I’ve found the best map site for research. Many of the older names for areas are noted on this Topographic Map from National Resources Canada – The Atlas of Canada

Clicking on an area on the map will cause it to reload – this will increase the detail and will center the area you clicked on. To find “Ship Cove” in Holyrood North – you will need to click twice on the Chapel’s Cove/Holyrood North area or change the scale at the bottom of the map to 20000 and use the arrows on the sides of the map to move around.

If the link above doesn’t work for you try this one: Toporama

Use the ‘Search using the Map Sheet Number’ feature on the right.
Enter 1N6 (Holyrood ) and press Enter.
When the map loads click on the XL button at the top of the map to enlarge the window.
Change the Scale (at the bottom left) under the map to 150000. This will give you a good idea of the general layout and then to get the small details change the Scale to 20000 and use the arrows at the sides of the map to move around.

Be warned: This map will take quite a while to load if you are on dial-up. You will also need to have Java enabled.

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