Mullowney Harbour Main

William Mullowney is listed in the Plantation Books of 1805-6 as having a room in Harbour Main (pg 46 #306) since 1806; ‘In consequence of lying void for upwards of 60 years or more.’ This room is on the waterside and has no buildings. His immediate neighbours are James Wall (south) and Thomas Hickey (north).

My general premise: In 1807 William Mullowney would have been about 37 years old and at that time, he and his ?brother John were living in Harbour Main, and were members of the Irish Benevolent Society. William was already married to Elizabeth Woodford, who had probably been born in Harbour Main, and they had at least one child, a son John.

see References Harbour Grace records
see also Wm Mullowney’s Will – Grand Banks Website

In 1811 William Mullowney became a Constable, a position he held for 32 years until he was forced to retire “due to imfirmities of age.” He was 73 years old in 1843, when he petitioned the General Assembly for a pension. From an entry I found in the Journal of the House of Assembly (1841) I know that he took the names for the voter’s list for the division of Harbor Main (from Salmon Cove Point to Holyrood) for the years 1837 thru 1840. Consequently, I know that he was literate, that he could both read and write. I would like to know more about the duties of Constables in Newfoundland at this time.

Family tradition has it that he and his brother built two houses side by side on the beach, and at some later date these houses were joined to become one unit. This is a possible senario because the house although small has two chimneys.

I have no information at all on William Mullowney’s ?brother John, except for his name on the Irish Benevolent Society’s membership list.

In his Will written August 31st 1844 (probated 1847), we know that his wife Elizabeth is still living. He leaves the bulk of his estate to his son John; a feather bed for each of his grandchildren 1.) Elizabeth, 2.) Mary, and 3.) William; and to his daughters 1.) Ellen and 2.) Elizabeth one heifer calf each. No mention is made of his children Mary or William.

A number of questions are presented. Were the grandchildren listed in William Mullowney’s will his son John’s children? Who was John Mullowney’s wife? What became of Mary (b 1810) and William (1815)?

Royal Gazette August 13, 1889 (Tuesday)
Died. On the 29th ultimo, at Harbor Main, John Mullowney, aged 88 years.

The Times & General Commercial Gazette August 17, 1889 (Saturday)
Died, at Harbor Main, on the 29th ult., John Mullowney, aged 86 years.
supplied by Tom Hynes

No family connections at all are mentioned in the obituaries but it’s likely that these are for John, son of William & Elizabeth Woodford Mullowney.

There are still many questions to be answered regarding this family. Not the least of which is –
Where did William Mullowney and his ?brother John come from?

William Mullowney b. 1770 & Elizabeth Woodford
1. 1801 – 1803 John
2. Feb 29 1808 Elisa – sps: Peter Ezechiel & Eliza Harttery?
3. Feb 27 1810 Mary – sps: John & Mary Kennedy
4. Aug 22 1812 Eleanor – sps: John Gorman & Joanna Kennedy
5. Feb 23 1815 William – sps: Dennis Hegarty & Margaret Kennedy

1. ?John Mullowney (son of William Mullowney & Elizabeth Woodford) b. about 1801 – 1803, wife unknown.


I. Elizabeth Mullowney (b. before 1844) (H. Main) m. Patt Strapp (H. Main) [Sts P&P] Feb 7 1864 Wit: Stephen Strapp & Mary Ann Mullowney

Children: records from Grand Banks.
i. Mary Anne – 7 Oct 1868 #98 Sps: James Deady Mary A. Maloney
ii. Thomas John – 15 Aug 1870 #80 Sps: Richard Walsh Elizabeth Gorman
iii. Margaret Mary – 26 May 1873 #41 Sps: William Maloney Margaret Deady
iv. Elizabeth Frances – 27 Apr 1875 #36 Sps: Simon Gorman Ellen Maloney
v. Ellen Mary – 20 May 1877 47 #Sps: Edward Murray Bridget O’Donnell
vi. John Stephen – 7 Feb 1879 17 #Sps: James Kennedy Catherine Holden bapt. Sub. Cond.
vii. Walter John – 25 Jun 1881 59 #Sps: Thomas Fleming Bridget Leamy


II. Mary Mullowney (b. before 1844) – no info at present.

III. William Mullowney, (b. before 1844) lived in Clarks Beach (North River?) married Mary Ann Kent

They had 4 children.
i. John Mullowney b: 1874 (or Dec 1880) He married Mary Ann ‘Doll” Corbett b: 9 Jan 1886, Clarkes Beach.
ii. Mary Ann Mullowney, She was about 6 or so years older than Elizabeth. She never married. (b circa 1876).
iii. Elizabeth Mullowney b: Sep 11 1882 m. Patrick Murphy, (son of James Murphy and Mary Walsh of Harbour Main) Feb 11 1903, Wit: Edward Fahey & Eliza Mullowney.
Elizabeth Mullowney Murphy died Mar 14 1955, and Patrick Murphy died Jan 25 1958; they are both buried in the Avondale Cemetery.

Evening Telegram February 21, 1903 (Saturday) [….TH]
“Wedding at Harbor Main.
An interesting wedding occurred at Harbor Main on Wednesday last, 11th inst. The contracting parties being Mr. P. Murphy, son of James Murphy, Esq., deputy sherrif, and Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. William Maloney, of North River.
The best men were Mr. John Maloney, brother of the bride, and Mr. E. Fahey. The bride was attended by Miss Bessie Murphy, sister of the groom, and Miss E. Maloney, cousin of the bride.

Note: Miss E. Maloney, the bride’s cousin – was another Elizabeth, daughter of John Mullowney and Abigail OSullivan. This Elizabeth married William Costigan in 1905, and her cousin, now Elizabeth Mullowney Murphy, was her bridesmaid.

-i. James Murphy, Nov 1903
-ii. Mary Jane deChantel, Apr 26 1905, died at 14yrs of diptheria.
-iii. William , Feb 1909
-iv. Ester , Mar 1911, m John Mason, Avondale

Ester died the day after giving birth to her second child on May 13 1935 at the age of 24 yrs. The baby (James Patrick Mason) died the following day, and they were buried together in the Avondale Cemetery.

-v. George , Sep 1913
-vi. Elizabeth , May 1916
-vii. Patrick , 1919,
-viii. Annie Mary , Sep 9 1920

iv. William Mullowney b: ? Married Josephine Gushue from Conception.
He died in a mining accident in Buchans.

WILLIAM MULLOWNEY – May, 1932. – “William Mullowney of
South River, Conception Bay, met death on Monday of last week. While
working in the mine the ground he was standing on gave way and the
unfortunate man was carried down with the rock and muck to the level
below, where the body was later recovered. Victim was 47 years of age,
married, six children.” The Western Star (TWS)
The newspaper item is incorrect regarding William Mullowney’s
home town ; he lived in Clarkes Beach.] : Extracted from:
Garry Cranford; p 134 image 148.

This ebook can be Downloaded as a PDF file from Flanker Press

MAY 2 1932 William MULLOWNEY, of Clark’s Beach, crushed and fatally
injured by falling rock at Buchans. NL GenWeb Newspaper Records.

IV. Patrick Mullowney (Harbour Main) m. Mary Nugent (Kelligrews) May 30 1882
Wit: John Brick & Margaret Cozens

Patrick Mullowney and his wife Mary Nugent lived in the Beach House in Harbour Main. They had no children of their own but he often visted his brother William in Clarks Beach, and was in the habit of bringing his niece, Elizabeth (dau of Wm & Mary Kent) back to Harbour Main for visits. I’m not sure how old she was when this arrangement became permanent (somewhere between 6 & 9 yrs I think.) Elizabeth (my mother’s grandmother) told my mother that she loved being in Harbour Main with her aunt and uncle, and that her parents weren’t happy about having her leave home at such an early age, but eventually gave in and allowed her to stay with Patrick and Mary.

At any rate she lived with them in the Beach House, until she was a young woman and then went to Cape Breton, NS ( at 19 or 20?) for a year or so. In Cape Breton she lived with her best friend, Elizabeth Dwyer (of Chapel’s Cove, dau of Wm Dwyer & Mary Hynes) – I imagin they must have been living in a boarding house. In NS, at the same time were their fiances – Patrick Murphy and Richard Frederick Fewer.

V. John Mullowney (H. Main) m. Abigail O’Sullivan Nov 27 1869
Wit: Cornelius Sullivan & Eliza Sullivan [StsP&P ew]

Records from Grand Banks
1870 Aug 9 #70 Mary Anne – Patrick Mulloney Elizabeth Sullivan
1871 Dec 4 #172 Jno. Joseph – Michael Hicks Mary A. Mulloney
1873 Mar 6 # 22 Patrick Francis – Simon Gorman Anne Sullivan
1875 Feb 2 # 12 Michael Francis – William Hickey Ellen Mulloney
1876 Nov 14 # 200 Cornelius Martin – Edward Sullivan Theresa Driscol
1878 Jul 10 # 72 William Joseph – Matthew McMurdo Mary Wall
1879 Oct 6 # 137 Edward – Cornelius Sullivan Ellen Butler
1881 Apr 21 # 44 Richard – William Brick Mary Wall
1883 Mar 11 #52 Elizabeth* – Paul Keating Mary Malony
1885 Sep 2 # 42 Jeremiah – John Wall Anastasia Ezekiel
1888 Aug 11 #40 Mary – Thomas Ezekiel Catherine Wall sub. conditions

*Lizzie Mullownay (?) m. William Costigan (?) Feb 5 1905
Wit: Thomas Hickey & Lizzie Murphy

2. Elizabeth Mullowney (dau of William Mullowney & Elizabeth Woodford) b. Feb 29 1808

3. Mary Mullowney (dau of William Mullowney & Elizabeth Woodford) b. Feb 27 1810 Sps: John & Mary Kennedy

Some years ago, a fellow researcher, William Hannon, sent me a marriage record that might apply to this Mary Mullowney. I have to say ‘might’ even though I think it does. Follows is a transcription: and here is a copy of Will’s image of the record.

This is to Certify that JAMES CRAWLEY of CHAPELS COVE
and MARY MULLONEY of HARBOR MAIN were Married at
PORT DE GRAVE this 8th day of Jany in the Year of our
Lord 1826 By me, DENIS MACKIN Clergyman in Holy Orders
This Marriage was solemnized between us, JAMES [his mark] CRAWLEY
…………………………………. MARY [her mark] MULLONEY
In the presence of us, TIMOTHY SULLIVAN
Witnefses present at the said Marriage.
[Note: Only the witnesses signed their own names]

Mary Mullowney would have been 16 years old when this marriage took place. And from the Cemetery Records at Chapel’s Cove on the NL Grand Banks – Harbour Main District _ Chapel’s Cove Cemetery, James Crawley would have been born in 1801, and would have been 25 years old when he and Mary Mullowney were married. Elizabeth Mullowney, (1808) her sister, who was probably her bridesmaid, would have been 18 years old.

96A CRAWLEY James , Aug 07, 1876, 75 yrs, [1801] Gloria in excelsis deo / Sacred to the memory of my father
Requiescat in pace – Erected by his son James.

then this

96B CRAWLEY James, May 29, 1890, 29 yrs, [1861] Erected by Nicholas in memory of his beloved brother. Requiescat in pace
96C CRAWLEY Nicholas, Jun 28, 1903, 39 yrs [1864]
In loving memory
A light from our household is gone /
A voice we loved is stilled /
A place is vacant by our hearth /
Which never can be filled.
96D CRAWLEY Patrick Oct 24, 1906 79 yrs [1827]
Margaret Feb 16, 1916 79 yrs [1837]
Christopher Patrick Feb 02, 1916 1 month
Erected by John Crawley in loving memory
of his father, mother and son.
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls

The cemetery records seem consistent with with JAMES CRAWLEY’S marriage record. There is no headstone for MARY MULLOWNEY CRAWLEY, and I’m supposing this is because she died at a much earlier time. JAMES CRAWLEY, JR., had no recollection of her when he buried his father.??

However, the headstones 96B & 96C for James and Nicholas (brothers) cannot be for the sons of JAMES CRAWLEY and MARY MULLOWNEY CRAWLEY. These men were born in 1861 and 1864 respectively, and so could not have been the children of a man born in 1801. 96B JAMES CRAWLEY (born 1801) and married in 1826 had a son JAMES who erected his headstone. It would appear that 96D PATRICK CRAWLEY (born 1827) would be a good candidate for 96A JAMES’s son… So we may suppose that there were at least two sons – JAMES and PATRICK.

I think that the Patrick Crawley who married Magraret Conran has the 96D headstone above. The following baptisms are from Sts Peter and Paul, and the records are available at the NL Grand Banks website.

1861…#22…James…26 Mar, Kyran Walsh Edward Crowley Sarah Couran
1862…#94…Nicholas…26 Sep, Kyran Walsh James Crowly Constance Fardy
1864…#69…Mary Anne…12 Aug, Patrick O’Donnell Walter Walsh Mary Crawley
1866…#87…Catherine…29 Sep, Kyran Walsh Philip Doyle Bridget Crowly
1869…#4….Anastasia B…26 Jan, Patrick O’Donnell Edward Corbett Mary Conran
1871…#31…Anne Joseph…12 Mar, Jeremiah O’Donnell, Lawrence Fardy Catherine Power
1873…#32…Margaret Joseph…4 May, Patrick O’Donnell Philip Hawkoe Kate Conran
1875…#37…Patrick John… 3 May, Patrick O’Donnell Edward Murray Kate Holden
1877…#54…William John…20 Jun, Joseph V. Donnelly Edward Gorman Anastatia Sullivan
1882…#11…Humpfrey…20 Jan, Jeremiah O’Donnell Patrick Myres Mary Doyle

So far this is all I have on this particular family.

4. Eleanor Mullowney (dau of William Mullowney & Elizabeth Woodford) b. Aug 22 1812

5. William Mullowney (son of William Mullowney & Elizabeth Woodford) b. Feb 23 1815

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Benevolent Irish Society Members for 1807
Memorial University Digital Archives Document Page

Mr. William MULLOWNY (Harbor Main)
Mr. Wm. MULLOWNEY (Harbor Grace)
Mr. John MULLOWNEY (Harbor Main)

Thomas Mullowney on the above list was probably from St. John’s, the headquarters of the Society.

The Wm. Mullowney from Harbour Grace was a merchant and ‘gentleman’ of that town. His name appears on a petition to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church dated November AD 1794, along with other ‘gentlemen’ and priests, requesting the appointment to Newfoundland of the Rev. Father James Louis O’Donel as Bishop.

William Mullowney’s name is attached to a number of indentures for the Conception Bay North area, including Harbour Main. William Mullowney acted as an agent for John Webb in Western Bay. In some cases it is difficult to say with any certainty which William Mullowney is which; although it is most likely that the Harbour Grace merchant was John Webb’s agent.

The Harbour Grace merchant’s death notice which appeared in The Newfoundlander on Apr 2 1828 was brief and noted only that he was a merchant, ‘formerly of Harbour Grace,’ that he died at Bristol on the 5th of Feb, and that he had ‘for many years carried on extensive business in this town’ (St. John’s).

The Harbor Grace and Carbonear Weekly Journal and General Advertiser for Conception Bay listed among the passengers of the ‘Elizabeth’ from Bristol – 8 Oct 1828 – Mr. MULLOWNEY . I am assuming that this man was somehow connected to William Mullowney, who had died in Bristol in February.

The same newspaper reported the 19 Feb 1829 meeting of the 15th Anniversary of the Benevolent Irish Society of Conception Bay, which took place at the Waterford Arms Hotel.

Resolved unanimously that this Society take a retrospective view of the character and conduct of one of its earliest friends, and most liberal benefactors, W. MULLOWNEY, Esq., who, in the discharge of the duties devolving on him as its Treasurer, from 1814, to his demise in February 1828, exhibited to the public, and to this Society the dignified exertion of talent and liberality… and while his family lament the loss in his person, they console themselves with the solemn and affecting assurance, that his bright example will… continue to shed a pure and hallowed light on this society, though emenating from his sepulchre.

And among the Officers of the Society, elected for the following year (1829) was William MULLOWNEY, Treasurer;.

So, is the new Treasurer of the Benevolent Irish Society – William Mullowney Junior? and is this Jr. the Constable in Harbour Main? The Harbour Main Constable would have been 59 years old at this time.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Following added Mar 7 2013~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Public Ledger and Newfoundland General Advertiser
May 4 1830, Tuesday
Vol. VIII. No. 750.

Newfoundland, 27th April, 1830.
both Merchants and Co-partners of Bristol, trading in Newfoundland,
under the firm of WILLIAM MULLOWNEY & Co.
It is ordered by the Honourable the Central Circuit Court of
Newfoundland, that all persons Creditors of the said JAMES
MULLOWNEY and WM. MULLOWNEY, Merchants and Co-
partners of Bristol, trading in Newfoundland, under the firm
of WM. MULLOWNEY & Co., who where (sic) this day declared
Insolvent in the said Honourable Court, do either in person, or
by their proper Agent or Attorneys, assemble at the Court-
House, on Tuesday next, the 4th of May, then and there to
appoint Trustees to the Estate of the said Insolvents, under
the directions of the said Honourable Court.
. . . . . . . . By order of the Court,
. . . . . . . . . . PETER W. CARTER
. . . . . . . . . . . . Acting Clerk C.C.C.

Note: this info was taken from

National Archives (UK)

[no title] BCC/F/E/3175 1817 Jul 30
These documents are held at Bristol Record Office
Former reference: 1349/18
1 document
Ancient lease: Corporation of Bristol to William Mullowney and Thomas Thomas (sic)
Property- Prince Street

The Public Ledger and Newfoundland General Advertiser
May 14 1830. Firday
Vol. VIII. No. 753.

By Order of the Trustees to the Insolvent Estate of
Mullowney & Co. at Harbour Grace,
On Friday, Saturday, and Monday, the 14th, 15th, and 17th days of
May inst.,
Consisting of
Three Schooners
30 Tuns Oil
60 Tuns Oil Casks
2000 Seal Skins
5 Oil Vats
200 Qils. Fish
40 Coils Cordage.
A large assortment of SHOP and STORE GOODS, particulars of
which will be advertised previous to the days of Sale.
Sale of the SHOP and STORE GOODS will take place on Friday
and Saturday, and the Sale of the Schooners, and Oil, Oil Casks,
Seal Skins and Vats, on Monday, the 17th May.
Agent for the Trustees.
May 7.

The Public Ledger and Newfoundland General Advertiser
May 18 1830, Tuesday
Vol. VIII. No. 754

In the Insolvency of
Of Harbour Grace, in Conception Bay, Newfoundland, MERCHANTS.
At a Meeting of the Creditors of the said Insolvents,
held in pursuance of due notice on the 4th day of this
instant month May, at the Court House, BENJAMIN
BOWRING and JOHN NICHOLS were appointed Trustees
of the Estate and Effects of the said Insolvents, and are
hereby authorized, under such orders as the Honourable
the Central Circuit Court shall from time to time make
herein, to discover, collect, realize, and distribute the
Estate, Debts, and Effects of the said Insolvents; — and
all persons indebted to the said Insolvents, or holding any
property or effects belonging to them, are hereby notified
to pay or deliver the same over to the said Trustees.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . By order of the Court,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PETER W. CARTER
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Acting Clerk C. C. C.
Court House, 5th May, 1830.



Canadiana Online document page 209
CIHM no.: 9_02227_1
from Early Canadiana Online, produced by

Journal of the General Assembly of Newfoundland
pg 209

A petition of William Mullowney, of Harbor Main, in the Northern district,
to his Excellency the Govenor, (was, with his Excellency’s assent) presented
to the house by the hon. Mr. Noad, and the same was received and read, setting
forth, that he has served as a Constable at Harbor main for thirty two years,
and has received a stipend of twelve pounds per annum, for the last eight years –
that being now seventy three years of age he is compelled to resign his situation
from imfermities of age; and praying for a pension for his past services.
(Note: born circa 1770)
Ordered, – That the said petition be referred to the committee of supply.
on page 253 – He was given twelve pounds (per annum?) in consideration of his past services.


Canadiana Online Document page 143
Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
… sixth session of the second General Assembly
(St. John’s, Newfoundland : J. Shea, 1841.)
Colonial Government Journals
CIHM: 9_02228_12


Electoral District of Conception Bay,
To William Mullowney, Constable, Dr.

For expenses attending taking lists of persons entitled to vote at Elections.
Sep. 1 1837
To taking the names of voters for the division of Harbor Main,
extending from Salmon Cove Point to Holyrood, inclusive,–
say for my labor, traveling expenses, cost of boards, &c., set
down at the same sum as was allowed last year by the Legislature.
Ditto ditto ditto for 1838 £2 10 0
Ditto ditto ditto for 1839 £2 10 0
Ditto ditto ditto for 1840 £2 10 0
£2 10 0
Stg. £10 0 0
Robert J Pincent, J.P., Revising Magistrate


Internet Archive detail page for the book

Ecclesiastical History of Newfoundland
by The Very Reverend M. F. Howley, D.D.
Prefect Apostolic of St Georges, West Newfoundland
Published Boston, 1888
pg 198
A petition of Newfoundland Catholics to the Pope ” …most humbly
pray that you would graciously deign to appoint, as Bishop, with a title
in partibus, and as Vicar Apostolic, the illustrious and most worthy
Prefect of our Mission, the Rev. Father James Louis O’Donel, of the Order
of Friars Minor of the Observance. . . . ”

Given at Newfoundland, the 20th day of November A.D. 1794.

Brother Edmund Bourke, Dominican Friar, Missionary of Placentia;
Brother Thomas Ewer, Franciscan Missionary of Ferryland;
Brother Patrick Phalen, Franciscan, Harbour Grace;
William Coman, gentleman inhabitant of St. John’s;
David Duggan, do;
Henry Shea, do;
Luck Maddoc, do;
John Wall, do;
Timothy Ryan, do;
John Bulger, do;
Michael Mara, do;
James Power, do;
Martin Delaney, do;
Patrick Power, do;
William Mullowney, gentleman inhabitant of the District of Harbour Grace;
John Quarry, do;
Demetrius Hartery, do;
James Shortall, do., of Ferryland;
John Cody, do;
John Power, do., of Great Placentia;
John Kearney, do., of Little Placentia


this link goes to Olaf U. Janzen, professor of history,
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Corner Brook
from which the following information is linked.

123-124v – page
26 Sept. 1798 – Date
Surrogate Court, Cha. Garland [?] – From whom (where)
blank – To whom (where)
Extract from the Surrogate Court at Harbour Grace in Conception Bay.
William Mullowny vs. John Cummins. “Action for Debt for 27 pounds due
for Goods Sold and Delivered and the purchase money of a Plantation.
Writ Issued Returnable the 29th Oct. next.”

125-126v – page
30 Sept. 1806 – Date
William Mullowney – From whom (where)
blank – To whom (where)
Fletcher who owned that Fishery in Northerbay quitted the place in 1775.
His place became a waste ground. In 1786 Keef Hans of Bristol built a
Fishing Room and came to a failure. Everything was sold at public Auction
and purchased by Mr John Webb. Mr Webb’s declining trade caused
Mullowney to have to dispose of the room to any person
that may purchase it. He sold it to John Cummins for 30 pounds payable
in three years.

GenWeb Plantation Book
Note: The Fishing Rooms 1805 – 1806 files are broken into sections by page numbers.

Page 19
#115 Northern Bay
John Cummins & Thos. Fogarty are listed as owners of a waterside
room in Northern Bay (1stage, 1 flake, 3 houses, 1 garden) – purchased
from Wm Mullowney for 30pounds – since 1796.
The occupier is Wm. Hogan.
The note attached to this entry says that William Hogan is to enjoy this
room rent free during his natural life, then to divolve to Jno. Cummins
and Thos. Fogarty and their heirs but if they should rent his room or
dispose of it they are to give the heirs of Wm. Hogan the preference.
Transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE.

Page 20
#116 Another room (1/2 stage, 1flake, 2houses, 3gardens),
Northern Bay – John Commins (sic) & Thos. Fogarty (owners & occupiers) ,
purchased from Wm Mullowney for 30pounds.
not sold or leased, 1796.
Transcribed by SUSAN SNELGROVE.

Page 25
#153 – Western Bay
William Mullowney, Agent for Jno. Webb Jr. 64 yds. from H.W.M.
to the Northward bounded on the E. by Noah and Nicholas Perry on the
W. by Philip Rines 58 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the N. by a mountain
on the S. by the sea 1 House 1 Garden 1 Meadow, with 1/3 of the Stage
now in the occupation of Ph. Rine and Maurice Fitzgerald and Jas. McDonald.
Name of present Occupier: Jno. Webb Jr.
Purchased from Philip Perry for £70 Sold to :Ml. Fowlow ” 1787 ” –
Transcribed by FRED SWED JR.

Page 26
#163 – Western Bay
Owners, Michael Fowlow & David Mullowney; occupied by Ml. Fowlow –
1800 (1house, 1garden, 1meadow)
Transcribed by FRED SWED JR.

Page 31
#189 Western Bay
Wm. Mullowney, Jr., 55 yds. from E. to W.
bounded on the W. By Richd. Howell on the E. by Thomas Jones
116 yds. from the Bank to the S. bounded S. by the woods. No.buildings.
Name of Party Claining Right: W. Mullowney Jr.
Purchased from Robt. Howood for £5 –
Present Occupier Ml. Dwyer – Not sold or leased at the Time of this Entry 1799
Transcribed by FRED SWED JR.

Page 46 Harbour Main
#306 William Mullowney 107 yds. from S. to N. by the sea,
bounded on the S. by Jas. Wall,
on the N. by Thos. Hickey, 200 yds. from H.W.M. bounded on the S.W. by
the woods no buildings.
Name of Party Claiming Property – Wm. Mullowney In consequence of lying
void for upwards of 60 years or more.
Present Occupier – Wm. Mullowney – 1806
Transcribed by SUE O’NEILL.

page 137
# 390 Colliers
John Wall Claiment and Occupier 1 H. 2 Gardens
Note, This room is disposed of by Bill of Sale dated 1 December 1787 to
Thos. & Lawrence Dunn for £90.8
Witnessed by Lionel Chancy, & Wm. Mullowney
By deed of gift from his mother-in-law 1801

Page 143
#1030 North Side Harbour Grace
William and David Mullowney, 100 yds. from E. to W.
bounded on the E. by Jno. Mulcahy
on the W. by Chas. Carrol 200 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. bounded on
the N. by the woods
Name of Party Claiming Right: Rest of info unclear, land possibly not
occupied. 1805
Transcribed by SUE O’NEILL.
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  1. William Mullowney who died in Buchans is from Clarkes Beach.

  2. C. Stuart says:

    Is William Mullowney related to the Maloneys of Holyrood NL?

  3. Frances Thompson Alexson says:

    I, came across your site and found it quite interesting. My paternal great -grand-mother, was supposively Anne Mullowney Tracey….born in Sweet Bay, NFLD in 1848. My Grand-mother, was named Elizabeth Tracey Thompson, born in Sweet Bay in 1880. I, have never been able to prove the birth of Elizabeth Tracey. I, have searched , The Rooms and St. John’s Basilica, without getting any definitive answers. My Great-Grand-Father was named Patrick Francis Tracey. The Basilica claims that Anne Mullowney and Patrick Tracey were married there in St.John’s in the year 1869. I, do believe that the Mullowney and Traceys, all originated in Sweet Bay, but find no proof. Do, you have any suggestions? Regards, Frances

  4. Linda Barrett says:

    My husband’s great grandfather Michael Barrett of Holyrood married a Margaret Muloney on Jan 16, 1867. Children listed for them are:

    Roger/Roderick John born Nov 22, 1867
    Daniel born Nov 21, 1869
    Mary Anne born Dec 28, 1872
    Anne born June 11, 1874

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