Road Report 1844 – John Murphy

Road Reports
Report of Road Commisioners – District of Harbor Main.

Chapless (sic) Cove, January 24, 1844.

Sir,– I have the pleasure now to lay a Statement before you of our proceedings as
regards Road making in the District I have the honor to be Chairman of.
Between Salmon Cove and Harbor Main about two miles and a-quarter of a road
have been formed, levelled and gravelled, and four Bridges Built.
In Harbour Main about one hundred and forty perches of a Road or Street have
been formed, levelled, and a large Bridge repairing. (sic)

On the main line between Chapless (sic) Cove and Holyrood about one mile and
three-quarters of a road have been formed and levelled, and about one mile of the
same gravelled.

Ninety-one Pounds currency have been paid to Parties for Compensation for Garden
Ground, etc, taken from them on the main line of Road in Salmon Cove, Harbor
Main, Chapless Cove, and Holyrood.

There is on hand about One Hundred and Nine Pounds Currency as yet not
appropriated and according to the opinion of the commissioners it will take about
Five Hundred more to complete it.

Chairman of Road Commissioners, District of Harbor Main.

Page A-LXII Image 231 of 420
Journal of the General Assembly of Newfoundland: second session of the
third General Assembly
St John’s W.R. Shea, 1844
Frequency: Sessional
Document Source: Memorial University of Newfoundland, Queen Elizabeth II Library
Collection: Colonial Government Journals
CIHM no.: 9_02227_2
Page Count: 420
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