I put this Duff file together from an obituary I found in the St John’s Evening Telegram for Apr 25 1925. The obit provided so much information that I couldn’t resist a little research. The obit (which is quite long) is located at the end of this post.

were Married at SD PLACE this 4th day of January 1827
[all but the bride signed their own names]


The only baptism I found:

Mar 16, 1829 Thomas of Arthur Duffe & Mary Myers –
Nicholas Browne & Margaret Murphy
Harbour Grace Sorted

From a Will on the Grand Banks site written on Jan 7 1870 & probated 1888 – Arthur Duff had 6 unmarried sons when he wrote it. (no names mentioned). There appears to be only 4 sons who married after 1870 in the list below.

1. Edward (1827)
2. Thomas (1829)
3. John
4. William
5. Matthew
6. Arthur
7. Patrick (Sept 1842)
8. James (June 1846)
9. Peter
10. Catherine Duggan
11. Mary Murphy
12. Ellen Hicks

NOTE: Names are given in order mentioned in obituary. It is doubtful that
all of the female siblings were born at the end of the line….

No marriage record at Sts Peter & Paul; likely married before 1857.

children of Edward Duff & Margaret Byrne, Holyrood.
[GrandBanks marriage & baptisms]
1858 Sep 1 #70 . . Mary – Kyran Walsh – Thomas Mears Honora Mears  
1861 Oct 16 #107 . Catherine – William Walsh – Denis Doyle Mary Holden  
1863 Oct 4 #97 . . Emma – Kyran Walsh – Paul Kelly Ellen McGrath  
1865 Aug 16 #71 . .**Arthur Joseph – Patrick O’Donnell
— Pierse Murphy Ellen Duff
1867 Oct 27 #111 . John Francis – Kyran Walsh – Peter Duff Elisa Hickey  
1870 Jan 7 #1 . . .Emma – Jeremiah O’Donnell – Arthur Duff Emma Byrne  
1872 Jan 21 #10 . .Thomas Francis – Jeremiah O’Donnell
— Patrick Duff Ellen Whelan  
1873 Dec 21 #161 . Bridget Bernard [??]- Jeremiah O’Donnell
— Patrick Hicks Catherine Hicks  
1876 Aug 25 #95 . .Edward – Joseph V. Donnelly
— John Sullivan Theresa Driscoll  
1878 Sep 8 #125 . .Patrick Francis – Patrick O’Donnell
— Edward Flood Ellen Tobin, bapt. Sub. Cond.
1880 Sep 1 #138 . .William Joseph – Joseph V. Donnelly
— John Kennedy Ellen Myres  
1882 Dec 28 #216 . Margaret – Patrick O’Donnell
— Richard McDonnell Elizabeth Corbett  

Holyrood Cemetery [Tom & Diane Hynes]
#343 White marble column, cross-shaped on top (column has fallen over), in a plot with an iron fence
“In loving memory of HOWARD DUFF who died Oct. 29, 1886 aged 59 years. [1827]
And his wife MARGARET died at Boston, Mass. Dec. 28, 1901 aged 64 years [1937], erected by their children.”
**another side of column
“Also their son ARTHUR died Aug. 23 1887 aged 22 years.”
another side of column
“Their daughter MINNIE died Dec. 20 187[?], aged 4 years.”
Note :: I feel sure that HOWARD DUFF should be EDWARD DUFF.

2. THOMAS DUFF, Holyrood m MCGRATH Ellen, Holyrood, Feb 10, 1867,
Rev. Kryan Walsh Witnesses: Thomas McGrath & Ellen Duff #22

children of Thomas Duff Ellen McGrath, Holyrood
1868 Aug 23 #69 . . Arthur Francis – John Scott – James Walsh Mary Walsh
1869 Sep 31 #82 . . Mary Joseph – Patrick O’Donnell – Richard Fewer Johannah Fewer  
1872 Mar 12 #32 . . Catherine Joseph – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Thomas McGrath Mary Duff  
1873 Nov 30 #153 . .Elizabeth – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- John Hickey Sarah LaCour  
1875 Sep 5 #102 . . Edward – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Edward Flood Mary Byrne  
1877 Feb 11 #13 . . Michael – J. V. Donnelly – Peter Duff Ellen Tobin  
1878 Jul 14 #77 . . Ellen Bernard [??] – Joseph V. Donnelly
—- Michael Kennedy Bridget Murphy  
1882 Feb 10 #27 . . John Gonzaga – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- John Murray Ellen Murphy  

Holyrood Cemetery [Tom & Diane Hynes]
#334 White marble headstone, fallen
“In loving memory of THOMAS DUFF died Oct. 15th 1912 aged 73 years. [1839]
His wife ELLEN died Jan. 14th 1925 aged 84 years [1841]. And baby John.”

Note: Will written Sept 6 1900 & probated Dec 12 1906….his headstone has date of death 1912….Thomas Duff

3. DUFF JOHN – bits and pieces… not sure of connections.
[GrandBanks baptisms]

1858 Jun 19 #39 . . Mary – JOHN DUFF Elisa Hawko, Chapels Cove
—- Kyran Walsh – Michael Hawko Mary Sliney; illegitimate
1859 Dec 9 #126 . . Bridget – JOHN DUFF Mary Power, Holyrood
—- Kyran Walsh – John Duff Ellen Kelly  

and this —-
JOHN DUFF, Hr. Main m Frances NEALE, Parish Bally Mulcaddy, Co. Cork May 12, 1867,
—- Rev. Kryan Walsh Wit: William Mahar & Ellen Ryan #22
[GrandBanks marriage & baptisms]
Note :: Frances Neale had been previously married to JOHN CUNNINGHAM.

Holyrood Cemetery [Tom & Diane Hynes]
#348 White marble column, cross-shaped on top
“In memory of FRANCES DUFF, a native of Coy Cork, Ireland, died Sept 25th 1895, aged 74 years.” [1821]
another side of column
“In memory of Lucy J. Cunningham, died Augt 6th 1877, aged 19 years.
Also Johnnie, infant son of R & L Cunningham, aged 9 months.”
another side of column
“In memory of John Cunningham, a native of Coy Tipperary, Ireland who was lost at sea Octr 11th 1865 aged 37 [87?] years.”
another side of column
“In memory of John Mackay who was lost at sea Oct. 11th 1865 aged 27 years.”

children of JOHN CUNNINGHAM FRANCES NEIL, HOLYROOD [GrandBanks baptisms]
1857 Jul 12 #32 . . Lucy Joseph – Kyran Walsh – John Foley Mary Hynes
1860 Apr 2 #27 . . .Richard – Kyran Walsh – Terence Brien Margaret Penny

CUNNINGHAM BRIDGET Holyrood & BOWAN John St. Mary’s Jan 09, 1878
Rev. Joseph V. Donnelly James Bowan & Anastasia Cunningham #062
[Sts P&P – GrandBanks]

Times June 3, 1882 (Saturday)
Married, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. M.
F. Howley, Mr. Robert Cole, of this city, to Miss ANASTASIA CUNNINGHAM, of Holyrood.


& ELLEN CRAWLEY, HOLYROOD [GrandBanks baptisms]
1875 Aug 20 #85 . . William – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Patrick Hickey Mary Crawley illegitimate

5. MATTHEW DUFF, Holyrood m MACKEY Mary, Holyrood, Jan 19, 1867
— Rev. Kryan Walsh Patrick Duff & Margaret Wall #22
[GrandBanks marriage & baptisms]

children of Matthew Duff Mary Mackay, Holyrood
1867 Oct 21 #110 . .**Frances Aloysius – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Patrick Tymons Margaret Cunningham  
1870 Jan 29 #3 . . .Mary Bridget – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Peter Duff Ellen Kelly  
1871 Oct 11 #134 . .Johannah – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Thomas Kelly Mary Moore, bapt. Sub. Cond.
1873 Jul 18 #51 . . Catherine Joseph – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Philip Healy Anastasia Cunningham
1876 Jul 6 #55 . . .Mary Anne – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Joseph Fitzgerald Mary Moore  
1880 Jul 18 #95 . . Richard John – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Edward Healy Anastasia Moore, sub cond.

**1878 Jan 6 #4 . . .Arthur .. Edward Duff Mary Mackey, Holyrood
—- Joseph V. Donnelly – Paul Kelly Bridget Quinlan
Note :: I think it more likely that this record is for MATTHEW DUFF & Mary Mackey because EDWARD DUFF & his wife Margaret Byrne had a son Patrick Francis baptized on Sept 8 1878.

**NOVA SCOTIA MARRIAGES – Roots in Newfoundland
St. Patrick’s – HALIFAX Nova Scotia
RC Marriages 1888 – 1894
20 May 1894 John Nash son of Michael Nash & Mary McGrath, Halifax, NS Witnesses: John Nash, Margaret Nash
and FRANCES DUFF daughter of Mathew Duff and Mary McKay, St. John’s, Newfoundland
NL GrandBanks http://ngb.chebucto.org/Parish/oc-halifax-st-patricks-rc-nfld-marriages1888-1894-oc.shtml

6. ARTHUR DUFF, Holyrood m GRACE Anne, Salmon Cove, Jan 12, 1874, Rev. Patrick O’Donnell
— James Duff & Kate Cantwell #47 [GrandBanks marriage]
Note: no baptisms at Sts P&P for this couple.

7. PATRICK DUFF (Sept 1842 as per 1921 DUFF’s census for JAMES, never married.)

8. DUFF JAMES [38 yrs, Holyrood]? m LACOUR, BRIDGET [26 yrs, Har Main] ?,
Jan 15, 1896, Rev. James Murphy
— John Hicks & Theresa LaCour [] from vital stats image 334 marriages 1892-1897

baptism records for children should be at Holy Cross Parish, Holyrood.
56 61
DUFF Jas M Head Married 1846 Jun 75 Duffs
DUFF Bridget F Wife Married 1864 Sep 57 Harbour Main
DUFF Peter M Son Single 1900 Jan 21 Duffs
DUFF Arthur M Son Single 1902 Jul 18 Duffs
DUFF May F Daughter Single 1899 Jan 22 Duffs
DUFF Patrick M Brother Single 1842 Sep 79 Duffs
1921 census Duff’s – Harbour Main District

Holyrood Cemetery [Tom & Diane Hynes]
#363 White marble headstone
“In loving memory of my dear father JAMES DUFF died April 10th 1925, aged 79 years. [1846]
Also my dear mother BRIDGET DUFF died Oct. 17th 1940, aged 74 years. [1866]
And my dear uncle PATRICK DUFF died April 15th 1933, aged 90 years. [1843]
Erected by their daughter May and grand-daughter Madeline.”

9. CATHERINE DUFF, Chapel Cove m. DUGGAN THOMAS, Holyrood Jan 8 1860,
—- Rev. Kryan Walsh Wit: Patt Crowley & Ellen McGrath #7 [GrandBanks marriage & baptisms]

children of Thomas Duggan & Catherine Duff, Chapels Cove
1860 Nov 1 #101 . . Martin Joseph – Kyran Walsh
—- William Hannon Alice Duggan
1862 Jul 5 #50 . . .Ellen Francis – William Walsh
—- Denis Walsh Ann Duggan
1863 Aug 16 #68 . . Thomas Aloysius – Kyran Walsh
—- Henry Cullen Ellen Duff
1864 Aug 15 #71 . . Patrick Francis – Patrick O’Donnell
—- William Woodford Anastasia Joy
1866 Aug 7 #57 . . .Michael Joseph (Hr. Main) – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Richard Walsh Ellen Myers
1867 Nov 19 #128 . .Arthur Joseph – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Patrick Duggan Margaret Norris
1870 Oct 12 #129 . .William Joseph (Holyrood) – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- Edward Crawley Ellen Crawley

10. MARY DUFF & ?JOHN MURPHY, Holyrood [Sts Peter & Paul – Grand Banks baptisms]
The first baptism has THOMAS MURPHY as father, the next two have JOHN MURPHY as father.
Mother is MARY DUFF IN ALL THREE. I’m assuming that THOMAS is a typo…

There is no marriage record at Sts P&P; they were likely married before 1857.
1857 Oct 4 #75 . . Catherine – Kyran Walsh – William Duff Anastasia Wall
1859 Aug 28 #77 . .Ellen – Kyran Walsh – Nicholas Wall Mary Wall
1861 Feb 24 #17 . .Bridget – Kyran Walsh – Patrick Crowley Ann Duff

11. ELLEN DUFF m. Joseph HICKS, Holyrood Nov 28, 1874, Rev. Jeremiah O’Donnell
— Patrick Duff & Sophia Curran
[Sts Peter & Paul – Grand Banks marriage & baptisms]

[any children born after Sept 1883 would have been baptised at Holyrood.]
1875 Sep 5 #103 . .John – Jeremiah O’Donnell – John Kennedy Ellen Murphy
1879 Feb 9 #18 . . Mary Joseph – Patrick O’Donnell
—- Peter Duff Catherine Duff  
1880 Aug 29 #133 . Thomas – Joseph V. Donnelly
—- William Mullowney Sarah Brien  
1881 Nov 20 #170 . Patrick Francis – Joseph V. Donnelly
—- James Duff Cecilia Kennedy  
1883 Mar 21 #61 . .Joseph Francis – Jeremiah O’Donnell
—- William Hickey Anastasia Crawley
— married to Lily Hancock June 26 1911 by Rev. M. MacKinnon in Sacred Church, Roseland, Vancouver, BC

#364 White column, cross-shaped on top
“Erected by Madeline in memory of her husband PETER J. DUFF, died June 23, 1959 aged 59 years.” [1900]
another side of column “In loving memory of MADELINE DUFF died Feb. 3, 1963 aged 51 years.” [1912]

#373 Black granite headstone
Jones R.N. McGrath
“Alice McGrath 1896-1982 [86 yrs]
Elizabeth Duff 1873-1947.” [74 yrs]

Times August 10, 1887 (Wednesday) [THynes]
Married, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the 3rd inst., by the Ven.
Archdeacon Forristal, Mr. F.W. Bursling, of Manchester, England, to MISS

DUFF, Arthur James
Evening Telegram August 25, 1969 (Monday)
Died suddenly at his home in Somerville, Mass., August 22nd, Arthur James Duff, son of the late JAMES RICHARD DUFF of Holyrood. Leaving to mourn his wife Mary, three daughters, Barbara, Peggy and Madeleine; one son James and one sister Mae (Mrs. Charles James Power) of St. John’s and two nieces, Madeleine (Mrs. R. J. Ronayne) also of St. John’s and Leona (Mrs. Lee Muncz) of Argentia Naval Station. Funeral this morning from St. Joseph’s Church, Somerville.

DUFF, Margaret
Evening Telegram August 1, 1891 (Saturday)
Died. On Friday, 31st ult., after a long illness, Margaret, relict of the late EDWARD DUFF, aged 88 years [1803]; funeral on to-morrow, Sunday, at 2.30 p.m., from her daughter’s, Mrs. P. Costigan, residence, No. 214 foot of Playhouse Hill; friends and acquaintances are requested to attend.

The Daily News – November 1, 1955 – Page: 20
DUFF, MARY H. – Passed away yesterday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Furey, Harbour Main; Mary H. Duff, widow of the late EDWARD DUFF, in her 86th year [1869]. Leaving to mourn, 10 daughters. Funeral on Wednesday by motor hearse to Harbour Grace. Requiem Mass will be held at Harbour Main at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The Daily News – November 9, 1955 – Page: 10
DUFF, MRS. E. J. – MRS. ROBERT BROCKIE and MRS. NORMAN MAKINSON are receiving the sympathy of their friends on the death of their mother, MRS. E. J. DUFF, which occurred at Hr. Main on October 31st. Mrs. Brockie was with her mother at the time of her passing, while her sister Mrs. Mackinson had only recently returned from Hr. Main where she spent several days at her mother’s bedside. Interment took place at Hr. Grace, the deceased’s former home.

Memorial University DAI Newspapers

Evening Telegram St Johns 1925 Apr 25


On Good Friday, April 10th the Angel of Death entered quietly the home and snapped from the midst of loved ones the soul of JAMES DUFF, one of the most highly esteemed residents of DUFF’s, and a man who was greatly admired and dearly loved by all who had the privilege of his personal acquaintance.

Death meant for him the ending of a good Christian life, spent in bringing cheer and comfort to others and in the performance of those many acts and unselfish kindness and charity which characterizes a highly successful and useful earthly existence.

He was a thoroughly devoted member of his Church which meant so much to him during his whole lifetime, and which gave him strength and courage to cheerfully resign his soul to its Maker when the final summons came to him in his 79th year of his age.

Sprung from good old Irish stock ARTHUR DUFF, who immigrated from Wexford almost a century and a quarter ago, and having been employed as an Irish “Youngster,” upon the fishing plantation of Sanson’s (*sic), North Arm, he married MARY MEYERS, of Chapel’s Cove and settled at the East Point of Holyrood Harbor.

He was the pioneer settler at “Duff’s”, which bears and honors the name of its founder to-day. From the forest primeval he built up a fishing and farming homestead and raised the large family on (sic) nine sons and three daughters: EDWARD (father of J J Duff, Esq, City), THOMAS, JOHN, WILLIAM, MATTHEW, ARTHUR, PATRICK, JAMES and PETER; Mrs CATHERINE DUGGAN, MARY MURPHY, and ELLEN HICKS. But one survives to-day, PATRICK, in his 85th year – hale
and hearty and able to walk from Holyrood to Duff’s, a distance of five miles.

JAMES DUFF possessed a strong, healthy and robust constitution, and in the cod and seal fisheries of the ’60’s, ’70’s, and early ’80’s, he was held to be a leader and expert worker. His capability was recognized in those
industries by the late Hon Samuel Blandford and Captains Adams and Fairweather, of the Dundee sealing ships. A swift walker, the distance to Duff’s was regarded as trifling to him, and it was a rare occasion in his palmy days he was absent from Sunday Mass.

Several years ago the deceased developed bronchial and lung troubles, and since then had not enjoyed his usual good health; and, although complaining for a few months, his condition was not considered serious until a month ago. All the medical attention and kindness could do to alleviate his sufferings, was done, but to no avail. God called him to his heavenly home.

He was visited during his illness by his beloved Pastor, Father Finn, who prepared his soul for its exit from this world. His funeral took place on Easter Sunday from his late residence to the beautiful Southside Cemetery. The Star of the Sea Association, of which he was a Charter member, attended in processional order and in full strength the obsequies of their brother member, and the number attending from Hr Main, Chapel’s Cove and South Shore so greatly
swelled the procession that the funeral was the largest in the history of Duff’s.

The funeral service was read at the home and the final absolution given at the grave side by the Rev Fr Finn, PP, after which the remains of JAMES DUFF were reverently laid in his grave by his brother members under the direction of Mr THEOPHILUS LACOUR, who had charge of the funeral arrangements.

At the regular quarterly meeting of the Star of the Sea Association, held on Sunday last, a vote of sympathy was passed and ordered to be sent to the widow, MRS BRIDGET DUFF, and family, together with the benefit of $40.00. Surviving him are his widow, two sons, PETER and ARTHUR, and one daughter, MRS MORGAN, and a loving and loyal brother, PATRICK, for who deep and sincere sympathy is felt.
* I’m wondering if “Sanson’s” shouldn’t be DANSON’s.

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