Walsh, Patrick and Margaret Ryan (1823/24)

I’ve been trying to connect the Holyrood Walsh clans and PATRICK WALSH and MARGARET RYAN are of great interest, being one of the earliest couples in Holyrood that I have information on. Please bear in mind that the family group I’ve developed here is based on (?educated) guesswork and should not be taken as fact until more information proves it.Walsh in Come Ashore to Holyrood

Daily News March 26, 1913 (Wednesday) (T Hynes Sep2000)
On St. Patrick’s Day, at Holyrood, Mrs. Walsh, widow of the late
Patrick Walsh, passed away after a short illness, at the age of
90 years. Her husband predeceased her many years ago. She was
the mother of 9 sons, of whom 4 are living. She was well known
and highly respected, and her many friends will learn of her death
with sincere sorrow. – R.I.P.

South Side Cemetery Holyrood – Mike Power
In memory of William Ryan died June 10, 1903 aged 90 years. [1813]
Also his two sisters Bridget died Feby 6 1895 aged 83 years [1812]
MARGARET WALSH March 17, 1912 aged 88 years. [1824-1825]
[Note: Obituary date 1913, headstone date 1912.
Tom and Diane Hynes’ cemetery transcription also has headstone date 1912.]

Grand Banks Vital Records Register of Deaths – Harbour Main District 1911-1914
1913; page 128
Mar 17 [died] Holyrood Old age WALSH Margaret R.C. 81 [born] Holyrood [interred] Holyrood

Margaret Ryan Walsh’s age at the time of her death, depending on the documentation – 90 (as per obit) would have her born in 1823; 88 (as per headstone, with year 1913) born 1825; and the Death Registry listing of 81 years would have her born in 1832. Margaret Ryan Walsh’s ‘official’ documentation is a perfect example of the inadequacies of source material.

Children of Patrick Walsh and Margaret Ryan – that we have record’s for
GrandBanks Parish Records
1857 #8 – James 29 Mar – Sps: Rich. Walsh Ellen Brien  
1859 #38 – William 19 Jun – Sps: William Ryan Mary Veitch
1861 #133 – Patrick 1 Dec – Sps: John Veitch Susan Walsh
1862 #130 – No name listed 7 Dec – Sps: William Walsh Catherine Butler
1865 #62 – Garrett 27 Jul – Sps: Henry Cullen Anne Walsh  

So, five baptisms but only four names ; and we know from Margaret Ryan Walsh’s obit that she had 9 sons. Since the records at Sts Peter and Paul in Harbour Main began in 1857 it’s likely that four, and perhaps five, of her sons were born before then. The ‘no name’ baby is a mystery, although it’s possible that this child didn’t survive but was baptized anyway. It is also very possible that ‘no name’ is THOMAS WALSH who was identified in Come Ashore to Holyrood on page 140 as one of “3 brothers who lived at the beginning of the Salmonier Line: THOMAS, DANIEL and WILLIAM P. Walsh.” From the miscellaneous records that do exist for Thomas, he was almost certainly born after 1857.

It is almost certain that William P Walsh, the father of Sir Albert, was a son of Patrick Walsh and Margaret Ryan.

Following is a theoretical outline of this couple’s children including the three brothers mentioned above and MICHAEL ‘PEAK’ WALSH, who lived at Peak Pond on the Salmonier Line.

1. MICHAEL ‘PEAK’ WALSH – ?Sep 1847

Recently Joe Byrne told me that he had found Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh’s property at Peak Pond on a cadestral map – this land is on the Salmonier Line – and on it was written ‘MICHAEL WALSH of PATRICK.’ Patrick Walsh who was married to Margaret Ryan is the only ‘Patrick Walsh’ listed in the Sts Peter and Paul baptismal register as a father. This certainly doesn’t prove that he was the father of Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh, there could have been an earlier Patrick who had no children after 1857 when the church in Harbour Main was opened.

In the 1921 Census for Newtown Holyrood, MICHAEL ‘PEAK’ WALSH was listed as 73 years, born Sept 1847. He was living with his 2nd wife, BRIDGET (63 yrs. May 1858), and their daughter, MARGARET (6yrs, June 1915). My uncle, Joe Walsh, told me that Margaret had been adopted and he was very uncertain about her last name, but he thought that it could be McDonald.

Marriage Record – image 113 page 111,
Holyrood, #1, August 20 1915, MICHAEL WALSH, 64, Widower, Farmer, RC, St John’s, BRIDGET GREEN, 65, Widow, , RC, Holyrood, W P Finn, William Walsh, Josephine Murphy, Note: Mickey Peak? with a mix up regarding residences.

Citing this Record: Marriages 1913-1916, Volume 07
“Newfoundland, Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images,
FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-12322-62677-30?cc=1790939&wc=M61P-S29:144891801 :
accessed 10 August 2015), Marriages 1913-1916, Volume 07 > image 1 of 319; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

The witnesses to this wedding; William Walsh really could be any number of Williams! However, as a stab in the dark we could consider WILLIAM WALSH of Salmonier (no shortage there either…) who was married to Micky Peak’s niece by marriage, MAUD, and who was an immediate neighbour at the Halfway House. The other witness, JOSEPHINE MURPHY, was indeed a niece-by-marriage, and a sister of Maud. Josephine had been christened ESTER JOSEPHINE, no doubt having been named for her aunt, ESTER MURPHY, Micky Peak’s first wife. Josephine didn’t marry until Nov 1915 and was also probably living at the Halfway House with her sister and brother-in-law.

Micky Peak’s 1st wife was ESTER MURPHY but I haven’t been able to find a marriage record although logically, they should have been married at Harbour Main, or Holyrood if after 1883.
‘Ester WALSH died Mar 22 1911 age 65 by husband Michael.’ [ b circa 1846 ]

Grand Banks Vital Records Register of Deaths pg 123; 1911
Feby 7 1911 [died] Holyrood Enteritis WALSH Esther RC 62 [born] Holyrood [interred] Holyrood.

It is doubtful that Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh had any children.

The Evening Telegram – Apr 20 1898 – Wednesday [pg 4]
To show what industry can do in the way of farming in this country, the case of MICHAEL WALSH, of Holyrood, might be cited. Mr. Walsh left the waterside of Holyrood fourteen years ago, went six miles in the country and settled at a place called the “Peak.” He set to work, determined, if possible to
from the land and carve out a home for himself. Thirteen years ago the locality where Mr. Walsh settled was a virgin forest. At the present time he has land enough cleared to keep five head of cattle, to raise 50 barrels potatoes, and from 10 to 15 barrels of turnips. Mr Walsh had a little permanent job as section man in charge of three miles of railroad there; but this year Mr. William Woodford
from under him,” and took away his little job by sending up some of his Tory friends to do the work. This is another specimen of Mr. Woodford’s petty meanness; but he is piling up a big account in the district to answer for by and bye. But men like Mr. Walsh can live and will live in spite of such men as Woodford, whose reign will be short.
Mr. W. has a comfortable house on the road now to accommodate travellers.


Note: This article is just an example of the general anti Tory
feelings expressed in numerous editions of The Telegram.
Michael Walsh would have moved to the Peak in 1884.

2. UNKNOWN WALSH died before 1913
3. UNKNOWN WALSH died before 1913


060 WALSH Daniel Holyrood CORBETT Anne Chapel Cove Nov 10, 1877
Rev. Jeremiah O’Donnell John Walsh & Mary Lewis

I’m assuming that the preceding marriage record, taken from the Grand Banks website is for one of the three brothers – DANIEL. There are no records (that I can find) for children for this couple, although there was apparently at least one son – PATRICK who married Agatha Maloney.

Daniel’s marriage date does offer a clue of his birth date; he must have been born before 1857 which is when Harbour Main became a parish, and is the year of the first register there. It is more likely that he was older than 20 at the time of his marriage – probably somewhere between 25 and 35, which would put his birth year somewhere between 1842 and 1852.

Dl. Walsh – Widower – 1861 Mar – 60 – Holyrood Newtown
Grand Banks 1921 census Holyrood Newtown

In the 1935 census he is shown living with his nephew PATRICK WALSH (son of THOMAS #8) and his children in Holyrood Central; described as 80 years, and a widower. This would have make his birth year 1855.
GenWeb 1935 census Holyrood Central

5. JAMES WALSH 29 Mar 1857

6. WILLIAM P. WALSH 19 Jun 1859 married SOPHIA BUTLER of Holyrood.
#38 – William 19 Jun 1859 – Sps: William Ryan Mary Veitch
I’ve suspected for some time that this WILLIAM #38, born in 1859 was William P. Walsh, father of Sir Albert. His headstone in the South Side Cemetery in Holyrood reads as follows:

“In loving memory of William P. WALSH
died June 30, 1930 aged 71 years.”[1859]
On other side of column
“Also in memory of Sophia WALSH
widow of Wm. P. WALSH died Sept. 1, 1936.
Aged 78 years.”

William P Walsh and Sophia Butler were married at Holyrood May 19th 1885
The witnesses were James and Mary Kirby.
1886 Aug 23 – Patrick Joseph – Sps: John Walsh and Mary Ryan
1888 May 3 – James Francis – Sps: James Walsh and Bridget Butler
1891 Feb 7 – William Patrick – Sps: John Ryan and Margaret Lewis
1892 Dec 7 – Mary – Sps: Thomas Walsh and Lara (sic) Ryan (S Side)
1894 Nov 1 – Francis – Sps: Thomas Ryan and Ellen Duff
1898 Oct 9 – Bernard – Sps: Patrick Byrne and Annie Byrne
1900 Apr 4 – Albert Joseph – Sps: William Ryan and Lucy Walsh

Joe Byrne, Holyrood researcher and historian is also of the opinion that William P. Walsh’s parents were Patrick Walsh and Margaret Ryan – so I’m in good company!

7. PATRICK WALSH 1 Dec 1861
Died before 1913.

8. THOMAS WALSH 1863? ?listed as ‘no name’ 7 Dec 1862 married LUCY FURY of Harbour Main.

image 332 page 322, Harbour Main, #6,
November 27 1895, Thomas Walsh, 27, Bachelor, Fisherman, RC, Holyrood,
Lucy Fury, 21, Spinster, , RC, Harbour Main, Rev P ODonnell, Michael Walsh, Bridget Moore

Citing this Record:
“Newfoundland, Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images,
FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-10506-14350-5?cc=1790939&wc=M61P-9TL:144888701 :
accessed 9 August 2015), Marriages 1892-1897, Volume 02 > image 1 of 516; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.
Note: Images 34-42, 326-335, are for the Harbour Main District

WALSH Thomas and Lucy Fury (William Dawson)
1897 Sep 24 – Mary Frances – Sps: John and Margaret WALSH
1899 Oct 13 – Patrick Thomas – Sps: John Walsh and Rose Boland
Margaret B: 1903 GP: Patrick Healey & Lucy Fury
Madeline B: 1908
Rose Ann b: Sep 8 1908 (twin of Madeline) (THynes Archives)

This headstone can be found in the Kennedy’s Lane cemetery.

Erected by Patrick Walsh in loving memory of his father and mother.
Thomas WALSH died Jan 28 1926 aged 63 yrs. [1863]
Also his wife Lucy died Feb 15 1915, 42 yrs. [1873]

1926 Jan 27 – died Holyrood, Cancer/Stomach, WALSH Thomas, M, R.C., 61 yrs, born Holyrood, interred Holyrood
Vital Records – Register of Deaths – Harbour Main District 1923-1926 – Book 9

Thomas Walsh’s age given in his marriage record was 27 (1868), his headstone would put him born in 1863, his vital statistic death record says 1865, and his potential birth as ‘no name’ would be Dec 1862.

Kennedy’s Lane Cemetery
? Patrick T WALSH B: Oct 12 1899 died Nov 4 1982. Erected by his wife and family.

9. GARRETT WALSH Jul 27 1865

Died before 1913.

If Margaret Ryan Walsh’s obit is correct, and she was the mother of nine sons, four of whom were still living in 1913 – then we have at least the probable four who were still alive; Michael ‘Peak’, Daniel, William P., and Thomas.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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