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The following Murphy and associated families information will eventually (I hope) be attached to the Murphy Tree post, or to some other connected tree. Some of this information is already, obviously related, and when I get a moment (or two) I will add these to the bibliography in the appropriate post.

Murphy Tree
Murphy – Halfway House & Chapel’s Cove
Salmonier Line of Road & Halfway House
Halfway House – Come Ashore
This link is for information on the Shea connection only.
Shea Marriages & Baptisms
GenWeb 1835 voter’s list Turk’s Gut to Holyrood South
Sep 1 1835
North Point of Turk’s Gut to McGrath’s House on the South Side of Holy Rood
HANNON, Edward Harbour Main North Side
MAIRS, Thomas Chapels Cove
MURPHY, John Chapels Cove
MURPHY, Michael Harbour Main North Side
MURPHY, John Harbour Main North Side
MURPHY, John Holy Rood North Arm
MURPHY, Bryan Colliers
MURPHY, Thomas Colliers
MURPHY, John Colliers Tenement
MURPHY, James Cats Cove White Clift
MURPHY, Maurice Cats Cove White Clift
MURRY, John Cats Cove
MURRAY, Lawrence Holy Rood North Side ?? Murray or Murphy??
WALSH, James Harbor Main
WESTERMAN, Henry Holy Rood

GenWeb 1835 voter’s list Holyrood S to Topsail Head
MURPHY, Edward South Shore Holy Rood
MURPHY, Michael South Shore Holy Rood
MURPHY, John South Shore Holy Rood

GenWeb 1864-65 Hutchinson’s Directory
– Holyrood.
MURPHY, John, fisherman
MURPHY, Michael, mason & farmer (South Side)
MURPHY, Pierce, fisherman
MURPHY, Thomas, fisherman
Westerman, Henry merchant South side

– Chapel’s Cove
McHugo, John planter
Murphy, John blacksmith & farmer
Myers, John planter

– Harbour Main

Hannan, Peter planter
Hannan, William planter
Murphy, John planter & farmer

GenWeb The 1871 Lovell’s Directory
– Holyrood.
One Murphy is listed.
Thomas, farmer (probably Thomas the fisherman from 1864-65 ??)
Westerman Henry dealer

– Chapel’s Cove.
McHugo John farmer
Meares James fisherman
Meares John farmer
Meares Patrick fisherman
Meares Thomas farmer
Murphy John farmer
Murphy Patrick farmer
Hankon (?Hannon) William farmer
Hankon (?Hannon) William farmer

Voter’s List October 20th 1874
– Holyrood
Murphy, Thomas Holyrood Halfway House
Murphy, John Holyrood South Side
Murphy, Thomas Holyrood South Side
Westerman, Henry Holyrood Hill

– Chapel’s Cove
Murphy, John Chapel’s Cove
Murphy, Patrick Chapel’s Cove Pond Road
McHugo, John Chapel’s Cove
Meares, Thomas Chapel’s Cove
Meares, John Chapel’s Cove
Meares, Patrick Chapel’s Cove
Meares, James Chapel’s Cove

– Harbour Main
Hannan, Peter Harbour Main North Side
Hannan, William Harbour Main North Side
Murphy, James Harbour Main North Side
Murphy, Laurence Harbour Main North Side
Murphy, John Harbour Main North Side
Hannan, John Harbour Main Main Road

GenWeb Voter’s List 1882
– Holyrood
Murphy, John Holyrood South
Murphy, John (happy) Holyrood South
Murphy, Lawrence Holyrood Halfway House

– Chapel’s Cove
Meares, James Chapel’s Cove
Meares, John Chapel’s Cove
Meares, Patrick Chapel’s Cove
Meares, Thomas Chapel’s Cove
Murphy, Thomas Chapel’s Cove

– Harbour Main – Gasters
Hannan, Edmond, of Peter Harbour Main
Hannan, Edward Harbour Main
Hannan, John Harbour Main
Hannan, Peter Harbour Main
Hannan, William Harbour Main
Murphy, James Harbour Main
Note: This Voter’s List is in alphabetical order,
but the last entery is for ‘Terry’.

GenWeb Voter’s List 1885
– Holyrood
Murphy, Laurence Holyrood Halfway House
Murphy, John Holyrood
Murphy, John (sic) Holyrood

– Harbor Main & Chapel’s Cove
Hannon, Patrick Harbour Main
Hannon, Edward, of Peter? Harbour Main
Hannon, John Harbour Main
Hannon, Edward, of Ed Harbour Main
Hannon, William Harbour Main
Murphy, Thoms Chapel’s Cove Road
Murphy, James Harbour Main constable?
Mears, John Chapel’s Cove
Mears, John, Sen Chapel’s Cove
Mears, Thomas Chapel’s Cove
Mears, James? Chapel’s Cove
Walsh, James Harbour Main

– Cat’s Cove, Turks Gut & Upper Bacon Cove
no Murphy’s listed

GenWeb Voter’s List September 1889
– Harbour Main & Chapel’s Cove
143 Hannon Edward Hr Main Householder
144 Hannon Peter Hr Main 40
145 Hannon Patrick Hr Main Householder
156 Hannon John Hr Main Householder
157 Hannon William Hr Main Householder
194 Myres Thomas Chapels Cove Householder
195 Myres Thomas Chapels Cove 39
196 Myres Martin Chapels Cove 29
197 Myres John Chapels Cove Householder
198 Myres Patrick Chapels Cove Householder
199 Myres John Chapels Cove Householder
200 Myres James Chapels Cove 34
205 Murphy Thomas Chapels Cove Householder
214 Myres James Chapels Cove Householder
215 Murphy James Hr Main Householder
288 Walsh James Hr Main Householder

– Holyrood Central, North Side, Salmonier Road & South Side
122 Murphy Laurence Holyrood Halfway House Householder
123 Murphy Thomas Holyrood Peak House 40
124 Murphy John Holyrood S Side Householder
125 Murphy Edward Holyrood S Side Householder
170 Walsh Michael Holyrood Peak House Householder

NOTE :: The Thomas Murphy listed at the Peak in 1889 was likely the man listed in the Vital Stats at the Grand Banks site who died in 1896 – was he related to Ester Murphy, wife of Michael ‘Peak’ Walsh???

Why was he buried in St John’s? I thought that this might be an error in the record but William Hannon called my attention to another listing for his death in the St John’s records, (perhaps because he was buried there?), this one with the interesting addition of his birthplace as Chapel’s Cove.

**December 13 1896
(died) Peak Holyrood Puenononia MURPHY Thomas Catholic 45 years (born) Holyrood (interred) St. John’s* [1851]

**Dec 14 1896
(died)Pack House,Salmonier(sic) Effects of a Cjold(sic) MURPHY Thomas Roman Catholic 46 years (born) Chapel Cove
(interred) Belvedere Cemetery, St John’s
PAGE 449 1896-1897

GenWeb 1894 McAlpine’s Directory
– Holyrood
Murphy Edward fisherman Holyrood (prop)
Murphy John fisherman Holyrood (prop)
Murphy Thomas fisherman Holyrood Peak
Murphy Lawrence fisherman Half-way House
Note: There are no listings at GenWeb for either Harbour Main or Chapel’s Cove.
– Harbour Main
HANNON Edward, sr fisherman
HANNON Timothy fisherman
HANNON William fisherman
HANNON Edward, jr fisherman
HANNON Edward of Peter fisherman
HANNON Peter fisherman
MURPHY James fisherman
MURPHY W K Agent Marshall & Rodger
MURPHY Thomas fisherman
WALSH James fisherman
WALSH Michael fisherman

– Chapel’s Cove
MURPHY Thomas fisherman
MURPHY John fisherman
MYRES John, sr fisherman
MYRES James, sr fisherman
MYRES Martin, jr fisherman
MYRES William fisherman
MYRES Patrick fisherman
MYRES James, jr fisherman
MYRES Thomas, sr fisherman
MYRES Thomas, jr fisherman
MYRES Martin, sr fisherman
MYRES John, jr fisherman

GenWeb 1898 McAlpine’s Directory
– Holyrood
Murphy Rev Jos Central Rom Cath
Murphy John South side laborer
Murphy Thos South side laborer
Murphy Edw South side laborer
Murphy Laurence Holyrood keeper of Government way house
– Harbour Main
HANNAN Edw jr Harbor Main farmer
HANNAN Andrew Harbor Main farmer
HANNAN Edw sr Harbor Main farmer
HANNAN Peter Harbor Main farmer
MURPHY Jas Harbor Main local const
MURPHY Thos Harbor Main blacksmith
MURPHY Patk Harbor Main laborer
WALSH James sr Hbr Main farmer
WALSH Michael Hbr Main farmer
WALSH James jr Hbr Main fisherman

– Chapel’s Cove

MURPHY Thos fisherman
MURPHY John fisherman
MURPHY Jas fisherman
MYRES Thos sr farmer
MYRES Thos jr fisherman
MYRES Martin (Thos fisherman
MYRES Jas (Thos fisherman
MYRES Martin (Jas fisherman
MYRES Wm fisherman
MYRES Patk (Jas fisherman
MYRES John (John fisherman
MYRES John (Patk fisherman
MYRES Patk (John fisherman
MYRES Jas (Jas fisherman

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4 Responses to Murphy – Voter’s Lists & Directories

  1. Gina Ambrosino says:

    my 3rd great grandparents are Thomas Butler (of Clarenville) & Susanna Walsh(of Holyrood) they had a son Richard J Butler (of Holyrood) who Married Margaret O’neil (of Harbour Grace) her parents were Joseph O’neil and Alice Norcott. Richard j Butler And Margaret O’neil moved to East Boston Massachussetts they had a daughter Alice M Butler she was my great grandmother she married Edward j Grant of Jerseyside Placentia. any more info on any of the family members listed would be incredible. Thanks Gina

    • Eileen Walsh says:

      Hello Gina,

      I have information on your Butler ancestors in my Walsh post. Your 3rd great grandfather, Thomas Butler, was from Clomel, County Tipperary – and not Clarenville. I’m sure the mistake was caused by incomprehensible handwriting in the Parish Register.

      I have not yet been able to prove indisputably that Susan Walsh was part of my Walsh clan, but the information I have on the Butlers, although not extensive, should be fairly accurate.


      • Gina says:

        Thank You so much I really appreciate any information you can provide! very appreciative Eileen Walsh. Thank You Gina

  2. Marilyn says:

    I’m looking for any information on the following couple whose marriage record I have found:
    Roman Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul
    Harbour Main, Conception Bay, NF
    40 MEANY Mary Salmon Cove MURPHY William Con. Hr. Nov 21, 1872 Rev. Patrick O’Donnell Michael Wade & Margaret Meany Their son William John died 1915 during WWI and is buried at Azmak Cemetery, Turkey Any connection to Mary Meany and/or William Murphy would be greatly appreciated.

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