Penney Country Path & Salmonier Line

My PENNY clan haven’t been easy to sort out. I’ve been stuck by a reference in
Come Ashore to Holyrood 1.

On page 128 in the second paragraph of the Penney section of the book:

Michael Penney and Patrick Penney (brothers of Mark) moved to the Country Path from North Arm. Patrick’s son Joseph had two daughters that remained in Holyrood: Julia Ann married Michael Walsh and Mary married Richard Kelly. Michael married Martha LaCour of Harbour Main.

My gg grandfather, Joseph Penny (father of Julia Ann) is as far back as I’ve been able to go. His father, Patrick Penny, is a mystery, and I haven’t found the info I need to clear it up. Come Ashore also had that ‘brothers of Mark’ reference; which I think I have been able to verify (see below).

This isn’t a family tree as of yet, it’s just a compilation with some connections established. I have no idea how some of these people could be related, but I think that they are. If you have any information that might help develop a tree (or trees!) then let me know. Thanks.

#1.) Michael Penny (b. ?) married Martha LaCour (1921 census b. Sep 1853, listed as a widow.) Married Nov 23 1881 by Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly; Witnesses : Joseph Penny and Agnes LaCour, at Sts P&P. [Grand Banks].
I haven’t been able to locate either of their baptism records and I’m assuming they were both born before 1857.

i. 1883 Jan 1– Matthew — Matthew Penny & Mary Penny;
ii. 1884 Jul 24– John — Philip Whalen & Mary Anne Penny; [T Hynes]
iii. 1886 Jan 13 — Mary Gertha — Mark & Margaret Penny; [T Hynes]
iv. 1887 Sep 4 — Julia Ann — John ? & Teresa Laquer; [T Hynes]
v. 1889 Jul 23 — Margaret — Edward Flood & Rachel Whalen;[Wm Dawson]
vi. 1891 Jul 26 — Michael — sps: don’t have [Wm Dawson]
vii. 1894 Jan 20 — Joseph — Matthew Penny & Bridget Costello [Wm Dawson]
viii. 1894 Jan 20 — Bridget (twins) [Wm Dawson]
ix. 1896 Oct 16 — Catherine — sps; don’t have [ew 03]
x. 1899 Jun 8 — Thomas [Wm Dawson]

iii. Mary Gerta Penney born Jan 3 1886 – married Michael Murray from Fox Harbour

MURRAY, Michael m head married 1880 Oct 40 Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Gertie f wife married 1889 Jan 32 Holyrood NF
MURRAY, Mary f dau single 1912 June 9 Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, William m son single 1913 Oct 7 Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Leo m son single 1916 June 5 Fox Hr. NF
MURRAY, Laura f dau single 1920 July 1 Fox Hr. NF

vi. Michael Penney Jul 26 1891, d. 1966 m. Anastasia (Annie) Hawco, 1895 – 1957
(dau of Michael & Mary Hawco). They were married in 1918. They had 11 children and lived near the railway tracks on Country Path, then an area in Wicklow.

[Michael PENNY 1891 – 1966 Anastasia Penny 1895 – 1957 (Kennedy’s Lane Cemetrey]

vii. Joseph Patrick Penney, b. Jan 20 1894; d. April 28, 1978 stowed away on a boat going to Sydney, NS as a teenager and never contacted his family in Newfoundland again. He married in Sydney, N.S. and had eight children with his wife, Mary Obeline Pottie from L’Ardoise, Cape Breton. One of his daughters, Sarah Genevieve (Jenny) Penney-Gammon of Sheet Harbour, N.S. visited Newfoundland in 1992 along with her daughter, Sharon Gammon-Elliott.

x. Thomas Penney b. Oct. 7, 1899, d. Jan. 3, 1971 moved to the U.S. to live with one of his sisters and then moved to Alberta and married Roseanne Mulligan on Oct. 24, 1930 in Nordegg, Alberta. Roseanne was formerly of Scotland. Tom worked for the power plant in Nordegg. Eventually they moved to Fernie, B.C. where he worked underground in the mine, and where they brought up their two children, Maureen and Michael who both have families. Maureen and her husband, George Giesbrecht, also visited our Holyrood family in 2003.

Note: Info on vii. Joseph Patrick Penney and x. Thomas Penney supplied by Sharon Gammon-Elliott and Maureen Giesbrecht.

#2.) Patrick Penny? nothing known of him at all. Prob born about/before 1830;
only reference is Come Ashore – accuracy ?questionable.

My uncle, Joe Walsh, is of the opinion that Joseph (Mary Ann Metcalf) and Michael Penney (Martha LaCour) were brothers. He said he’s never heard of Patrick – and no one else in the family has either. He said that his grandmother Julia Ann (Michael Walsh) was a cousin of Michael Penney (son of Michael Penney & Martha LaCour).

The conundrum:
So, if Joseph and Michael Penny are brothers then the information in Come Ashore is incorrect. But what about Mark? He existed, the records prove that (see #3). Then there’s Thomas (#4); my uncle connected Thomas’s daughter Margaret (1886) who married John Doran, to his grandmother Julia Ann Penny Walsh. Thomas Penny had to have been born in the early 1840’s; Joseph (#2a) probably the same; and Michael (#1) in the early 1850’s. Mark (#3) was sponsor at a baptism in 1858, so he must have been at least 17-18 years old? at the time, but it’s impossible to really know his age at this point.

Michael, Joseph, and Thomas all named their oldest sons Matthew. None of them named a son Patrick. All three named a daughter Julia Ann.

#2a — Joseph Penny (b. ?) & Mary Ann Metcalf (b. Mar 25 1859, listed as a widow in the 1921 census.) Joseph Penny worked in the mines at Betts or Coachmans Cove – his first two children were born there; I haven’t found their records yet. He was killed in a mining accident ‘up around there’ about 1891 (when Julia Ann was around 16). [Source: Joe Walsh]

Mary Ann Metcalf was born in Holyrood, and baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in Harbour Main on Mar 25 1859; her parents were William Metcalf and Mary Ridley, and the sponsors were – George Veitch & Margaret Mulloney.
She had a sister Bridget, who was baptized Nov 11 1862; Sps: Wm Maher & Mary Maher. The Metcalfs then disappeared from the Harbour Main records. I have almost no information on this family either.

Joseph Penny lived on the Salmonier Line – his son John Joseph (1883) lived on the Country Path, next door to Michael Penny (Martha LaCour).

i. 1875/76 – Julia Ann b. White Bay, Betts/Coachman’s Cove?
ii. 1878 to 1881 – Matthew – Twillingate area (1921, 1935, 1945 census)
iii. 1882 Feb 15 – William – Patrick Timmins & Mary Healy (GrandBanks)
iv. 1883 Sep 26 – John Joseph – Michael Penny & Anastasia Corbett [ew]
v. 1886 Jul 29 – Mary Bridget – Moses Lewis & Martha Penny [ew]
vi. 1888 May 28 – Denis – Wm Corbett & Johanna Whalen; [T Hynes]
vii. 1890 Nov 5 – Mary – Thomas Mackey & Catherine Whalen [T Hynes]

i. Julia Ann married Michael Walsh (son of James Walsh & Mary Besso) on June 19 1898; Married Michael Walsh (25) & Julia Penney (21).
Wtnss. Francis Dillon & Margaret Lewis. J. Murphy. ( #3) [THynes]
Their children: Bertha, Bridget, Bernard, Michael (my grfather), Frances, William, Joseph, Margaret, John, Denis.

ii. Matthew Penney 1880 – 1960’s m. Bridget unknown. They lived on the Salmonier Line.

In the 1921 Newtown census he was listed as born Dec 1878 (43yrs) & Bride Mar 1876 (45 yrs). They had Joseph McDonald adopted son Sep 1908 (13yrs) St John’s living with them.I’ve been told that they had no children of their own.

In the 1935 census they had been shifted to the end of the Holyrood Central area. Matthew was listed as being 54 yrs, (1881) and Bridget as 56yrs (1879).
Matthew’s mother – Mary Ann (listed as Mary) was living with them 76 yrs – widow (1859).

iv. John Jospeh Penney (Sep 26 1883) Sps: Michael Penny & Anastasia Corbett married 1st Francis Jospeh Morrissory (b: Feb 1888). Frances Joseph died in 1917 (she was the daughter of John Morrissey and Mary McGrath. Source: Evelyn Morrissey)
The 1921 census for Wicklow (Country Path).

PENNY, John M Head Widower 1882 Oct 38 Wickalow
PENNY, Laura F Dau Single 1910 Jul 11 Wickalow
PENNY, Margt F Dau Single 1913 Jul 8 Wickalow
PENNY, Lizzie F Dau Single 1916 Jun 5 Wickalow
PENNY, Wm. M Son Single 1912 May 9 Wickalow
PENNY, Mary F Mother Widow 1863 Mar 58 Wickalow

His 2nd wife was Margaret (unknown) Chuck. Margaret’s 1st husband Charles died from injuries in WWI. (He is buried in Chapel’s Cove.) I don’t know when John Joseph married Margaret but in 1935 the are listed in the Newtown census – which seemed to have included Wicklow that time around. They were living across the road from John’s nephew, Michael Walsh and his wife Laura Whalen Walsh.

John Penney & Margaret unknown Chuck had 6 children.

At some point in the late 1930’s John and Margaret moved to St John’s.

vii. Mary Penney b Nov 5 1890, Holyrood, m. Richard Kelly, b. Oct ? 1883, Holyrood. Mary died of the Spanish Flu, May 23rd 1920. Her headstone at Kennedy’s Lane has 1892-1920.

May 23 1920 – died at Holyrood of Influenza – KELLY Mary Ann, RC 29yrs – born Holyrood, interred Holyrood
“Newfoundland Vital Records, 1840-1949,” database with images, FamilySearch ( : 4 June 2015), Deaths 1919-1922, Certificate Number 320001-325342 > image 107 of 210; Provincial Archives, St. John’s.

i. Paul Kelly b. Feb ? 1911, North Arm, Holyrood, died by falling off a cliff in Holyrood at 17 yrs.

Daily News, St John’s – July 7 1928
Paul KELLY dies following fall of 170 feet from Duggan’s Mount, North Arm, Holyrood.

ii Kathleen Kelly b. Feb ? 1916, North Arm, Holyrood, died at 16 yrs of TB.
iii Joseph b. Feb ? 1914. m. Mary Sullivan of Harbour Main
Kennedy’s Lane

After Mary’s death, Richard Kelly remarried Ellen unknown; and she died May 28 1944 aged 44.

#3.) Mark Penny,
(?brother of Michael and Patrick) appeared in the records only as a sponsor at baptisms at Sts. Peter and Paul in Harbour Main. I haven’t been able to find anything else for him.
These records were taken from the Grand Banks site.

1858-#40 – Ann Joseph – Thomas Fewer & Susan Hawko, Chapels Cove, 20 Jun
— Mark Penny Sarah Flinn
1866-#86 – Elizabeth – Joseph Mason & Elizabeth Hawko, Sal. Cove, 28 Sep
— Mark Penny Mary Hawko
1874-#55 – William Walter – James Woodford & Alice Joy, Hr. Main, 5 May
— Mark Penny Julia Joy
1871-#167 Patrick Francis – John Woodford & Anastasia Hickey, Hr.Main, 17 Nov
— Mark Penny Susan Joy bapt. Sub. Cond.

Theresa Lunny told me that she had been told that Thomas Penny who married Honora Neil had a brother Mark. And my uncle told me that his grandmother (Julia Ann Penny Walsh) was ‘tangled up’ with the Dorans in North Arm! Records from Grand Banks unless noted:

?#4.) 012 PENNY, Thomas, Holyrood & NEAL, Honora, Holyrood Oct 14, 1863, Rev. Kryan Walsh Philip Penny & Mary Penny

1864-#46 — Mathew — 10 Jul — John Penny Mary Penny
1866-#12 — Margaret Anne — 25 Feb — Philip Penny Mary Penny
1868-#99 – Philip Joseph– 7Oct– Patrick Penny Bridget Cunningham
1870-#155 — Timothy — 31Dec– Philip Penny Johannah Fitzgerald
1873-#49 — Thomas — 15 Jul –Michael Woodford Ellen Moore
1875-#111 — Julia Anne — 14 Sep — Thomas Woodford Mary Moore
1877-#70 — Elizabeth — 5 Aug — Cornelius Quinlan Margaret Penny
1879-#108 — Mary Anne — 31 Aug — William Lewis Mary Moore
1882-#153 — Honora — 30 Oct — Joseph Penny Bridget Brien
1886-#39 — Margaret Frances – Nov 6– Martin Tubrid Mary Anne Penny [T Hynes] –
              m. John Doran

The following groups are connected to the group above – somehow.

— Mathew Penny & Johannah McDonald, Holyrood
Records from Grand Banks – no marriage record there. Could be more
children born before 1857.
1857- #72 — Denis — 27 Sep –sps: James Carroll Catherine Bennett
1859- #22 — Matthew — 4 Mar –sps: James Fury Bridget Penny
1861- #75 — Margaret — 27 Aug –sps: John MacKey Mary MacKey
1864- #30 — Mark — 7 May –sps: William Moores Mary Penny

Mark Penny (b. May 1864 – 1921 census ) & Bridget Costello
? prob son of Matthew Penny & Johannah McDonald.
1891 Nov 27- Mary Margaret — sps: Timothy & Catherine Penny [ew 03]
1892 Oct 7- Honora– sps: James Dwyer & Sara(Lara?) Walsh, H. Cove
1894- Matthew — died at Mons Nov 7 1918, 24 yrs. *
1896.Nov 15- Julia — sps: don’t have; [ew 03]
1898 Oct 12- John Gregory — sps: don’t have; [ew 03]
1902 Nov 12- Edward Fredric (sic) — sps: don’t have; [ew 03] d. Mar 2 1927, 24 yrs.*
Also his infant sister Hanora Christenia 1 month.*
*Kennedy’s Lane
[Wm Dawson supplied record for Honora]

— Thomas Penny & Mary McDonald, Holyrood
Records from Grand Banks – no marriage record there.
Could be more children born before 1859.
1859- #60 — Mary — 11 Aug. — Richard Fewer Margaret Tubrid
1861- #54 — Thomas — 14 Jul — John Hely Bridget Nolan
1864- #112 — Bridget — 16 Oct — Timothy Quinlan Anne Cormack
1867- #39 — Mark  — 30 May — Patrick Wall Catherine McDonald

— Denis Penny & Ellen Quirk
Matthew–Bap:–1884, Feb 20–Sps:–Matthew Penny & Margaret Penny, HR
Mary Ann–Bap:–1886, Sep 8–Sps: John Lewis & Mary Healy, HR

? Dennis Penney & Agnes Targate
Alphonus–Bap:–1909, Nov 3–Sps–Ed & Johnanna Timmons

— Matthew Penney married Catherine Dwyer Jan 9 1889 (Holyrood)
Witnesses Mark Penny & Cecilia Dwyer
? could be the son of either Matthew & Johannah; Thomas & Mary;
or maybe Thomas and Hanora Neil ??
(??Catherine and Cecilia prob daus of Patrick Dwyer & Honora Power)
Julia –1890 oct.9 — GP Thomas Penney & Mary Healy [Holyrood record – Wm Dawson]
Gurtrude –1896 Oct 11– GP Thomas Penney & Gurtrude Healy [Holyrood record – Wm Dawson]
Leo — to Matthew Penny & Catherine (Dwyer) at Placentia Junction on July 11, 1894.
Statement made by mother. Reg date 19 June 1929
[Delayed Birth Registrations 1891-1900 ] Nf GenWeb


1.Come Ashore to Holyrood by Mary Veitch, Published by Creative Publishers, St John’s, NL; 1989.
Grand Banks
Tom Hynes
Theresa Lunny
William Dawson
ew – Eileen Walsh

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10 Responses to Penney Country Path & Salmonier Line

  1. Jennifer Howlett-Denney says:

    I have been doing some research and believe (not yet confirmed) that the Julia Ann Penney who married Michael Walsh are my great grandparents. They had a daughter Frances (my grandmother) who then married Ambrose Howlett.

    Hi Jennifer,
    Yes, Julia Ann Penney and Michael Walsh are your great grandparents. Frances and Ambrose and two of their children were living with Julia Ann and Michael on the Salmonier Line in the 1935 census. (see Newtown – Holyrood at NL GenWeb)).

    Your grandmother (Frances) and my grandfather (Michael) were siblings.

    I tried to email you but your server wouldn’t accept it because I’m not in your address book. If you want you can write me at walsh at holyroodgen dot net and we can exchange some information.

    Eileen Walsh

  2. Mary Power-Burke says:

    I’m great grand daughter of Mark Penney and just starting to look into my roots.
    Julia Penney married Martin Healey, and my mother Mary Healey was born 1921.
    Would love to discuss more. Can reach me at above email.
    Thanks for info. Glad I found your site.

  3. Jody McCue says:

    I believe that Gertrude Penney is my great grandmother , she was married to Michael Murray of fox harbour , I am trying to trace back Murray family origins any info you may have would be great .
    sincerely Jody McCue

  4. Roselyn (Adams) Quinlan says:

    I don’t know how my Penny connections fit into this but here it goes… my Grandmother was Mary Ann Penny daughter of Joseph Penny & Bridget Corbett.((Bridget Corbetts parents were .. Michael Corbett & Margaret Murphy)) Mary Ann married Robert Locke from Twillingate and moved to Bell Island. Mary Ann Penny Locke had two brothers … Philip Penny born Aug. 1888, Joseph Penny born Jan. 1895 and one sister
    Bridget Penny born Sept. 1900.. My Penny’s from Holyrood were called the Goddies
    et.. like..Joey Goddy, or Philly Goddy … How do they fit into this line? Roselyn

  5. Lewis sheila says:

    My father was Paul Lewis of Holyrood, grandfather William Lewis and great grandfather Philip Lewis, just wondering if anyone could give me some info on this family.

  6. Glynn Morrissey says:


    I could be the missing link. My grandmother was in fact Ellen Morrissey from the Country Path in Holyrood. My great uncle was Denis Penney ( we called him Uncle Din). I do believe he died in the mid 70s. He had a daughter who lived in the area, her name was Annie Murphy. I do have our family tree done. I will refer to it later… but I believe Ellen’s mother was a Moore… my grandmother died in 1977.

    I am also a descendant of the Dwyer’s of Holyrood. My grandmother was Margret Dwyer born in Chapel’s Cove.

    • Evelyn Morrissey says:

      Hello Glynn
      My husband’s father William 1893-1973, was born in Holyrood to John Morrissey 1847-1859 & Mary McGrath 1854-1943. John’s parents were: John Morrissey 1815 and Margaret Moore. They had 7 children including Ellen (Anne) 1835-1905 who married Thomas Dunphy 1823-1877. I have extensive research on these families. The name died out in Holyrood leaving no descendants of this Morrissey family living there.
      My Morrissey’s did not live on Country Path, but on the Southside road and Beach road. Is it possible your Morrisseys are from Harbour Main or Chapel’s Cove? There was a family of Morrisseys living there, also named John & Mary Morrissey and raising a family with similar names! I have not been able to find any connection to them at all.
      Regards, Evelyn

      • Glynn Morrissey says:

        Hi Evelyn,

        I am not related to those Morrissey’s. However I am trying to find my ancestors for my paternal grandmother Ellen Penney. Her family came from Country Path.

        My great -great Grandfather was James Penney who married a Maude Moores. My great grandfather was Patrick Penney born in 1854. He married Ellen Moore. They had my grandmother Ellen Morrissey (nee Penney) and the following children:Augustus, Dennis, Patrick,James, Katherine Ryan (married Mike Ryan), Cecilia Luedee (married Peter Ludee), Joseph Penney and Thomas or Tomas Penney.

  7. Thomas Penny says:

    my grandfather was William penny his father was Thomas Penney they lived in mitchilles Brook Salmonier my great great grandfather was also Thomas Penney but i cant find anything on him all i know is that he had a son Thomas who is my great grand father if there is anything you can tell me would be a great help to me your work and research you have done is a creeded to you

  8. Patricia Watt says:

    I am the granddaughter of William Michael Whalen. I am building a family tree and cannot find out much about my grandfather’s parents, sibling or relatives. My grandfather and his sister, Laura were from Holyrood. I remember visiting my great grandmother in Holyrood and playing in their barn. I was so young, I cannot remember my great grandmother’s name. His sister, Laura Whalen, had a child, Michael. Laura later married a man with the surname, WALSH. Michael was named Michael Walsh. We had to rely on someone else to drive us from St. John’s to Holyrood, as we did not have a car, and, therefore, lost contact over the years. I do believe Laura had other children. I found my grandfather’s USA Draft Record. He was born in 1882, in Holyrood. He immigrated to New Jersey, where, we think, he met and married our grandmother, Catherine Mansfield and they had a child, William John Whalen. Around 1932-33, they returned to St. John’s, Newfoundland. My grandmother was from Harbour Main, Newfoundland and her father was George Mansfield and her mother was M. Laracy (the M is for Margaret or Mary) according to records I found. My grandmother, Catherine, had siblings. Her sisters were Gertrude, Margaret, Veronica, and her brother Gerald (Gerald). I would be very pleased if anyone knows of my grandfather and Laura Walsh and can provide me with more information.

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