug 23,1805 possibly m. bef 1828 to Ann NOLAN.
D1. John SHEA Oct 19,1828
D2. David SHEA Dec 5,1830
D3. William SHEA Oct 13,1833
D4. Joseph SHEA Oct 19,1835
C3. Eleanor SHEA 1807 poss m John SPERA 1826.
D1. Elizabeth SPERA 1827
D2. Sarah SPERA 1829
C4. David SHEA b. Dec 11 1808; no further records.
C5. Patrick SHEA 1810 possibly m 1834 Honora HEANLEY.
(see records above for C2. Patrick son of B1. John SHEA & Eleanor WALSH).
C6. Mary SHEA b. 1812 possibly m. Nathaniel NOFTAL about 1831/5.
D1. Rosannah Noftal 1837.
— m1st 1858 Robert BRIGGS/BIGGS d 1869.
— m2nd 1871 Edgar JANES/JONES, Blackhead Methodist
C7. James SHEA b. Mar 6, 1814.
C8. Elizabeth SHEA b. Jul 2,1815; no further records.
B2. Joesph SHEA 2nd marriage to Eliza COX/SQUIRES (widow) on Mar 12,1817.
C9. Margaret SHEA b. Mar 11,1817.
C10. James SHEA b. Aug 12,1819 m. Mary BUCK before Dec 1837.
C11. Honorah SHEA b. Sep 10,1822; no other records.

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B3. James SHEA b 1770s
B4. unknown son
B5. unknown daughter
B6. unknown daughter

B1. John SHEA
b 1770s d 1814 of Trinity Parish Waterford Ireland, m 1793 Eleanor Walsh St John’s NL on Nov 5,1793 John SHEA (Quidi Vidi) & Eleanor WALSH (St.John’s)
Witness: James SHAHAN & his daughter Mary MOOR (Basilica).
Dr John Mannion tells us that the above witnesses should read –“James Shahan, his daughter and many more“, and that Quidi Vidi should read “Trinity” – a parish in Waterford, Ireland. – Is the name Shahan a variant of SHEA?

These two records are from the Basilica of St John the Baptist, St John’s [PANL]. St John’s birth records for the period 1794-1800 are missing, John and Eleanor may have had other children.

C1. Mary SHEA Jun 26,1803 (John & Eleanor Walsh Shea) Sponsors: Wm KEARVICK & Elinor CEARY.
C2. Patk SHEA Feb 14,1808 (John & Eleanor Walsh Shea) Sponsors: John DAVIS & Mary SQUIRES. (see also C5. Patrick Shea son of B2. Joseph SHEA and Rosanna GRISHEY.)

Patrick possibly m 1834 Honora Heanley, who may be from Conception Bay North; family involved in shipping.
May 15,1834 Patrick SHEA m. Honour HEANLY : Witness: James MEANY & Honor LAWLOR. (Basilicia). This family probably lived in St John’s.

D1. Ellen SHEA Apr 4,1835 (mother Honoria HENEY); Sps: Edward SCOT & Elen FORWARD
D2. William SHEA June 17,1837 (mother Honora HANEY); Sps: William HANEY & Mary STAFORD
The sponsor Mary Stafford at this baptism may be the daughter of the widow Eleanor Walsh/SHEA and Thomas Stafford.
D3. Patrick SHEA Mar 24,1839 (mother Honora HENERY); Sps: John GALISHU & Ellen WALSH.
D4. Mary Joseph SHEA April 3,1842 (mother Honora HEANY); Sps: John LONER & Mary ROSE.
D5. John SHEA Jul 3,1844 (mother Honora HEANY); Sps: William SHEA & (——-) HASKEY
D6. Martin SHEA Jun 25,1847 (mother Jonora JAYNEY); Sps: Denis McGARTH & ———

C3. Martin SHEA b Nov 16,1809 (John & Elinor WALSH Shea) Sps: John WALSH & Mary BALIN
Martin C3 possibly became a mariner.
Martin SHEA b NL arrives in Boston in 1835 aged 25. Occupation Mariner.

In 1815 his mother Ellen remarried Thomas Stafford; in the 1860s a James Stafford was a Master Mariner in St John’s. He was married to a HENLEY from Carbonear. There is a listing in the Matthew Files stating that Joseph SHEA & Thomas Harvey purchased a ship from Henry Simms in St John’s in 1822.

Martin possibly m Mary WILLIAMS (marriage not recorded)
D1. Mary Ann SHEA Apr 22,1836 Sponsors: Michael HARVEY & Cath HARVEY.
D2. Eliza SHEA Oct 23,1836 Sponsors: Thos POOR & Margaret POOR

C4. John SHEA b May 26,1811 (John SHEA & Elinor WALSH Shea) Sps: Philip HOWLET & Elinor NORRIS

John SHEA & Eleanor WALSH SHEA are on the 1794 census of St John’s. John lived & died in St John’s.

Royal Gazette 20 October 1814:
“John SHEA of Waterford, Ireland, but late of St John’s,
Newfoundland, Royal Artillery, deceased. ALL persons
having just demands against the Estate of JOHN SHEA of
Waterford, Ireland, but late of St John’s Royal Artillery
deceased, are hereby requested to present them to the
Subscribers, duly attested; and all persons indebted to
the said Estate are desired to make immediate payment
St John’s 27th October, 1814.”

This obit directly links John SHEA to Joseph SHEA. John’s widow Eleanor, remarried soon after his death, to THOMAS STAFFORD. Thomas acted as a sponsor to one of Joseph’s daughters named Mary, born in 1812 (below).

May 23 1815 THOS STAFFORD of Tintern Wxfd m ELEANOR SHEA alias WALSH of St John’s
Wits Thos Magrath & Eliza Fennesy or Kennedy ( most prob Fennesy)

1816 June 10 Simon Stafford s/o Thos Stafford & Ellen Walsh; Sps: Patk Stafford & Ann McGrath
1819 Aug 18 Mary Stafford d/o Thos Stafford & Ellen Walsh; Sps: Thos Whitty & Eleanor Moriaty?Monarty
Collected in the Rooms Archive in St John’s May 2009.

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B2. Joseph SHEA b 1770s d aft 1822 “of St John’s” m 1803 Rosanna GRISHEY of Broad Cove (1775/80-1816) St John’s, however this family definitely lived in Pouch Cove.

Dec 5,1803 Joseph SHEA (St John’s) m Rosanna GRISHEY (Broad Cove)
Witness: David GRISHEY & Patrick WALSH
David Grishey is possibly related to the Grisheys of Pouch Cove.
Joseph and Rosanna lived in Pouch Cove.

C1. John SHEA Dec 4,1803 (Joseph & Susana (Grissle) Grishey) Shea) Sponsors: John CAHILL & Elinor SHEA
I believe this baptism record is for the John SHEA buried in Pouch Cove 1802-1856. This child was baptized the day before his parents wedding, suggesting Rosanna Grishey converted to the RC faith the day before her marriage to Joseph. His tombstone indicates he was actually born in 1802. The sponsor Elinor SHEA is probably the wife of John, Joseph’s brother in St John’s.

Nov 1830 John SHEA (St John’s) m. Elinor TRACY (St John’s)
Witness: Pat SHEA & Elizabeth HARTRY

St Agnes RC Cemetery, Pouch Cove
IHS In memory of JOHN SHEA, the beloved husband of HELEN SHEA, who died March 1, 1856, Aged 54 years
Should read ELLEN (Brad SHEA photographed stone).
Also of ELLEN SHEA who died Feb 10th, 1874, Aged 62 years
Buried with son William b 1833 & a Margaret.
This is Ellen Tracy w/o John. (Photographed by Brad SHEA.)

D1. Anne SHEA Jun 30,1832 (mother Eleanor TRACEY); Sps: Edmund CUDDIHY & Catherine KURSEY
D2. William SHEA Nov 24,1833 (mother Elin TREASY); Sps: Edward TREASY & Ann LAMP

William SHEA 1st married Eiza MANNING on Nov 19,1857
—Witness: Thos MANNING & Cath MANNING.
William SHEA 2nd married Alice Cullen (1836-1912) in 186?
—(marriage not recorded).

St Agnes RC Cemetery, Pouch Cove
In memory of WILLIAM SHEA who died April 6th 1858, Aged 59 yrs & 7 mon’s.
This is a typo; should read 1893 this is William bap 1833 s/o John & Ellen Tracy. Brad SHEA photographed this stone and supplied corrections.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Erected in memory of our beloved mother ALICE SHEA who departed this life Aug 24th, 1912, Aged 76 years.
Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord. May her soul rest in peace. Only part of remaining inscription is visible and transcribed as follows: Oh gone to thy merciful Savious …….Oh gone from this bleak……. May the angels of heaven their……To guide you to Jesus……
1st wife Eliza Manning is buried with her parents in Torbay; however this is unconfirmed.

Unsure of which woman is mother to which children. William is buried with his mother Ellen Tracey and a Margaret (1850-1872).

I have no records of exactly who their children were: buried in St Agnes are William b 1859, James b 1864, Michael Francis b 1874. Brad SHEA has told me of another son John b circa 1857 who moved to Bishops Falls. A letter written in 1987 from “Uncle Jim” states that William also fathered: Thomas (supposedly buried in PC but I cannot find a headstone), Ambrose (moved to San Francisco), Pat, Mary & Frances (lived in Connecticut). This makes a total of nine children.

E1. John SHEA b. 1857, m. Mary GILLESPIE before 1882; (she died in 1904) moved to Bishops Falls. (from Brad SHEA)

F1. Eliza 1882
F2. Mary 1884
F3. Ellen 1885
F4. Elizabeth 1887 d bef 1893
F5. Veronica 1889 d bef 1897
F6. Ann J 1891
F7. Elizabeth 1893
F8. William Joseph 1895
F9. Veronica 1897
F10. Bridget 1899 (m/o Sis Mary Gertrude)
F11. Gertrude 1901
F12. James Cyril 1903

E2 Mary SHEA x
E3. William SHEA 1859-1921 m. Johanna MARTIN on Apr 29,1894.
Witness: Ambrose SHEA & Mary MARTIN
Witness at the wedding is 22 year old Ambrose, son of Joseph SHEA & Eliza King from Carbonear.

The birth records for William & Johanna children have not come down to us. Using other sources we find the following:

1921 Census: [[Pouch Cove]]
SHEA, Johannah Female Head Widow 1872 Apr 49 Flat Rock
SHEA, Thomas Male Son Single 1897 May 24 Pouch Cove
SHEA, Lilian Female Daug Single 1905 Aug 16 Pouch Cove
SHEA, James Male Son Single 1910 Dec 10 Pouch Cove

F1. Thomas 1897

WWI US Civilian Draft Registrations of those born in Newfoundland.
SHEA Thomas Francis 14 May 1897 Pouch Cove, Newfoundland Shoshone ID
The S.S. STEPHANO Arriving in New York and Departing from St John’s, NFLD Mar 24, 1916.
SHEA Thomas M 19y S Newfoundland Irish Pouch Cove Newfoundland.
Son of William and Johannah.

F2. John 1898
F3. Patrick 1900-1904 diphtheria
F4. Lillian 1905
F6. James 1910
Ship Manifest for the “S.S. Silvia”: Departing from St. John’s, NFLD (via Halifax, Nova Scotia) Arriving in New York Jun 6, 1923.
SHEA Thomas M 25y S Nfld. Pouch Cove, Nfld
SHEA James M 12y S Nfld. Pouch Cove, Nfld
SHEA Lillian F 17y S Nfld. Pouch Cove, Nfld
Children of William and Johanna; going to the USA 4 months after the death of their mother.

IHS Erected by their sons in loving memory of WILLIAM SHEA, Died Sept 14, 1921, Aged 62 yrs.
Another source gives the following as the correct transcription:
SHEA William: Erected by their sons in loving memory of William SHEA , died Sept 14,1921, aged 62 years also his wife Johanna died Feb 19, 1923 aged 51 years.
Also their brother Patrick d Oct 20, 1904 aged 3 years.

also his wife JOHANNAH, Died Sept? 10, 19??, Aged 91 yrs.
(this Patk is the child who died of diphtheria noted in the newspapers in 1904) Johanna was nee Martin.

E4. Thomas SHEA* (fm Uncle Jim letter*)
E5. James SHEA 1864-1937 m. 1st c 1895 Johanna KELLEY 1872-1903.
Marriage not recorded.

In loving memory of our dear father JAMES J. SHEA, who passed away April 14th 1837, in his 73rd year. O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on his soul.
Typo – should read 1937: (b 1864 ).
Erected by James SHEA , in memory of his beloved wife JOHANNA, who died Jan 8th, 1903, Aged 31 years 5? mos.
Inscription unreadable. She was nee Kelly. Photographs of the tombstone read: “and also their child John who died in infancy” and at the bottom of the stone it reads: “leaving a husband and three children to mourn their sad loss”.

F1. Michael Joseph SHEA May 29 1896 Jun 2,1896 to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY
Sponsors: Michael KELLY & Bridget SHEA
Michael J is Russ SHEA ’s relative who emigrated to USA.

From records on Ancestry: Michael SHEA : address 526 7th St Brooklyn.
Born Pouch Cove May 29 1896 age 46. Wife: Mary SHEA .
Employer: The Foundation Co 120 Liberty St NYC
(No date on document but his age and YOB suggest it is 1942.)

F2. William SHEA Oct 10,1898 Oct 19,1898 William to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY
Sponsors: John SHEA & Bridget WALL

F3. Mary Ann SHEA Nov 13, 1900 Dec 2,1900 Mary Ann to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY
Sponsors: William EVANS & Jane BUTLER

[E5 cont] James SHEA 2nd marriage to Catherine MacNAMARA
Apr 11,1904 Witness: William SHEA & Hannah SHEA.

In loving memory of CATHERINE SHEA, wife of James J SHEA , Died April, 1958, Aged 77years.

F4. James SHEA 1905 “Uncle Jim” emigrated USA
F5. Winifred SHEA 1906 m Geo McNAMARA St John’s
F6. Elizabeth SHEA 1909 m Kraus emigrated USA
F7. Veronica SHEA 1910 m Sam Brushett

In loving memory of VERONICA SHEA, wife of SAMUEL HARNNETT, Died April 21,1952, Aged 41.

Veronica born 1910, surname should read Brushett.
F8. Augustus “Gus” SHEA 1912
F9. Patrick “Long Pat” SHEA 1913-1998 m Flo Williams 1912-1992.

E6. Frances SHEA* spinster New Haven Ct USA
Original information on Frances comes from the letter from “Uncle Jim” which says Frances died a spinster in New Haven Ct. Subsequently, I have found information to suggest Frances was actually born in 1876, and emigrated to the US in 1896. She did marry, to a man named Stanley White when she was 49 after working as a servant for several families in the Massachusetts area. Until I can confirm this evidence I shall leave Frances here, though she is out of sequence.

E7. Michael Francis SHEA 1874 -+ 1923 m ? Jane ? d 1923

SHEA, MICHAEL FRANCIS ~ Erected by John J. SHEA in memory of his father, MICHAEL FRANCIS SHEA, Died Feb ?, ????, Aged ?? Years.
Born 1874 son of William b 1833 Michael Francis died after 1923; Brad SHEA says Feb 1951.

SHEA, JANE ~ Erected by Michael SHEA in memory of his loving wife JEAN SHEA, Died Jan 21st, 1923.
Wife of Michael Francis.

F1. Alice SHEA 1909-Dec 17th, 1936, Aged 27 years.
F2. Gladys SHEA 1910-Dec 4th, 1944, Aged 34 years.
F3. Bridget SHEA 1915-Feb 14th, 1923, Aged 7 years.
F4. William SHEA 1907 – Aug 14th, 1907, Aged 6 months.
F5. John Joseph “Jack” SHEA 1913-1988 m? Lucy Agnes 1922-1959 [[headstone info says 1999.]]

E8. Pat SHEA* New Haven Ct USA
E9. Ambrose SHEA* San Francisco
E10. ?George SHEA b 1864 lived in Green Isle St Barbe
There is a George SHEA in the 1921 census of NL who has a birth place of Pouch Cove. I have not been able so far to accurately trace his parents. Though he is out of sequence here; I place him in the family of William b 1833 as no other SHEAs in my data were having children in 1864 except Joseph SHEA and Eliza King who were not in Pouch Cove in 1864. Those of Joseph’s children we can trace on the 1921 census state their place of birth as St John’s.

D3. John Joseph SHEA 1837-1911 (son of C1. John Shea and Ellen Tracey; grson of B2. Joseph Shea and Rosanna Grishey) m 1864 Ann Marie Grace.
Nov 4,1837 John Joseph to John SHEA & Ellen FRACY
Sponsors: James MOREY & Mary CONNORS

SHEA, ANNIE ~ ANNIE SHEA, Died March 21, 1924, Age 82 years Rest in peace. Nee Grace

SHEA, JOHN ~ Erected by ANNIE SHEA in memory of her beloved husband JOHN, Died Dec 21, 1911, Aged 73 years.
Inscription unreadable.

There is a record from the Gertrude Crosbie BMD CD that states a John SHEA married Anne Marie Grace of Pouch Cove in April 1864. Anne was the youngest daughter of John Grace of Pouch Cove. The fact that the marriage announcement is placed in the newspaper may indicate that Anne’s family were well to do. A story has come down to us that John and Anne donated the land in Pouch Cove for the building of the Roman Catholic Church and the burial ground which is adjacent to the SHEA property in Pouch Cove.

This gravestone inscription above makes Annie’s birth year 1842 and we can trace her in the 1921 Census of Pouch Cove living with a Mulloy family. Three Mulloys are buried in the SHEA plot in St Agnes. My understanding is that John and Ann were childless and adopted Mary who married a Mulloy.
1921 Census
MULLOY, Mary A. f head widow 1876 May 45 Torbay
MULLOY, George m son single 1901 Oct 19 Pouch Cove
MULLOY, Robert T.m son ” 1905 Jan 16 ”
SHEA, Ann f aunt widow 1842 Nov. 78 “

Below are the graves interspersed in the SHEA Plot at St Agnes:

MOLLOY, MARY A. ~ Erected by her sons, In loving memory of their mother MARY A. MOLLOY, Died June 5, 1929, Aged 52 years.

MOLLOY, JAMES ~ Also their brother JAMES, Died July 10, 1933, Aged 3 years. R.I.P. Forget you mother, we never will, We always loved you and always will.
— The transcribed dates for James age at death are probably inaccurate, his age at death should probably read 30+.

MOLLOY, JAMES ~ IHS, Faith, Hope and Charity. Erected by Catherine Poundon in memory of her beloved brother JAMES MOLLOY, Died May 22, 1910, Aged 44 years.
Inscription unreadable.

It is not clear from these records whether Anne SHEA /GRACE is the adopted mother of Mary as the census says she is an “aunt”. More research needs to be done to clarify relationships.

D4. Rosannah SHEA Feb 5,1840 Rosannah to Jno SHEA & Ellen TRACY -died before 1852
Sponsors: Jeremiah KEEFE & Margaret PARES
D5. James SHEA 1842 -?1915* no records: Uncle Jim’s letter
May 22, 1842 James to John SHEA & Elon TRACY
Sponsors: Thomas POWER & Margaret SHEA
The sponsor Margaret may be the daughter of Joseph & Eliza Squires/Cox born in 1817
D6. Mary Ann SHEA Sep 3,1846 Mary Ann to John SHEA & Ellen FRACY – no further records
Sponsors: Dan KEEFE & Ellen McNANAMARA
D7. Patrick SHEA May 29,1849 Patt to John SHEA & Elenor FRACY ? died in train crash from Halifax?
Sponsors: Thomas POWER & Eliza SHEA
Eliza could be the wife of another Joseph SHEA resident in Pouch Cove in 1849 or the unmarried Elizabeth born to Rosanna & Joseph in 1815.
D8. Margaret SHEA 1850 – 1872 no records spinster?
Evidence for Margaret comes from a tombstone in St Agnes PC. She is buried with Ellen Tracey.

SHEA, MARGARET ~ also of MARGARET SHEA who died Feb 22nd 1872, aged 22 years.
Margaret is buried with Ellen Tracy & her son William
B 1850; was she an unrecorded daughter of John SHEA & Ellen Tracy? There are no records for any other SHEAs bearing children in Pouch Cove in 1850.

D9. Rosannah SHEA 1852 – 1932 spinster “Aunt Rosie” No birth records come down to us.

St Agnes info
In memory of ROSEANNA SHEA, Died March 12th 1932, Aged 80 years.
Unrecorded child of John SHEA & Ellen Tracey probably named after the previous Rosanna b 1840 who died.

1921 Census of Pouch Cove
SHEA, Rosannah f head single 1861 May 60 ”
Census data is notoriously inaccurate. Tombstone date is usually more reliable. The data we have suggests that the child Rosanna born in 1840 did not survive childhood; and that another daughter born in 1852 was re-named Rosanna in her memory. This is a common trait in this family.

D10. Edward SHEA 1854 – 1883 No birth records. m 1876 Ann FURLONG (1852-1922)

SHEA, EDWARD ~ In memory of EDWARD SHEA, 1854 – 1883. Rest in peace.
(Final Son of John S & Ellen Tracey.)

SHEA, ANNE ~ In memory of ANNE SHEA, 1852 – 1922.
Beloved wife of Edward SHEA. Rest in peace. Nee Furlong

Oct 31,1874 Edward SHEA m Anne FURLONG
Witness: Michl BOLLGER & Rose Ann SHEA
The witness Rose Ann is Rosanna b 1852, she is Edward’s older sister.

E1. John SHEA 1875-1937 m. Alice CONSTANTINE in 1905.
Jul 18,1875 John to Edward SHEA & Ann FURLONG
Sponsors: John GRACE & Mary GRACE (alias McGUIRE)
The sponsors John & Mary GRACE may be from the family of Annie Grace who married John SHEA b1837.

Nov 30,1905 John SHEA m Alice CONSTANTINE
Witness: Michael SHEA & Bridget JORDAN

SHEA, JOHN — In loving memory of JOHN, 1875 – 1937.

SHEA, ALICE — ALICE,1887 – 1945
d/o Stephen Constantine & Ellen Jordan.

F1. Vincent SHEA 1905 (unviable infant)
F2. Rosannah SHEA 1905/6 (unviable infant)
F3. Vincent SHEA 1906/7 (unviable infant)

St Agnes information:
Requiescant in pace.

F4. Edward “Ned” Francis SHEA b ca. Jul. 1907 PC d 1992
Lest we forget.

F5. Mary Ellen SHEA b ca. Dec. 1908 PC d 11 Jan. 2000 PC (NP The Telegram, St. John’s, NL – died at her home in PC; 91 yrs. old; sister-in-law Lillian SHEA, PC; special niece Rose Marie MEEHAN (Gerry), PC m … Lawrence NORRIS b … d pre 2000.
MARY ELLEN, Dec 10, 1908 – Jan 11, 2000
She lives with us in memory and will for evermore.

F6. Nora SHEA 1910-1924 (headstone info).

F7. Patrick SHEA 1915-1996 m Lillian 1914-2001.

— SHEA, PATRICK M., April 4, 1915 – May 5, 1996
Pat is the man who passed on so much of the family history.
— SHEA, LILLIAN M., Aug 28, 1914 – July 28, 2001
Holy Mary, pray for us.

F9. Margaret m John Schlosser No issue
F10. Nora m Bernard Barrett (living) No issue
F11. Veronica m John Murphy
F12. Loretta m John Finn
F13. Ann m Steve Barrett
F14. Rosemarie m Jim Murray
F15. Leo 1931-197x
Sacred to the memory of REV. FR. LEO G. SHEA, RR, Born November 6th, 1931, Ordained June 15th 1957, Died May 18th 19??
Rest in peace.

E2. Honorah SHEA 1876 m. Henry Thomas SULLIVAN 1869-?

Dec 19,1876 Honora to Edward SHEA & Anne FURLONG
Sponsors: Jas EVANS & Ellen SHEA

In loving memory of ANORAH SULLIVAN, Born November 1877, Died July 1965
Ever remembered. Nee SHEA , d/o Edward SHEA & Anne Furlong; married Henry T Sullivan (Protestant) hence she is buried here. They had 10 children.

F1. Mary Sullivan1896
F2. Charles Sullivan1899 m Elsie Pippy
F3. Ella Sullivan 1902
F4. Raymond Sullivan 1904
F5. Minnie Sullivan 1906
F6. Alice Sullivan 1909
F7. Nora Sullivan 1911
F8. Rennie Sullivan 1916
F9. Harold Sullivan m Helen
F10. Veronica Sullivan 1922

E3. Patrick SHEA 1878-1889 died as a child aged 10
May 6,1878 Patrick to Edward SHEA & Anne FURLONG
Sponsors: James PHELAN & Johannah KEEFE

St Agnes: Cannot find a burial for Patrick.
On Crosbie BMD CD I found that Patrick died on Wed 9th Oct 1889 aged 10.
The death notice named his parents as Edward and Anne and it appeared in the Times and General Commercial Gazette on Saturday 12 October 1889.

C2. William SHEA Aug 23,1805 (Joseph & Rosanna Grishy Shea) Sponsors: James MEGHER & Catherine MOLLONEY m bef 1828 possibly to Ann NOLAN but marriage not recorded.

D1. John SHEA Oct 19,1828 John to Willm SHEA & Ann NOLAN (Bolan).
Sponsors: Edwd BOLAN & Mary MURPHY
D2. David SHEA Dec 5,1830 David to William SHEA & Ann BOLAN
Sponsors: Patrick SHEA & Bridget BOLAN
The Patrick SHEA cited as sponsor at the baptism may be William’s brother Patrick born in 1810.
D3. William SHEA Oct 13,1833 William to William SHEA & Ann BOLAN
Sponsors: John POWER & Anne BROWNE
D4. Joseph SHEA Oct 19,1835 Joseph to William SHEA & Anne BOLAN
Sponsors: William SHEA & Anne REDDY

I believe William who married Ann NOLAN is the son of Joseph SHEA and Rosanna GRISHEY. I believe this because of the inclusion of the name David in their children. David SHEA is an unusual name. This family emigrated to the USA. The widow Ann BOLAN is found in the census of Boston in 1880 living with her son David, as is a brother John; Joseph is found in a later census at the same address.

C3. Eleanor SHEA 1807 (Joseph & Rosanna Grishey Shea) poss m John SPERA 1826
Avalon South Region – St. John’s District Anglican Cathedral of St John the Baptist Marriages 1816 – 1834
Oct 21 1826 St. John’s John SPARER?, bach, Pouch Cove Eleanor SHEA, spin, Pouch Cove
Witnesses Mary Sullivan, Isaac Kirby

D1. Elizabeth SPERA 1827
Vital Statistics Vol 26B (Part 6) 1826-1829 Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist 1796 – 1848
Elizabeth SPARER? Born to John & Ellen
b Oct 17 1827 bap Oct 26 1828 Pouch Cove .
D2. Sarah SPERA 1829 m William RYAN/REINES

E1. Elizabeth Ryan/Reines b1855 m 1876 to Phillip GROUCHY b(1846).

C4. David SHEA Dec 11,1808 (Joseph & Rosanna Grishey Shea) Sponsors: John WALSH & Catherine GALETY

C5. Patrick SHEA May 6,1810 (Joseph & Rosana GREASHEY Shea) m 1834. Sponsors: Eleanor LYNES & Michl COMMERFORD
possib m 1834 Honora Heanley (for details see duplicate records above for C2. Patrick Shea s/o John & Ellen Walsh)

D1. Ellen SHEA 1835
D2. John SHEA 1837
D3. Patrick SHEA 1839
D4. Mary Joseph SHEA 1842
D5. John SHEA 1844
D6. Martin SHEA 1847

C6. Mary SHEA b 1812 (Joseph & Rosanna Grishey Shea) possibly m 1831/5 Nathaniel NOFTAL of Broad Cove/Channel Islands. Marriage took place in Biscayne Cove

D1. Rosannah NOFTAL 1837 m1st 1858 Robert BRIGGS d 1869.

E1. Jessie Louise BIGGS m Arthur Wlm WOODWORTH.
He was from Canning Kings NS they were married in Framington Maryland.

F1 Harry George Woodworth
G1 Harry George Woodworth
— H1 Harry George Woodworth
— — (H1 = fellow genealogist of the SHEA line)

D1. Rosanna NOFTAL m2nd 1871 Edgar JANES/JONES Blackhead Methodist
May have emigrated to USA. no information on children
D4. Albert Joseph NOFTAL 1847

C7. James SHEA Mar 6,1814 (Joseph & Rose GRESHU Shea) Sponsors: Mary —–
I believe this child did not survive to adult life; I believe his father remarried in 1817 and Joseph and his new wife Elizabeth Cox/Squires had a son in 1819 and named him James.

C8. Elizabeth SHEA Jul 2,1815 (Joseph SHEA & Rose GRESHEE Shea) Sponsors: Jerry SULLIVAN & Mary KEATING. No further records.
I believe Roseanna Grishey died soon after the birth of this child.
Death of Rosanna 1815/16.

B2. Joseph SHEA 2nd marriage Mar 12,1817 Eliza COX/SQUIRES (widow), both of Pouch Cove; Witness: Alexdr FITZGERALD

I believe this is a second marriage for both participants. According to Dr Mannion the Priest who officiated at the wedding was Fr Alexander Fitzgerald, there were no witnesses recorded. Joseph & Eliza already had a child, Margaret, baptised the day before their wedding (below). Elizabeth Cox was a Protestant woman and was previously married. The next record is dated before the marriage of Joseph & Elizabeth so we do not know her exact date of birth, she could have been born in 1816.

C9. Margaret SHEA Mar 11,1817 (Joseph & Elizabeth SQUIRES Shea, 2nd wife) Sponsors: James SHEA & Joanna RORKE
Elizabeth Squires is the widow of William Squires. Her maiden name was Cox. Brad SHEA & I believe the James who is a sponsor at this baptism is a brother to Joseph. James may have migrated up shore to Carbonear but was in St John’s for this event.

C10. James SHEA Aug 12,1819 (Joseph SHEA & Elizabeth COX Squires, 2nd wife) Sponsors: James KEHOE & Anne GREEN

Possible marriage for James:
Dec 7,1837 Johanna to James SHEA & Mary BUCK
Sponsors: Patt BUCK & Johanna KENEDY

This birth record refers to a union between James SHEA and Mary Buck, but no marriage record exists for the marriage, nor do any other records for this couple. As the baptism was recorded in St John’s it must be from the Avalon Peninsula, but the name Buck is rare if not unknown in PC.

Brad SHEA and I have been working on the theory that this baptism record is related to James who was born in 1819 and was the son of Joseph SHEA and Eliza Cox/Squires. We wonder if Mary Buck died early in the marriage. James and Johanna eventually migrated up to the northern reaches of Conception Bay.

We find a James SHEA in 1846 is married to and having children with a Catherine Sargent. Sadly no marriage record exists for that marriage either. Amongst James’ children is a Johanna who was born in 1837. There is a ten year gap between Johanna and the other children in that marriage.

C11. Honorah SHEA Sep 10,1822 (Joseph & Eliza COX Squires Shea) Sponsors: Willm QUIDILY & Bridget LANG No records.
This is the last child in the records for Joseph SHEA.

In March 2008 Brad SHEA spotted a record in the Matthews Name files that states that Joseph SHEA was a partner in the purchase of a 95 ton ship named the HIBERNIA in 1822. The notes state that the ship sailed for Cork and was never heard from again. The Matthews entry is being researched.

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B3 James SHEA b 1770s possibly migrated to Harbour Grace or Carbonear disappears circa 1822. We can find no records to date that are connected with this James.
James may be an ancestor of the Joseph SHEA b 1837 from Carbonear who came to Pouch Cove circa 1870. James’ disappearance in 1822 may also be connected with the Matthews Files entry for Joseph SHEA and the purchase of the Hibernia.

B4 unknown son

B5 unknown daughter

B6 unknown daughter

See also: SHEA Marriages and Baptisms in Records and Vital Statistics.

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