James Dwyer & Mary Hawco

The information contained in this Dwyer family tree has been gathered over a period of twenty years from many sources. Much of the information on the individual families were supplied by researchers who were following their own particular lines. Information on living family members has been removed as far as I’ve been able to determine. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

James Dwyer appeared in Holyrood from out of the blue around the beginning of the 19th century. His marriage to Mary Hawco on Oct 21st 1818 is his earliest appearance in the Harbour Grace RC records. There were a few other Dwyers married at Harbour Grace about the same time, but I haven’t been able to associate him with any of them, although some baptisms for Michael Dwyer and Catherine Corbett between 1809-1820 look interesting.

Selected Harbour Grace RC Baptisms PANL 2008

As far as I know he was the only member of his family to settle in Holyrood, and almost all the Dwyers there now are descended from him.

Possible exceptions:
Matthew Dwyer (1921 census Holyrood North) was from Spaniards Bay; was married to Elizabeth O’Neil. I believe she remarried – a Penney – after Matthew died.

Richard Dwyer and his wife Ann – Schoolteacher, often referred to as “Master Dwyer”, later as a J.P. he witnessed many wills for Holyrood and area residents. He and his wife had two sons; Thomas who became a doctor and died at about 40 years (buried at Kennedy’s Lane) and Mark – who became a priest. Father Dwyer served in the Harbour Main parish for a number of years and I believe is buried in the priest’s graveyard near the church there.

The 1921 census (Holyrood Central) showed that Richard & Ann Dwyer and their son Thomas were from Harbour Grace.

A number of the Dwyer researchers I’ve corresponded with over the years have been convinced that James Dwyer was Irish -as opposed to being a native born Newfoundlander. At least one of James Dwyer’s sons -Patrick, (baptised at Harbour Grace May 2nd 1824) was known to be a Gaelic speaker.

¤ Mary Hawco was most likely Newfoundland born. The Plantation Book of 1805 lists three male Hawcos, all in Chapel’s Cove; (#289) William and Thomas, who acquired their property as an inheritance from their father, dated 1785. They shared 1 stage, 1 flake, 2 houses. 2 gardens and 1 meadow.

Next door, (#290) Philip Hawco had 1 stage, 1 flake, 2 houses, and 1 meadow; he also inherited his property from his father, dated 1792.

1. James Dwyer b. Ireland?, m. Mary Hawco, b. Chapels Cove. I’m not sure of the birthplaces yet.
James Dwire (or Devine?) married Mary Haco Oct 21 1818. Witnesses: Peter Ryan & Mary Doyle. (this record is online at the GenWeb site HGrace RC )


??Mary? Marg? Dwyer b: Oct 24 1819 Sps: Thoms Wall & Mary Walsh

1. i. Patrick Dwyer
bap: May 2 1824 m. Hanorah Power.

i. Mary Bridget Dwyer b. Jan ? 1855, Quinlans Ridge,
m. (1st) Philip OConnell, Apr 15, 1877
m. (2nd) Patrick Healey, Aug 11 1898

ii. Edward Dwyer b. Oct 12 1855, m. Sarah Ann Flynn.
iii. Agnes Jane Dwyer b. Jul 15 1858 m. Philip Healey Jan 11, 1881; b. Jul ? 1853 (1921 census)
iv. Elizabeth Martha Dwyer. b: Aug 18 1860 m. Healey?
v. Catherine Joseph Dwyer. b: 25 Jul 1862
vi. Anastasia Dwyer b: 09 May 1864 m. John Targate 28 Nov 1882
vii. Ellen Frances Dwyer. b: 01 Jul 1866 married Thomas Davis 27 Apr 1884
viii. Honorah Frances ‘Norah b: Nov 15 1868
ix. Cecilia b: Jun 25 1871 m. Timothy Hannon 08 Jan 1894
x. Anne Maria Dwyer bap: Aug 27 1873
xi. Patrick Francis Dwyer b: 21 Dec 1876 married Anastasia Slaney b: Nov 25 1873

2. ii. John Dwyer b. Oct 7 1826 m. Eliza Dahlens? Danils? Or Daniels?.

i. Mary Margaret b: May 31 1857 m. Patrick Flynn
ii. Catherine Bridget Dwyer b: Sep 25 1859 m. Nov 26 1881, John Corbett.
iii. William Dwyer b. Jan 30 1862, m. 1888, Ellen Hynes Quinlan.
iv. Patrick Michael Dwyer. b. Sept 21 1864
v.?? John Thomas Dwyer b: Jan 27 1866 or 1868. m. Mary Ann Quinlan.
vi. Jane (Elizabeth Jane) Dwyer b. Sep 1870 m. Thomas Flynn, b. Aug ? 1874, Harbour Main.
vii.? ? Sarah Dwyer 15 Dec 1872
viii.? ? Maria Frances Dwyer 16 Aug 1875
ix. James Dwyer m. Mary Whalen
x.? ? Philip Dwyer m. Mary Whalen
xi. Maria Dwyer (called Mariah) b. Aug ? 1881 m. William Fewer, b. May ? 1871

3. iii. Bridget Dwyer b. Oct 9 1828 m. John Mackey

i. Edward Mackey bap: Sep 28 1857
ii. Mary Margaret Mackey bap: Aug 28 1859
iii. Elizabeth Mackey bap: Dec 22 1861
iv. Richard Mackey bap: Oct 17 1864
v. James Mackey bap: Dec 2 1866

4. iv. Jane Dwyer m. Patrick Healey

i. Eliza Jane Healey bap: Nov 28 1858
ii. John Healey bap: Feb 1864

5. v. Ann Dwyer m. Walter Fewer

i. Catherine Fewer born 1855 Chapel’s Cove father: Walter Fewer mother: Nancy Dwyer
    I found a tree for Catherine Fewer and Thomas Barnaby Green at familysearch.net
    She died in 1945 on Bell Island.
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Pedigree Resource File,” database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:34VZ-5LW : accessed 2016-05-12), entry for Catherine /Fewer/.
ii. Margaret Jane Fewer bap: Jul 25 1859
iii. Anastasia Fewer bap: Dec 29 1864
iv. Alice Fewer bap: Mar 20 1868
v. Johannah Fewer bap: May 7 1872
vi. James Fewer bap: Jun 4 1876

6. vi. Margaret Dwyer m. George Hussy Nov 21 1860.

i. Eliza Hussey bap: Jul 17 1858
ii. Mary Margaret Hussey bap: Sep 20 1863

7. vii. William Dwyer b. Aug ? 1837, m. Mary Hynes, b. Aug ? 1835.

i. Mary Frances Aloysius Dwyer b. Oct 14 1864 m. Matthew Whalen.
ii. Theresa Ellen Dwyer Apr 13 1867
iii. James Dwyer b. 14 Aug 1869 m. Margaret unknown b: Dec 1876.
iv. Patrick Dwyer b. Oct 7 1873 Holyrood m. Mary Ann ‘Annie’ MacDonald, b. Sep ? 1875
v. Catherine Bridget Dwyer b: Mar 2 1876 married Michael Brophy.
vi. Elizabeth Dwyer. b: 18 Sep 1878 married Richard F. Fewer
vii. Anastasia Dwyer b: Sep 15 1880

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??Mary? Marg? Dwyer b: Oct 24 1819 Sps: Thoms Wall & Mary Walsh (dau of James Dwyer & Mary Hawco).
I found this record at PANL in Sep08 and I don’t quite know what to do with yet. If this 1819 record is for Margaret Dwyer Hussey #6 then she would have been 39 when her 1st? dau was born and 40 at her marriage. This is not beyond the realm of possibility of course. More info is needed. Source: PANLOct2008ew

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1. i. Patrick Dwyer
bap: May 2 1824 Sps: John Ryan & Mary Kelly (Har Grace 2008ew) (son of James Dwyer & Mary Hawco) m. Hanorah Power


i. Mary Bridget Dwyer (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b. Jan ? 1855, Quinlans Ridge, m. (1st) Philip OConnell Apr 15, 1877 Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly
Witnesses: Edward Dwyer & Anastasia Kennedy (grbanks)

Children by Philip OConnell:
i. Thomas OConnell b. Oct 7 1878 Sps: Cornelius Quinlan Anastatia Kennedy (grbanks)
ii. Patrick (bap Jan 28 1880 – Ann Pollard)
iii. Honora (bap Jul 9 1882 – Ann Pollard)
iv. Agnes (bap Jul 2 1888 – Ann Pollard)
v. Philip (bap Mar 18 1891 – Ann Pollard)

m. (2nd) Patrick Healey, Aug 11 1898, he was b. Dec ? 1855, Quinlans
Ridge, (son of John Healey).

Children by Patrick Healey:
i. Patrick Healey b. Sep ? 1899.

ii. Edward Dwyer (son of Patrick & Honora Power) b. Oct 12 1855, d. Mar 10 1932.
He m. Sarah Ann Flynn on Jun 3 1882, she was b. Oct 18 1863.

(Her parents were James Flynn of Harbour Main and Bridget Gushue Flynn from Conception Harbour.) Info supplied by Sue O’Neil

i. Patrick Dwyer Born: 25 Dec 1882 in Harbour Main, d. 20 Mar 1888
ii. Edward Dwyer Born: 11 Feb 1889 in Chapel’s Cove, d. 15 Jun 1889
iii. George Dwyer Born: 24 Nov 1898 in Harbour Main d. 09 Jul 1908
iv. Honorah Dwyer Born: 07 Feb 1884 d. 28 Mar 1888
v. Bridget Dwyer Born: 28 Apr 1885 d. 18 Mar 1888
vi. James Dwyer Born: 05 Sep 1886 in: Holyrood d. 02 Jan 1985
vii. Richard Dwyer Born: 16 Aug 1890 d. 24 Sep 1891
viii. Mary Dwyer Born: 09 Jan 1893 d. 1954 in Bell Island
ix. Margaret Dwyer Born: 04 Sep 1894 in Harbour Main
x. Ann Dwyer Born: 02 Aug 1896
xi. Gertrude Dwyer Born: 18 Nov 1897
xii. Veronica Dwyer Born: May 1898 d. 25 May 1898 in Holyrood
xiii. Sarah Dwyer Born: 12 Feb 1901 in Lakeview, NF
xiv. Maud Dwyer Born: 26 Oct 1902
xv. Isabelle Dwyer Born: 16 Sep 1906

iii. Agnes Jane Dwyer (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b. Jul 15 1858, Holyrood North, Sps: John Hely & Hanora Neile [StsP&P ew]
m. Philip Healey , b. Jul ? 1853, Holyrood North, lived in Quinlans Ridge
-source 1921 census.

073 Healy Philip ? Dwyer Agnes Ferryland ? Jan 11, 1881 Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly Philip Connell & Catherine Dwyer (grbanks)

i. James J Healey b. Mar ? 1883.
ii. Peter Healey Sep 16 1885, Harbour Main.
iii. Honora Healey Sep 10 1889, m. Nov 4 1911, unknown.
iv. Frances Healey Nov 16 1891, m. Nov 18 1917, in Boston, MA, unknown. (THynesVStats)
v. Bridget Healey Nov 16 1891(THynesVStats)
vi. Thomas Healey b. ?.

iv. Elizabeth Martha Dwyer. (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b: Aug 18 1860 m. Healey? Source: SueONeil

v. Catherine Joseph Dwyer. (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b: 25 Jul 1862. Source: SueONeil

vi. Anastasia Dwyer (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b: 09 May 1864. Married: John Targate 28 Nov 1882 in: Harbour Main, NF Source: SueONeil

082 DWYER Anastasia, Holyrood m. TARGATE John, Holyrood Nov 28, 1882 by Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly Joseph Targate & Catherine Dwyer (Grand Banks)

Richard Nov. 24, 1883 #14 Sprs. Joseph Targate & Ellen Dwyer (North Arm). (THynes)

vii. Ellen Frances Dwyer. (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b: 01 Jul 1866. Married Thomas Davis 27 Apr 1884 in Holyrood. Source: SueONeil

viii. Honorah Frances ‘Norah (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) b: Nov 15 1868 Sps: Thomas Penney & Bridget Penney [ew] Source: SueONeil

ix. Cecilia (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) bap: Jun 25 1871 #58)
Sps: Patrick Gorman? & Sarah Moore [ew].
Married: Timothy Hannon 08 Jan 1894 in Harbour Main

x. Anne Maria Dwyer (dau of Patrick & Honora Power) Bap: Aug 27 1873 Sps: Thomas Woodford & Elizabeth Hely (bap record # 81 StsP&Pew)

xi. Patrick Francis Dwyer (son of Patrick & Honora Power) b: 21 Dec 1876
Patrick Dwyer died 05 Sep 1952.
Married Anastasia Slaney b: Nov 25 1873 Died: 25 Jun 1963.
Her parents were Thomas Slaney & Constance Fardy.
Source: SueONeil

i. Rita Dwyer Born: 04 Nov 1904 Died: 13 Sep 1908 in: Holyrood
ii. Dorothy Dwyer Born: 28 Sep 1906 in: Holyrood
iii. Cyril Patrick Dwyer Born: 22 May 1908
iv. Francis Gerald Dwyer Born: 1903 Died: 05 Oct 1938 in Gander
v. Patrick J. Dwyer Born: 08 Aug 1909 in Holyrood

DWYER Patrick M Head Married 1876 Dec 44 Holyrood, CB
DWYER Anastasia F Wife Married 1877 Jun 44 Chapels Cove, CB
DWYER Francis G. M Son Single 1903 Feb 18 Holyrood,CB
DWYER Dorothy F Dau Single 1906 Sep 14 Holyrood,CB
DWYER Cyril M Son Single 1908 May 13 Holyrood, CB
DWYER Patrick M Son Single 1909 Aug 12 Holyrood, CB
1921 census Tickle Harbour Station RR (Section: Norman’s Cove)

see Kennedy’s Lane Cemerty transcription, Dwyer

2. ii. John Dwyer bap: Oct 7 1826 Sps: Edmond Larken & Joanna Gorman Har Grace ew) (son of James Dwyer & Mary Hawco) m. Eliza Dahlens? Danils? Or Daniels?. For some reason her surname proved to be a real spelling challange in the parish registers. I don’t think it was spelled the same way twice. She was English. In the 1935 census both William and Jane stated that their mother had been born in England.)

I recently found this marriage record on the familysearch website and it gave me much to think about. Was John Dwyer really living in Brigus at the time of his marriage? Why? The wedding was performed by Rev Kyran Walsh at the Basilica in St John’s.
Oct 30 1853 Jno Dwyer Brigus and Eliza Dannels
Wit Patt Dwyer and Johanna Colbert [Priest K Walsh] pg495image286

“Newfoundland Church Records, 1793-1945,” images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1961-26181-18760-50?cc=1939435 : accessed 3 April 2016), St. John’s > Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist > Marriages with index 1821-1885 > image 286 of 307; Catholic Church and Church of England parishes, Newfoundland.

Bill Dawson found a baptism record in the Archives for Harbour Grace: John, born to James Dwyer and Mary Hawko – Oct 7 1826. Gparents were Pierce Power & Mary Penny.

Children: NOTE If John Dwyer and Eliza Dannels were married in 1853 then it is likely that the two children who I have been unable to find birth records for – ix. James and x.?? Philip – were born after 1853 and before 1857.

i. Mary Margaret (dau of John & Eliza Dahlens) b: May 31 1857 m.
Patrick Flynn, b. Lakeview (grbanks Sps: Patrick Williams Jane Hawko (mother Daniels)

ii. Catherine Bridget Dwyer (dau of John & Eliza Dahlens) b: Sep 25 1859 (Sts P&P) m. Nov 26 1881, in Harbour Main, John Corbett. Witnesses, William & Mary Dwyer :: bap records supplied by Judy Barker (off site link)

i. Edward Corbett (son of John Corbett & Catherine Dwyer) b: Oct 19 1881, Harbour Main. He married Bridget O’Toole from Conception Harbour. They moved to US in 1922.

ii. Bridget Corbett Dec 12 1882, Harbour Main.
iii. William John Corbett b. Nov 23 1884.
iv. John Corbett b. Nov 25 1886.

v. Susanna Corbett (dau of John Corbett & Catherine Dwyer) b: Mar 29 1889 in Chapel’s Cove. She married Thomas O’Toole b: 1886 in Conception Harbour. They lived in Conception Harbour. Thomas O’Toole was injured when he was working in Gander. He went back to Conception Harbour and died there a year or so later.
Susanna then married David Foley and they moved to Bell Island.

vi. Patrick Corbett Sep 3 1891, Sps: Patrick Slyney Mary Slyney
vii. Stephen James Corbett May 30 1894 Sps: Stephen Corbett Johannah Fewer
viii. Michael Corbett Mar 1 1897, Sps: Sps: William Fewer Ellen Hickey
ix. Elizabeth F. Corbett Sep 22 1899 Sps: Richard Corbett Sarah Hawco
x. Kate Corbett Oct 20 1902 Sps: Pat Corbett Mary Hawco
xi. Maria Corbett Feb 21 1908 Sps: Paul Hawco Brigid Myers nee Corbett

iii. William Dwyer (son of John & Eliza Dahlens, grson of James) b. Jan 30 1862, m. Ellen Hynes Quinlan on Oct 30 1888 at Holy Cross Parish Church in Holyrood; Witnesses: Patrick Healey and Catherine Dwyer. She was married as Ellen Quinlan.

Note: Information on Ellen Hynes supplied by Blaine Dooley.
Ellen had been previously married to Peter Quinlan (of Holyrood?) They
were married at the Roman Catholic Church in Portugal Cove on Jan 7 1868. Witnesses : William White and Mary Hynes.

children of Peter Quinlan & Ellen Hynes – StsP&P grbanks
i. Sarah Anne Quinlan #120 bap. 15 Nov 1868
. . . Sps: James Quinlan Ellen Quinlan
ii. Elizabeth Quinlan #14 13 Feb 1871
. . . Sps: Timothy Quinlan Elizabeth Terry
iii. Bridget Quinlan #144 21 Nov 1873
. . . Sps: John Quinlan Mary Quinlan
iv. Jeremiah Quinlan #22 20 Feb 1876
. . . Sps: John Quinlan Emma Quinlan
v. Thomas Joseph Quinlan #128 11 Sep 1878
. . . Sps: Philip Healy Bridget Brien
vi. Peter Quinlan #8 23 Jan 1881
. . . Sps: Peter Quinlan Ellen Quinlan

Bridget QUINLAN, a daughter of Peter QUINLAN and Ellen HYNES, was born in November of 1873 at Holyrood, Nfld. She married James MACKEY, and they had five children. Bridget died on April 7, 1955 at St John’s, Nfld. She was buried on April 9, 1955 at RC Cemetery, Kilbride, Nfld.

Extract from the Daily News, April 12,1955 Mackey –
Passed peacefully away after a long illness 5 am, April 7,1955, Bridget Mackey, aged 81 years, beloved wife of James Mackey. Leaving to mourn besides her loving husband, 2 sons, Peter and Edward at home, 2 daughters, Bride, Mrs. Florence Greggory of Corner Brook, Nfld., Helen, Mrs. Phillip Hartwell of Brooklyn, New York, 1 sister, Mrs. James Lewis of Avondale, CB, Nfld., 1 stepbrother, William Dwyer of Brooklyn, NY, 31 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren and a large circle of friends. Funeral at 2:30 pm, Saturday April 9,1955, from her late residence Waterford Bridge.
Brooklyn, NY papers please copy. (Identical article
appeared in the Evening Telegram April 9,1955)

I don’t know when Peter Quinlan died.

William Dwyer and Ellen Hynes Quinlan had one child.

i. William Dwyer (son of Wm Dwyer & Ellen Hynes) m. Mary Snow, he was baptized March 4 1889 at Holyrood. Sponsors: Patrick & Elizabeth Milan? [Milmo?]

They had 7 children. At some point they moved to Brooklyn, New York. Three of their children stayed in Holyrood.

iv. Patrick Michael Dwyer. (son of John & Eliza Dahlens, grson of
James) Sept 21 1864 StsP&P1999ew)
I’ve been told that he used the name Michael, and that he moved to Bell Island.

v.?? John Thomas This is just a theory, but the John that I found in the 1921 Renews census might be John Thomas. (son of John & Eliza Dahlens, grson of James) b: Jan 27 1866 or 1868. m. Mary Ann Quinlan.

Aug 4 1892 married John Dwyer & Mary Quinlan Wits: Pat Dwyer and Mary Whalen.

John Dwyer M head married 1869 Feb 52 Renews
Mary Dwyer F wife do 1877 Feb 44 do

i. Patrick Dwyer M son single 1893 Aug 28 do
ii. Ethel Dwyer F dau do 1903 Jan 18 do
iii. Lauretta Dwyer F dau do 1906 Nov 15 do
iv. Sadie Dwyer F do do 1909 Dec 12 Belle Isle NF
v. John Dwyer M son do 1911 Oct 10 Holyrood NF
vi. Mildred Dwyer F dau do 1916 Jan 5 do
vii. William Dwyer M son do 1918 Jan 3 do

viii. Christopher Dwyer M head married 1895 Dec 26 do
Ida Dwyer F wife do 1899 May 22 Salmonier NF

Mary Dwyer F dau single 1921 July 17day Renews
Renews 1921 census

I found the following records at the Archives Oct 2002. –
the children were bap’ted at Holy Cross Parish in Holyrood.

1892 Sep 3 Patrick of John Dwyer and Mary Quinlan
1893 Dec 30 Chris? of John Dwyer & Mary Ann Quinlan
1895 Dec 30 Bernard of John Dwyer & M. A. Quinlan
1903 Jan 6 Ethel May of John (Quinlan) Dwyer & illegible Quinland(sic)
1905 Oct? 10 Clara of John Dwyer & M.A. Quinlan

vi. Jane (Elizabeth Jane) Dwyer (dau of John & Eliza Dahlens) b. Sep 1870 (Sts P&Pew), North Arm, Holyrood, m. Thomas Flynn, b. Aug ? 1874, Harbour Main.
[ Info in square brackets supplied by Pauline Hawco.]

Chapel’s Cove Cemetrey – Grand Banks Site
Thomas Flynn 1873 – 1969
Jane Dwyer 1869 – 1957

i. Edward Flynn b. Nov ? 1898, Chapels Cove. [ Edward Albert Dec 1897 – m. Francis Williams.]
ii. Patrick Flynn b. Sep ? 1900, Chapels Cove. [ Patrick Leo 1899 ]
iii. Joseph Flynn b. Sep ? 1901, Chapels Cove. [ Joseph 1901 ]
iv. Thomas Flynn b. Jul ? 1903, Chapels Cove. [ Thomas 1903 ]
v. Fannie Flynn b. Apr ? 1908, Chapels Cove. [ Frances 1908 ]
vi. James Flynn b. Jul ? 1910, Chapels Cove. [ James Jul 22 1910 ]
vii. Veronica Flynn b. Sep ? 1911, Chapels Cove. [Veronica Jul 11 1912 ]
viii Pauline Flynn b. Jun ? 1914, Chapels Cove. [Pauline 1914]

vii.? ? Sarah Dwyer (dau of John Dwyer and Elizabeth Dans) Hr. Main 15 Dec 1872. #198 Patrick O’Donnell Michael Barnes Alice Williams (grbanks)
viii.? ? Maria Frances Dwyer (dau of John Dwyer Eliza Donnelly)
Holyrood, 16 Aug 1875 #79.
Patrick O’Donnell Thomas Woodford Anastasia Healy bapt. Sub. Cond.(grbanks).

ix. James Dwyer (son of John & Eliza Dahlens, grson of James)

Again, a theory. I don’t know yet, but I think this is the James who moved to Norris Arm. I don’t have a birth date for him, but a Mary DWYER, B: Apr 1850, Chapels Cove, RC, widow (71yrs) is listed in the Norris Arm census 1921.

This James might have been the inspiration for an area known as ‘Jim Dwyer’s Hill’, towards the west end of Country Path. He is listed in the 1885, 1889, and 1899 voter’s lists; living on “Country Road”, Holyrood.

I grew up on Country Path, and no one can tell me anything about Jim Dwyer, except that ‘he went to Norris Arm’. No one can recall where his house might have stood on Jim Dwyer’s Hill – if it had stood there. The hill might have gotten that name in 1922, when Mary Fowler, 22 wandered off the road in a snowstorm and fell off that hill. She was returning to her home on the Salmonier Line on foot, after visiting friends in Harbour Main.

James Dwyer, and Mary Whelan, were married at Sts Peter and Paul, in Harbour Main, on Nov 30 1882. Witnesses: Patrick Dwyer & Mary Margaret Dwyer

i. James Dwyer Oct 18 1882 Sps: Patrick Williams and Mary Williams

James Dwyer B: Oct 1882, Holyrood, RC, Fireman (39yrs)
Mary wife B: Nov 1881, Fortune Harbour
John, J. (son) B: Dec 1908, Fortune Harbour
Gregory (son) B: Oct 1912, Norris Arm
Ronald (son) B: May 1915, Norris Arm
Lewis (son) B: Mar 1917, Norris Arm
Annie (dau) B: Jun 1919, Norris Arm
William (son) B: Jul 1921, Norris Arm
Norris Arm census 1921

ii. Mary Anne, 5 Oct 1884 #91 James Dwyer Mary Whelan Holyrood, N. Arm Sps: James MacKey Johanna Whelan
iii. Elizabeth, Jul 30 1887 of James Dwyer and Mary Whalen
iv. Agnes, Dec 29 1889? of James Dwyer & Mary Whelan Record #45 Sps: Francis Duggan & Mary Penny

x.? ? Philip Dwyer (son of John & Eliza Dahlens?, grson of James?) –

I also found these records at the Archives and it appears that both Philip and his brother(?) James married a Mary Whalen. Did Philip marry his brother’s widow?

This is the first I’ve heard of Philip (as of 2002) but he did live in Norris Arm and that’s where some of these Dwyers were known to have gone. The 1921 census information for Norris Arm has Gregory a son of Philip. One of Gregory’s daughters returned to Holyrood and married there. Also the bap’s indicate that this Philip Dwyer lived in the Wicklow area (Country Path) of Holyrood.

Matthew Whalen and his wife Mary Frances Dwyer also lived on the Country Path at that time. If Matthew was related to Mary Whalen (wife of Philip x. ? ?) it would have been on his mother’s side. His mother’s name was also Mary Whalen, his father was John Penney, who died of TB before he and Mary could be married. Matthew was born ? 1860Something and he and Philip Dwyer and his wife would have been of a common age.

i. Mary 1892 Sep 8 of Philip Dwyer & Mary Whalen – Sps: John Kennedy and Eliza Walsh (Wicklow).
ii. Gregory 1892 Sep 8 of Philip Dwyer and Mary Whalen – Sps: Albert Lewis & Martha Penny (Wicklow) Twins.

DWYER, Gregory B: Sep 1892, Holyrood, RC, Fire Warden
Mary (wife) B: May (?), French Shore
Mary (dau) B: Jun 1917, Norris Arm
Rose (dau) B: Mar 1919, Norris Arm
Rita (dau) B: Jun 1921, Norris Arm
Norris Arm census 1921

xi. Maria Dwyer (called Mariah) (Dau of John & Eliza Dahlens,
grdau of James) b. Aug ? 1881, Quinlans Ridge, Holyrood, m. William Fewer, b. May ? 1871, Quinlans Ridge, Holyrood. info source 1921 census

i. John V Fewer b. Aug ? 1913.
ii. James Fewer b. Dec ? 1909.
iii. Michael Fewer b. Oct ? 1915.

Chapel’s Cove Cemetery –
James – died Nov 11 1988, age 76
John – died Feb 8 1983, 72 yrs
Michael – Able Seaman Royal Navy WW2 1915 – 1990
None of Mariah Dwyer & Wm Fewer’s sons married.

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3. iii. Bridget Dwyer (dau of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.) b. Oct 9 1828. Married John Mackey (StsP&Poct1999ew)

Note: records at Sts Peter & Paul began in 1857. There are likely more children born before then.

i. Edward Mackey bap: Sep 28 1857 Sps: David Dwyer & Rachael Mackey (Chapel’s Cove)
ii. Mary Margaret Mackey bap: Aug 28 1859 Sps: John Phelan & Marg’t Dwyer
iii. Elizabeth Mackey bap: Dec 22 1861 Sps: James Crawley & Mary or Marg’t Fling
iv. Richard Mackey bap: Oct 17 1864 Sps: Stephen Corbett & Annie Mackey
v. James Mackey bap: Dec 2 1866 Sps: Philip Penney & Bridget Cunningham
vi. James Mackey (sic) bap: Aug 15 1868 Sps: Thomas Mason & Ellen Crawley (grbanks)

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4. iv. Jane Dwyer (dau of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.) married Patrick Healey (StsP&Poct1999ew).

i. Eliza Jane Healey bap: Nov 28 1858 Sps: W Ryan & Johannah [McGrady?]
ii. John Healey bap: Feb (date off page) 1864 Sps: Peter Quinlan & Ann Hely(ew)

1858 #113 Elisa Jane Hely, Holyrood 28 Nov. Sps: Michael Ryan Johannah McGahy (grbanks).

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5. v. Ann Dwyer (dau of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.) married Walter Fewer

i. Catherine Fewer 1855 – 1945 (family tree at familysearch.net)
ii. Margaret Jane Fewer bap: Jul 25 1859 Sps: Edward Corbett & Johannah Fewer
iii. Anastasia Fewer bap: Dec 29 1864 Sps: Denis Walsh & Mary Fuore
iv. Alice Fewer bap: Mar 20 1868 Sps: Joseph Penny & Ellen Murphy
v. Johannah Fewer bap: May 7 1872 Sps: Patrick Walsh & Bridget Crawley
vi. James Fewer bap: Jun 4 1876 Sps: Edward Fewer & Mary Walsh

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6. vi. Margaret Dwyer (dau of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.) married George Hussy.

(Marriage record Brigus – Cupids Methodist Record – Nov 21 1860 George Hussey of Salmon Cove & Mary Dwyer of Holyrood.) (StsP&Poct1999ew)

i. Eliza Hussey bap: Jul 17 1858 of George Hussy?? And Mag’t Dwyer Holyrood Sps: Stephen Hawco & Mary Hawco. – Illegitmate – the father a Protestant.
ii. Mary Margaret Hussey bap: Sep 20 1863 of George Huzzy & Marg’t Dwyer, Chapel’s Cove. Sps: Wm Hawko & Elizabeth Dwyer

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7. vii. William Dwyer (son of James & Mary Hawco) b. Aug ? 1837, m. Mary Hynes, b. Aug ? 1835.

GenWeb Will of William T. Dwyer, Sr

William was known as ‘Captain Bill’. William and Mary Hynes were married at Harbour Main Jan 9 1864. Witnesses: John Williams & Bridget Hynes

1921 census shows grandson John Dwyer Jul 1894 and his wife Annie Nov 1896 from Channels as living with them. (I have no idea who the parents of this grandson may be. My grandmother, Laura Whalen (dau of Mary Frances Dwyer) had written in an old cookbook that I now have – John Dwyer, born July 1894. She must have known him.

Evening Telegram October 1, 1912 (Tuesday) (Sue O’Neill)
“Schooner Lost.
Last month at Grffin’s Hr., Labrador, Capt. W.J. Kennedy lost his fine schooner of 80 tons, the ‘M.S. Ayre’.

Another schooner, owned by Capt. Dwyer, of Holyrood, the ‘X 10 U S’, was lost in the same gale. She was a vessel of 30 tons, laden with fish but the cargo was all saved. The vessel was insured.”

Note: the news item might be about Captain William Dwyer or his brother John.

i. Mary Frances Aloysius Dwyer (dau of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b. Oct 14 1864, North Arm, Holyrood, Sps: James Healey & Mary Kelly (StsP&P ew) ; she married Matthew Whalen, b. Oct ? 1863, Chapels Cove, The Cross, d. Dec 23 1949.
Mary Frances died Mar 18 1955, Country Path, Holyrood. 1921 census lists her as born Oct 1869.

i. William Michael Whalen b. May 21 1891 Sps: Jeremiah Penny & Catherine Dwyer.
ii. Mary b. Sep 31 1893 – her name in the register was ‘May’.
iii. Theresa Bridget Whalen bap: Oct 13 1895 (archives oct 2002)
iv. Matthew Whalen b. Oct 3 1901, (or Oct 2 1900 – archives oct 2002) m. Grace unknown. Matthew died Jan 26 1930, Philadelphia, of TB.
v. Laura Whalen b. Dec 31 1902. – my grandmother
vi. Rita Elizabeth Whalen b. Nov 8 1906, d. Jun 20 1950, from the way she’s been described to me I suspect that she had Down’s Syndrome.

ii. Theresa Ellen Dwyer (dau of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) Apr 13 1867 Sps: Michael Hynes & Ellen Joy (StsP&P ew)

I found a record at familysearch.org that seems a likely fit for the marriage of Theresa Ellen Dwyer, although her age is out by 5 years.
Married at Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 4 1896.
Theresa Ellen Dwyer, birth date 1872, 24yrs, Born at Holyrood, Newfoundland; Father: William, Mother: Mary.
Harry Bungay, birth date 1873, 23 yrs, Born Farrington, England; Father: Alexander, Mother: Elizabeth.

“Canada Marriages, 1661-1949,” database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F2GH-6XD : accessed 2 April 2016), Harry Bungay and Teresa Ellen Dwyer, 04 Aug 1896; citing Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, reference 2:3STHPS0; FHL microfilm 1,298,882

[Pauline Hawco’s info says that Theresa was born in 1867, and an Ellen was born in 1869, and that both of them died while children.
Note: Mary Francis had a daughter Theresa, who had a daughter Ellen.

iii. James Dwyer (son of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b. 14 Aug 1869 Sps: Thomas Murphy Sarah Healy m. Margaret unknown b: Dec 1876. James Dwyer died Feb 18 1952, 82 yrs. source KennLane

Info on the children was taken from the 1921 census. They were living in Holyrood N at that time. In the 1935 census the name appeared as O’Dwyer.

i. Mary Dwyer Apr 1901, Harbour Main
ii. Wm Dwyer Dec 1903, Harbour Main
iii. Ronald Dwyer Jul 20 1906 [TH…Vital Stats]
iv. Elizabeth Josephine Sep 29 1908, B: 30th [TH..]
v. James Dwyer Aug 1915, Holyrood N
vi. Bridget Dwyer Feb 1912, Holyrood N; d. Feb 2 1945, 33 yrs source KennLane
vii. Rosalind Dwyer Mar 1919, Holyrood N

iv. Patrick Dwyer (son of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b. Oct 7 1873, Holyrood, Sps: Wm Penney & Mary Fitzgerald (Sts P&P ew) m. Mary Ann ‘Annie’ MacDonald, b. Sep ? 1875, St George, Nf. (daughter of Donald MacDonald and Mary Ann ‘Muddy’ McIssac) d. ___-? – 1969.
The info on Patrick was supplied by Colleen Richardson who is a great great grdau of his.)

i Clara Isabelle Dwyer b. Jun ? 1903, Holyrood
ii Neil Dwyer b. Sep ? 1905, Holyrood.
iii Donald Dwyer b. Feb ? 1907, St George.
iv Patrick Dwyer b. Feb ? 1909, Grand Falls.

v. Catherine Bridget Dwyer (dau of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b: Mar 2 1876, Sps: James Dwyer & Agnes Dwyer StsP&P ew) She married Michael Brophy. (see William Dwyer’s will)

vi. Elizabeth Dwyer. (dau of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b. 18 Sep 1878 Sps: Patrick Strapp Elizabeth Healy m. Richard F. Fewer 1902 in Sydney, NS. Elizabeth died on Sep 19 1903 at her father’s house on Chapel’s Cove Road in Holyrood, North Arm, a month and 10 days after giving birth to her first child. She had returned from Sydney to be with her mother when the baby was born. She was 25 years old.

1903 #19 Rita Mary Fewer 10 Aug – Richard Fewer Eliza Dwyer, Chapels Cove bap: 11 Aug – Rev. P. O’Donnell, Sps: John Fewer Annie Dwyer GrBanks]

vii. Anastasia Dwyer (dau of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) #151 Sep 15 1880 Joseph V. Donnelly John Healy Anne Flemming (grbanks)
Note:Record has child’s name as Hynes and mother as Ellen.


Ferryland I think this is actually in reference to the “Ferry” area near Healey’s Cross ( or the Cross) in North Arm. There had been a ferry operated by ? Healey there. My mother tells me that nan’s grandfather, William Dwyer lived on Chapel’s Cove ridge which was very near there. He left that property to his son James.

On the other side of the bay, on the South Side, there had been another ferry, operated by a man Flood. I saw a map recently with Floods Point marked on it located near Duff’s and I’m wondering if that was the South Side location of Flood’s ferry.

When the Corbetts moved down to Duff’s (at a later time) they also operated a ferry.

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Ann Pollard
Bill Dawson
Colleen Richardson
ew – Eileen Walsh
gmw – Geraldine Mason Walsh
Grand Banks – NF Grand Banks
GenWeb – NF & L GenWeb
HolyCross – Holy Cross RC Church, Holyrood
THynes – Tom Hynes
StsP&P – St’s Peter and Paul RC Church, Harbour Main
Sue O’Neil


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45 Responses to James Dwyer & Mary Hawco

  1. I think that Catherine Joseph Dwyer b.25 Jul 1862 d/0 Patrick Dwyer & Hanorah Power married Matthew Penny on 9 Jan 1889 at Holyrood.Would you be able to tell me how the parentage of Anastasia Dwyer who married John Targate on 28 Nov 1882 was determined to be Patrick Dwyer & Hanorah Power?

  2. Blaine Dooley says:

    Ellen Hynes married Willima Joseph Dwyer on 30 Oct 1888 at the church in Holyrood

    Great information on your site!

  3. Taylor Cantrall says:

    Hi, I am directly related to almost everyone on this page, and I am wondering if you know more about John Dwyer and Eliza Daniels. Because according to my family legends Eliza was originally a duchess who married my four great grandfather, and Eliza’s father gave John a dowery of 12 ships since John was a pauper. The story goes on to say that all 12 ships sunk in bad weather and they renounced their title. Unfortunately, this is all family lore passed down from my great grandfather, Bernard Dwyer, and I cannot find records to support it. I am looking for info. Thanks, Taylor

  4. Denis Murphy says:

    This is a great site!! My husband is related to Ceclia Dwyer through her second marriage to Patrick Francis Hickey. I had a lot of the information, but you filled in some holes. But I have more holes to fill.
    Thanks again for your hard work finding this information.

    Liane Murphy

  5. my farthers great great grand farthers name was william dwyer from new fundland and he went by the name of captian bill

  6. Vince Murphy says:

    I have a site up on Heritage family Tree Builder on the Dwyer’s (Mother’s side)and the information I got from a cousin he got from his Aunt in Newfoundland
    Matthew Dwyer 17??
    son Phillip 1809
    son James about 1810
    Phillip’s son John Frances Dwyer (my Grandfather)185?
    They lived Harbour Main Keligrews and Holyrood
    I don’t see any connections above

  7. Vince Murphy says:

    John Francis was the grandson of Phillip his father was Patrick Dwyer born around 1851..Vince Murphy

  8. Brenda Parsons/Schell says:

    Thank you sooo much for all of your hard work on digging up the Dwyers desendants. I am a direct link to James Dwyer and Mary Hawco. My grandfather is Neil Douglas Dwyer.


  9. Michelle Rivera says:

    This site is amazing. Thank you so much for all of this hard work. I am a direct descendant of James Dwyer (sometime referred to as O’Dwyer) and Mary Hawco. They were my great-great-great-great-grandparents. Wow. Helen Mackey and Phillip Hartwell were my great-grandparents. I have been wanting to trace my family tree for such a long time. Thank you so much for this information. It truly means a lot. Any luck in tracing further back? :)

    Thank you :)
    Michelle Rivera

  10. Ronda Dwyer says:

    This site is amazing. I have tried for many years to track down my fathers (Ronald Joseph Dwyer) side of the family. My grand father Died at a young age and never knew him. My grand father was Francis Gerald Dwyer(O’Dwyer). My own father has never seen the his fathers headstone. This has helped me so much. thank you for sharing this information. I have noticed that my grandfathers children are not listed here. Which my father ( Ronald Joseph Dwyer )was the youngest of 8 children From Francis Gerald Dwyer and Mary Angela Hynes.Thank you again So Much..
    Ronda Dwyer

    • lizanne scully says:

      Hi Ronda,
      I came across your message and noticed that your father was Ronald Joseph Dwyer. I recently did a family finder test and I had a match on chromosome 16 to Ronald Joseph Dwyer. I was wondering if there could be a connection to your father. Thank you for reading this.

      • Florence (Dwyer) Simmons says:


        I am the daughter of James B. Dwyer who had the following siblings: Patrick Dwyer, Frank Dwyer, Madeline Dwyer, Marie Dwyer and Ronald Dwyer from Corner Brook , Nfld. My grandmother was Mary Hynes(Hann), she married Anthony Hann. Her first husband Francis (Frank) died at an early age, she then opened a boarding house, to survive, and sent her older sons to Mount Castel in St. John’s, Nfld. We all know what happened there.

        The last thing that I remember is that this family was from or connected to a place called Plancentia Junction in Nfld.

        Would Like to hear from you,,,,,,

      • Ronda Dwyer says:

        hi lizanne
        I just read your reply…I have DNA tested on myself my father(Ronald Dwyer) and my mother…On FTDNA…I have not found any links DNA wise with Dwyer…But would like to….

  11. Barry Dwyer says:

    Wanted to assist you in some clarification on your web site James Maurice Dwyer born 1854 died 1906 and Mary Whalen Born 1849 died 1933

    Their Children:
    1. James Dwyer B: Oct 1882 D: 1960 Married Mary Alward Children: Jack, Ronald, Hanna, William (Bill), Marie, Gregory and Lewis.
    2. Mary Anne B:Oct 5 1884
    3. Elizabeth B:1887
    4. Agnes B: 1889
    5. Catherine Mary(Kate) B: 1882 Sept 6 married Ambrose Sandy Children: Samson, Irene, James, Herb
    6. Gregory J B: 1892 Sept 6 (my grandfather)

    Although Patrick did marry Mary Whalen once his brother(James M) had died they had no children, he married her in order to keep the land rights for her children and to legally support her and his nieces and nephews.

    I have proof of birth and death from cemetery head stones Pictures I have taken,
    and from My Aunt Rita Dawe(Walsh) aswell.

    Barry Vincent Dwyer

  12. debra march says:

    Im looking for pictures, info, etc on a Mathew Dwyer who married a Ellen Hynes (kelligrews. Portugal cove?) Mathew was born about 1854. Thanks in advance. Also, does anyone know if the Dwyers are native ancestory? Thanks again

  13. Irene Richard says:

    Do you have any information on Edward Corbett and Bridget Walsh’s children?
    I am looking for Susanna Corbett born Oct 10 1854 (Chapel’s Cove or Carbonnear area) and I think she may have been from a child of Edward and Bridget. The only reason I say this, is that all the childrens names repeat in their respective families and Susanna is one name that also repeats. Susanna married Israel Griffin of Five Leagues, Labrador/Quebec and he was originally from Cornerbrook, NFLD. If anyone can help, please feel free to email me.
    Thank you in advance, Irene Richard

  14. William Dwyer says:

    I am a descendant of James->William->James->Ronald (born 1906). He moved to Kingsville (Windsor) Ontario and his son William is my father. Would love to help find more info before this.

  15. William Dwyer says:

    Re: James Dwyer & Mary Hawco
    James Dwyer (b. 1790 in Western Bay, Newfoundland) was the son of:
    Thomas Dwyer (1765-1827) born in Tipperary, Ireland. Thomas was the son of:
    Michael Dwyer (1740-1805) and Isabella Millea (1742-1826) , both born in Tipperary.
    Michael and Isabella came to Western Bay in 1771. They had the folowing children:

    • Patrick Francis Dwyer says:

      Hi William , my name is Patrick Francis Dwyer . I’m from Holyrood , Nfld.
      My father’s name was Cyril, son of Patrick Francis Dwyer and Anastasia Slaney. Thanks so much for your post , I was looking for some info on James Dwyer but figured I wouldn’t get much further . This is a big help . If you get this note please feel free to respond and update me on anything new . Bye for now ,

      • Flo says:

        You are somehow related to me. My father was Donald William Dwyer (NL boxing Champion around 1934ish and while on the east coast for a fight stopped in Holyrood to meet his grandparents or other relatives) His father was Patrick Frances Dwyer (b Woodford’s Station NL on Oct 5, 1872. His parents lived or moved to Holywood) My grandfather PF worked the rails met and married Annie MacDonald.

    • Cecilia Kleiner says:

      I am Cecilia Kleiner

      Daughter of Ann Joy, her mother was Mary Penney (1892- 1965) who married Edward Joy.
      Mary was the daughter of Phillip Penney and Elizabeth Healey.
      Elizabeth was the daughter of Patrick Healey and Jane Dwyer.
      Jane was the daughter of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.
      You show James’ ancestry, I was wondering if you have anything on Mary Hawco as I haven’t been able to find anything beyond her mother, and I can not verify that is correct.

    • Michelle Scott says:

      Hi William!
      For some reason your comment is cut off before listing the children of Michael and Isabella. If it is still something you would like to share, can you re-post it? Also, do you have any info that shows that Margaret was a daughter of James Dwyer and Mary Hawco? She is my g-g-g-grandmother and is included on this site, but no one can verify that she truly is a daughter of James and Mary, or where and when she was born.

      Thank you!
      Michelle Scott

  16. Dianne Alma Graham says:

    My great grandfather, John Anthony, b abt. 1854, Clark’s Beach, Newfoundland married Elizabeth (or Eliza) Hussey, b abt. 1860, Clark’s Beach.
    I believe Elizabeth’s parents were George Hussey and Margaret Dwyer, both of Newfoundland. I have that they were married 21 November 1860, Brigus, Newfoundland.
    I’m presuming Margaret’s parents were James Dwyer and Mary Hawco.
    I have that James Dwyer was born 1798, Kilkenny, Ireland, and married Mary Hawco of Holyrood, Newfoundland on 21 October 1818.
    Does this seem correct? And are there any additions?

    • Michelle Scott says:

      Hi Diane,
      John Anthony and Elizabeth Hussey, together with her parents George Hussey and Margaret Dwyer, are also g-g-grandparents and g-g-g-grandparents of my husband, and I have taken on the task of sorting out that line. I am still looking for a birth record for Margaret or a something to connect her to James and Mary. Have you found anything on that?

      Here’s some of the info I have on John Anthony and Elizabeth Hussey.
      John was a methodist fisherman: Birth – 06 Jul 1853, Southern Gut, Newfoundland; Christening – 24 August 1853, Cupids, Port de Grave, Newfoundland; Death – 07 Aug 1938.
      Elizabeth Hussey: Birth – 10 July 1862, Clark’s Beach, Newfoundland.
      Death – 12 May 1938, York, York, Ontario; Burial – 14 May 1938, Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario.
      They had 9 children, our relative is Margaret Emma Anthony, the oldest. I have more info on the Anthony line if you are interested.

      Thank you!
      Shelli Scott

  17. Patricia Watt, nee Whalen says:

    I have been trying many years, without success, to find information about my Grandfather, William Michael Whalen, and relatives. According to his USA War Draft, World World 1, he was born in Holyrood, Newfoundland. As a child, myself, I remember going to Holyrood with my grandmother, and playing in the barn of my grandmother’s home. He immigrated to USA from Newfoundland approx. 1910. He was born 1892. He married Catherine Mansfield, who was born in Harbour Main, Newfoundland. They may have met and married in New Jersey. They had a child, my father, William John Whalen,who was born in Camden, New Jersey, March 1, 1921. They returned to Newfoundland approx. 1932-33. William Michael Whalen also had a sister named Laura and resided in Holyrood. I cannot find any information on either William Michael or Laura Whalen. Laura had a child, whom she named Michael Whalen, and later married a man, surname, WALSH. Her son, Michael became known as Michael Walsh. He also, to my knowledge, remained in Holyrood. Through the Holyrood Geneology, I found out much information about my grandmother, Catherine Mansfield, but nothing of my grandfather, his parents and sibling. It would be much appreciated if someone in Holyrood knew of them and provide me with information.

    • Eileen Walsh says:


      I’m so glad that you’ve come to my blog! I’ve been having no end of trouble getting information on the Whalen clan, however I can set you straight on some of the basics.

      Laura Whalen was my grandmother, she was the daughter of Matthew Whalen and Mary Frances Aloysius Dwyer – see 7. vii. William Dwyer above. Your grandfather, William was her oldest brother.

      Laura Whalen married Michael Walsh on Nov 13 1921; (a son of Michael Walsh and Julia Ann Penney, and grson of James Walsh and Mary Besso)

      Their children in order of their birth:
      Michael who became known as Michael Whalen

      My uncle, Michael (Walsh!) Whalen, was born at his grandparents home and and stayed with them after my grandparents moved into their own home. He adopted their surname I believe, without even thinking about it. All of his ID was in the name of Whalen, and that is the name on his headstone as well.

      I have a fair bit of information on my grandmother’s siblings but there are many gaps, and the history of the Whalen clan is itself a real tangle. I will be contacting you shortly with the info I have.

      • Charlene Walsh Scott says:

        I am researching my husbands line from Holyrood.
        I believe his Great Grandmother was a Mary Whalen from Holyrood..(I have been told)
        She married a Michael Scott, I am unsure of where he was from.
        I know they lived in St. Johns and had two sons that I am aware of…George and Thomas Scott both baptized at the Basillica church in the 1880 – 90s

        Any information would be greatly appreciated.
        Charlene Scott

  18. Anne Marie Schaus says:

    great info here.
    Wondering if I have a connection to James Dwyer/Mary Hawco based on my DNA results.

    What I know….
    my 2 great grandfather Philip Dwyer was born 1808 and died 1892 based on his death notice. He lived/died in Kelligrews. I have close matches with a couple of his descendants and I have a decent sourced tree so I am sure I am related to these Dwyers. He was married to Rachel Ann Hicks born 1817.

    Supposedly, Philip’s father was Matthew Dwyer and Philip had a brother James born 1810. There is a record of a plantation in Kelligrews in 1805 for Philip Dwyer and Co. so Philip could be a family name.

    When I review my matches on Ancestry, and Gedmatch, I show 4.5 and up matches to people who have names of Dwyer and Hawco in their trees and a few specifically James Dwyer and Mary Hawco. Now I know these matches are way back but they are interesting…..could my 2 great grandfather be connected to James Dwyer/Mary Hawco somehow….my 2 great grandfather was born too early to be their child

    I would love to compare DNA results with anyone related to see if there is actually a connection with this branch of the Dwyers.

    thanks for reading

  19. Erica Odwyer says:

    My name is Erica O’dwyer. I am trying to reach either my ex-husband John Clarence O’dwyer or his brother Ronald O’dwyer. They are the grown grandchildren of Christopher John & Mary Ida O’dwyer.

    I live in White Rock, B.C. I know that both of the brothers did live in BC, possibly Sooke, up until several years ago at least. I believe Ron may me the one I need to reach as I understand Jack, as I knew him, was ill. Ron married a Vancouver girl named Lani and they had 3 children together. Ron had a son, Ronny, from a previous marriage. Christopher O’dwyer, owned a house in St. Phillips and it may still remain in the family. His son Will and wife Catherine lived in it and I believe their son ? might still own it. They did build another house behind it. I believe that Chris’s son, Will and wife Catherine, owned the property behind. Pop always referred his home as “the last house on the beach”.
    The reason I’d like to reach one of them, is because many years ago, Pop gave me an original photo from his wallet of him and Ida on a front porch holding a baby. I now find that I have a terminal disease and would like to make sure the picture gets back into the hands of Ron, Jack or Ron’s children. Jack and I didn’t have any children.
    I hope this web site is looked at and this message gets seen and perhaps you’re able to help. I know there was lots of family and surely one of them knows how to contact either Ron or Jack, if he’s still alive, and pass on my request.
    If you can help me in any way possible, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you
    Erica Ruth O’dwyer

  20. Preston Brooking says:

    My father,s mother was Hannah (Anna) Whelan(Whalen)b. 3 april 1868 of Cupids.
    Her father was Wm. john Whelan b.abt. 1801 and her mother was Frances Holmes.
    Hannah had siblings: Caleb, Henry, James, Mary Jane, Elizabeth and john William.
    If you can add to this info, it would be very much appreciated.


  21. Preston Brooking says:

    William John Whelan b. 1801 had a brother Arthur b abt. 1805

  22. Robyn says:


    Through DNA matching with cousins from the Healey and Dwyer line I’ve discovered that my 2x great grandmother Sarah Healey (b. 1855) is the daughter of Patrick Healey and Jane Dwyer. She married John Joseph Critch of Gaskiers, St. Mary’s Bay.

    • Anne Marie says:

      there were two other children fyi if you don’t have this info

      1864 2 17 baptism child John Healey father Patrick Healy Holyrood Mother Jane Dwyer
      1858 11 28 Jane baptism child Eliza Jane Healy, father Patrick Healey, mother Jane Dwyer Holyrood

  23. Sheila Borge says:

    I am researching my Noseworthy family, and it is my understanding that

    James Noseworthy, born 1717, in Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England, died in 1778 in Bryant’s Cove, Newfoundland, married a Jane Dwyer, and possibly had five children,Thomas, Charles, Jacob, James & Samuel.

    Do you have any record of a Jane Dwyer (or James Noseworthy) that you would be willing to share.
    Would appreciate any info available

    • Anne Marie says:

      have you done your DNA?

      I have and I can confirm I descend from a Philip Dwyer but only as far back as 1808 in NFLD.

      I also have some matches that have Noseworthy in their tree but I have no idea how they connect to me. They are far back matches but maybe there is a connection to your Jane with my Dwyers

  24. Cecilia Kleiner says:

    Hi – and thank you for taking the time to put this together for all of us who are just getting started with our trees

    My mother is Anne Marie Joy daughter of Edward Francis Joy (b oct 27 1890 d June 1 1965) and Mary “Molly” Ann Joy (b Oct 6 1892 d April 13 1965).
    Ann Married William T Morrison. She had 3 sisters Elizabeth (Aunt Betty) married Albert Snook,; Margaret married George McCormack; and Teresa, Teresa died as an infant

    Edward’s parents were Captain John Joy and Margaret Strapp Deady, she died fairly early and my grandfather then married Mary Hennessy.
    I have been able to get a lot of information on the Strapp side and actually stayed in the Strapp BnB when were in Holyrood a couple of years ago.
    On the Joy side I have my grandfather information, Captain John Joy 1849 to 1927 and then his father John Joy married to Catherine Mackey but nothing sooner than this. Any help here in finding relatives would be appreciated.

    My grandmother, Mary’s parent were Phillip Penney and Elizabeth Jane Healey
    Haven’t been able to get anything further back on Phillip Penney but have been able to go back to James Dwyer and Mary Hawko on the Healey side.
    Anything you can provide on the Penney side would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking you in advance for any insight you can provide.

    Cecilia Kleiner nee Morrison


    My grandmother Ethel Dwyer Dawe, b: Jan.25,1908 from Shearstown , NL., married Isaac Dawe , b: Jan.25,1900 Black Duck Pond , Coley’s Point , NL.
    Parents: James Dwyer, b:Aug.1873 married MaryAnn Mercer, b: May 15,1878 from Spaniard Bay Ponds, Shearstown , NL.
    James had a brother , Alexander Edward ”Sandy” Dwyer, William Dwyer and other siblings.
    Can not find anything on James , only listed in the 1921 census of Shearstown , NL.
    Can you please help me…..Thank You.

  26. Anna-marie MacIsaac says:

    Section 7 .. I’ve put in D.O.B of Mary Ann MacDonald ( my maternal great grand mother a the bottom of this blurb); and wow thanks for all of your hard work; I have genealogy supplied by my sister who did a tremendous amount of research plus from my Mom’s memory on the Dwyer side just from where I have copied & pasted below .
    iv. Patrick Dwyer (son of William Dwyer and Mary Hynes) b. Oct 7 1873, Holyrood, Sps: Wm Penney & Mary Fitzgerald (Sts P&P ew) m. Mary Ann ‘Annie’ MacDonald, b. Sep ? 1875, St George, Nf. (daughter of Donald MacDonald and Mary Ann ‘Muddy’ McIssac) d. ___-? – 1969.
    The info on Patrick was supplied by Colleen Richardson who is a great great grdau of his.)

    i Clara Isabelle Dwyer b. Jun ? 1903, Holyrood
    ii Neil Dwyer b. Sep ? 1905, Holyrood.
    iii Donald Dwyer b. Feb ? 1907, St George.
    iv Patrick Dwyer b. Feb ? 1909, Grand Falls.

    Patrick Francis Dwyer (1870-1967 ) marries Mary Anne MacDonald (1873 -1969 ) in 1901 ;
    Patrick Frances and Mary Ann are my maternal great grandparents;

  27. Anna-marie MacIsaac says:

    also I have DOB for the above children of
    Patrick Francis Dwyer (1870-1967 ) marries Mary Anne MacDonald (1873 -1969 ) in 1901 ;
    i Clara Isabelle Dwyer b 4th. Jun 1903, Holyrood
    ii Neil Dwyer b. Sep 8th 1905, Holyrood. died Nov 3rd 1992 ( my maternal grandfather)
    iii Donald Dwyer b. Feb 17th 1907, St George. died Dec 22nd 1990 ( as per his daughter )
    iv Patrick Dwyer b. Feb 14th 1909, Grand Falls

  28. Anna-marie MacIsaac says:

    Patrick Francis Dwyer (1870-1967 ) marries Mary Anne MacDonald (1873 -1969 ) in 1901 ;
    i Clara Isabelle Dwyer b 4th. Jun 1903, Holyrood
    ii Neil Dwyer b. Sep 8th 1905, Holyrood. died Nov 3rd 1992 ( my maternal grandfather)
    iii Donald Dwyer b. Feb 17th 1907, St George. died Dec 22nd 1990 ( as per his daughter )
    iv Patrick Dwyer b. Feb 14th 1909, Grand Falls

  29. Sharon Dwyer says:

    Hi, Im so thrilled to see this, you have done amazing work. I have a little information for you if you like. I am Sharon Dwyer, daughter of Neil Dwyer.I have birth dates for you to fill in. Neil Dwyer, sept 8th 1905 Clara Isabelle Dwyer june 6th and Patrick Dwyer is feb 14th. I see you have the years already. Not sure of Uncle Don but I can find out if you havent found it already.

  30. Flo says:

    My father ~ Donald William Dwyer was borned on Feb 17, 1908.

  31. Beverley Merrick says:

    Hello, I just recently discovered that I have Dwyer connections. James Dwyer and Mary Hawco were grandparents to John Healey, born Feb.17, 1864, son of Jane Dwyer and Patrick Healey. John married Mary Barron on July 7, 1879. Their marriage record states that Mary Barron was from Harbour Main. John and Mary were my great -grand parents. I haven’t had any success in tracing the family of Mary Barron. I realize that this is a Dwyer family site but wonder it anyone is conneted to John and Mary and may have information on her family. Thankyou.

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