Shea RC Baptisms & Marriages
Holy Trinity, Torbay 1846 – 1904

These records for the surname Shea were generously donated by Sharon Lewison. The information was taken from the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) at The Rooms in St John’s.

Please be aware that the original records were hand written up to two hundred years ago – long before pen and paper as we know them were invented. Just as well too, these old materials were made to last – what we use today were not. The transcriber worked from photocopies of the original register pages.

These are all factors that contribute to possible errors. The study of archaic handwriting is a science in itself; the spelling of names, especially surnames has evolved over time.

Bearing all that in mind, this material, freely offered, is a wonderful resource. We hope you find something useful here.


Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Torbay, NL 

Birth Date      Bap Date        Name                                       Location        
                Jul 2,1846      Mary Ann to Joseph SHEA & Eliza BUTT
                                Sponsors: Patt WAKEHAM & Jane KEEFE
                Sep 3,1846      Mary Ann to John SHEA & Ellen FRACY
                                Sponsors: Dan KEEFE & Ellen McNANAMARA
                May 29,1849     Patt to John SHEA & Elenor FRACY
                                Sponsors: Thomas POWER & Eliza SHEA
                Jun 11,1850     Frances to Joseph SHEA & Eliza BUTT
                                Sponsors: Henry JURDAN & Sara MORISON
                Jun 11,1853     Eliza to Mic SHEA & Ann FIELD
                                Sponsors: James MANNING & ------ SHEA
                Jan 28,1856     Daniel Joseph to Mic SHEA & Ann FIELD
                                Sponsors: Thos GRACE & Cath MANNING
                Aug 19,1858     Edward to Mic SHEA & Ann FIELD
                                Sponsors: Isaac MARTIN & Ann BURN
                Oct 8,1860      Samuel James to Mic SHEA & Ann FIELD
                                Sponsors: John BRADBURY & Caroline RYAN
                May 9,1862      Edward to Dan SHEA & Ellen TOBIN
                                Sponsors: Mic BURN & Ann SHEA
1867-1872 very sparse records - no SHEAs found
                Mar 24,1873     Ellen Mary to Daniel SHEA & Ellen TOBIN
                                Sponsors: John RYAN & Mary Elln POWER
                Nov 8,1874      Michl Joseph to Michael SHEA & Anastatia FIELD
                                Sponsors: Thos (-----) & (------) MARTIN        (Faded)
                Jul 18,1875     John to Edward SHEA & Ann FURLONG
                                Sponsors: John GRACE & Mary GRACE (alias McGUIRE)
                Oct 15,1875     Bridget Maria Joseph to ------- SHEA & Alice DUNPHY
                                Sponsors: ------ BARRETT & Caroline EVANS
                Dec 19,1876     Honora to Edward SHEA & Anne FURLONG
                                Sponsors: Jas EVANS & Ellen SHEA
                May 6,1878      Patrick to Edward SHEA & Anne FURLONG
                                Sponsors: James PHELAN & Johannah KEEFE
                Jun 21,1880     Joseph Alexander to Joseph SHEA & Elizabeth KING
                                Sponsors: John BUTLER & Alice SHEA
                Sep 10,1881     Richard to Joseph SHEA & Elizabeth KING
                                Sponsors: Thos SHEA & Kate MOREY
Mar 11,1893     Mar 12,1893     Patrick Joseph to Samuel SHEA & Mary MANNING
                                Sponsors: Michael SHEA & Mary Ann MANNING
Jul 18,1894     Jul 20,1894     Mary to Joseph SHEA & Hannah CROWE
                                Sponsors: Thomas CROWE & Mary MANNING
Oct 15,1894     Oct 21,1894     Anastasia to Samuel SHEA & Mary H MANNING
                                Sponsors: Patrick MANNING & Mary J MANNING
Jan 9,1896      Jan 12,1896     Thomas Joseph to Edward SHEA & Alice CROWE
                                Sponsors: Patrick MANNING & Margaret HICKEY
Dec 29,1895     Apr 29,1896     William Joseph to Ambrose SHEA & Margaret BURKE  Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: William CONNORS & Bridget SHEA
May 29,1896     Jun 2,1896      Michael Joseph to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: Michael KELLY & Bridget SHEA
Oct 15,1896     Oct 20,1896     James Joseph to Samuel SHEA & Mary H MANNING
                                Sponsors: James MANNING & Jane MANNING
May 14,1897     Jun 4,1897      Thomas to William SHEA & Johanna MARTIN   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: Michael SHEA & Jane EVANS
Jul 7,1897      Jul 13,1897     Mary Ellen to Ambrose SHEA & Margaret BURKE   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: John EVANS & Mary Anne GRACE
Nov 17,1897     Nov 21,1897     Anastasia to Edward SHEA & Alice CROWE
                                Sponsors: Patrick GOSSE & Lucy CROWE
Aug 12,1898     Aug 12,1898     John to William SHEA & Johanna MARTIN   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: Daniel MARTIN & Honora SHEA
Oct 10,1898     Oct 19,1898     William to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: John SHEA & Bridget WALL
Dec 29,1898     Jan 1,1899      Mary Elizabeth to Samuel SHEA & Mary H MANNING
                                Sponsors: Michael MANNING & Anastasia MANNING
Apr 18,1900     Apr 22,1900     Cecily to Ambrose SHEA & Margaret BURKE    Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: Joseph SHEA & Margaret EVANS
Nov 23,1900     Dec 2,1900      Patrick John to William SHEA & Johanna MARTIN   Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: Thomas MARTIN & Mary J MARTIN
Nov 13,1900     Dec 2,1900      Mary Ann to James SHEA & Johanna KELLY  Pouch Cove
                                Sponsors: William EVANS & Jane BUTLER
Jan 4,1901      Jan 6,1901      Daniel Joseph to Samuel SHEA & Mary H MANNING
                                Sponsors: William GOSSE & Catherine FLEMMING


Date            Name                                                         Location        
Oct 2,1852      Mic SHEA                        m       Ann FIELD
                Witness: George FIELD & Sarah MILLY
Nov 19,1857     William SHEA                    m       Eliza MANNING
                Witness: Thos MANNING & Cath MANNING
Jan 12,1860     Daniel SHEA                     m       Ellen TOBIN
                Witness: John DODD & Mary SHEA
Oct 31,1874     Edward SHEA                     m       Anne FURLONG
                Witness: Michl BOLLGER & Rose Ann SHEA
Nov 30,1889     Daniel SHEA                     m       Mary POWER
                Witness: Samuel SHEA & Mary POWER
May 28,1892     Samuel SHEA                     m       Mary MANNING
                Witness: Edward SHEA & Mary A MANNING
Jan 1,1894      Edward SHEA                     m       Hannah CROW
                Witness: William CROW & Mary J MANNING
Apr 29,1894     William SHEA                    m       Johanna MARTIN
                Witness: Ambrose SHEA & Mary MARTIN
Oct 19,1895     Ambrose SHEA                    m       Margaret BURKE
                Witness: John SHEA & Margret SHEA
Apr 30,1896     Daniel SHEA                     m       Catherine RYAN
                Witness: Michael SHEA & Bridget POWER
Apr 5,1902      Thomas SHEA                     m       Norah COSTELLOE
                Witness: Michael SHEA & Jane BUTLER
Nov 8,1902      John Joseph SHEA                m       Hannah Mary FOLEY
                Witness: John MANNING & Alice SHEA
Jun 3,1903      James SHEA                      m       Mary Joseph MAHER
                Witness: Denis MAHER & Emily BOWES
Jan 6,1904      Michael SHEA                    m       Margaret CULLIN
                Witness: Patrick CULLEN & Anne MANNING
Apr 11,1904     James SHEA                      m       Catherine McNAMARA
                Witness: William SHEA & Hannah SHEA
Apr 28,1905     Ambrose SHEA                    m       Jane McNAMARA
                Witness: William F SHEA & Catherine SHEA
Nov 30,1905     John SHEA                       m       Alice CONSTANTINE
                Witness: Michael SHEA & Bridget JORDAN
Jan 23,1906     Joseph SHEA                     m       Catherine MURRANT
                Witness: Cornelius MURRANT & Jane F BUTLER     

The information was compiled and transcribed by Deborah L Jeans, a genealogy researcher in St John's, Newfoundland. 


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9 Responses to Shea RC Baptisms & Marriages
Holy Trinity, Torbay 1846 – 1904

  1. Hello – I am trying to do a family tree for my mom’s 80th b’day coming up soon. However I am very stuck at her gr grandparents Patrick and Johanna Maher. The only info i know that is to be true is Patrick Maher, Greenspond, 1857 (nfld archives kcrc). They had three children John, Amelia and Thomas which is my line. Thomas married a Lucy Sophia Pond. However this lady’s name also comes up as Sophia Jane. My mom was named after this lady so insists it was Lucy Sophia. While in NL I did see the death record at “The Rooms’ and it was listed as Lucy Sophia. Any help at all would be so appreciated. Thank you Marilyn

    • Cynthia Squires says:

      Got a William Maher, Married Johanna O’Donnell have several children for them 4 girls 2 boys, not the same names as yours. Have info if still interested

  2. Marion says:

    Maher (They had three children John, Amelia and Thomas.) Are you forgetting they also had Mabel. Mabel was 14 years younger then Amelia.Mabelis my mother.

  3. William Shea says:


    My name is William Shea from Brooklyn, New York. My dad was born in Torbay in 1907 to Edward Shea And Alice ( Crow ) Shea.

    For my family tree I’m trying to find any information on the parents of Alice Crow.

    Some say that she was born in 1860 to Thomas Crow and Ann Tobin Crow, however, no records can confirm this information. Also according to information obtained, she had several brothers of whom were Richard Crow and William Crow. As with Alice, William Crow’s birth can not be confirmed.

    Both did live in Torbay and died their as well.

    Looking for conformation on who their parents were.


    Bill Shea

    • olga says:

      Alice Crowe
      Newfoundland Vital Records
      Name Edward Shea
      Event Type Marriage
      Event Date 13 Jan 1894
      Event Place Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
      Gender Male
      Age 34
      Birth Year (Estimated) 1860
      Spouse’s Name Alice Crowe
      Spouse’s Gender Female
      Spouse’s Age 28
      Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated) 1866
      Entry Number 4

  4. jessica says:

    Hello, I’m trying to find info on my grandfather’s father michael crowe my grand father is james crowe(whom passed away) im stuck trying to find info on michael crowe and any info on crowe’s would be greatley appreciated and I know they came from N.L but went to got to the states but didnt have the right documents to go so the ended up in saint john new brunswick….so any info would help! thank you in advance!

    also can email me =

  5. William Shea says:


    Looking for additional information on Johannah M Shea born August 1902 to Edward Shea and Alice Crowe.

    I note that you records end at 1901 and I wonder why??

    Bill Shea

  6. dorothy pacuilla says:

    My name is Dorothy Pacuilla born in brooklyn, my mother was bridget shea, born in pouch cove and lived on shea hill. She has two sisters, her parents died when she
    was a toddler. Any info would help.

  7. blake says:

    Not looking for Shea but I am interested in Irish Catholics from the late 1700 and through the 1800s, Specifically looking for An edmund or edward Kelly from Kilmacow , Kilkenny, Ireland born 1802 married a Mary Morey born in St Johns 1804, They were married Nov 2, 1827 and raised their family in Torbay,

    Edward/Edmund Kelly died in Torbay Nov 4, 1893.

    I don’t know where he was buried.
    I don’t know when Mary Morey died. she was born feb 1, 1804
    Their children were; Terrence baptized Dec29, 1828 left a will
    William and Twin Bridget Born in Jan but Bapt Feb 2, 1831
    Jeffery bap may 3 1834 died before age 6.
    Jeffery and Twin Mary Ann Bap April 19, 1840
    Jeffery/Geoffrey married Catherine Barron after traveling America and Europe, returned and worked as a warden in the Penitentiary
    Robert who was a constable maybe born in 1856

    I don’t know Edward kelly parents
    Mary Morey parents were William Morey from Passage waterford and Ann Hodge from Porta Grave. Married oct 29. 1797. She two younger brothers James and robert. James born Nov 26 1805 Robart may 14 1808 then another Robert in 1811

    mostly they all stayed in Torbay. I think Edward Kelly build a house on Indian Meal RD inthe early 1800s Just sharing information to others who may be looking for Kelley and Morey ancestors from Torbay

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